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The doctrine that God decreed both election and reprobation before the fall. 該學說認為,上帝命令都選和reprobation前下降。 Supralapsarianism differs from infralapsarianism on the relation of God's decree to human sin. The differences go back to the conflict between Augustine and Pelagius. supralapsarianism不同於infralapsarianism就有關神的法令,以人類罪行的分歧回去之間的衝突,奧古斯丁和pelagius 。 Before the Reformation, the main difference was whether Adam's fall was included in God's eternal decree; supralapsarians held that it was, but infralapsarians acknowledged only God's foreknowledge of sin.在改革方面,主要的差別是,是否亞當的秋天被列入上帝的永恆的法令; supralapsarians舉行,這是的,但infralapsarians承認,只有上帝的foreknowledge罪惡的。 Luther, Zwingli, and Calvin were agreed that Adam's fall was somehow included in God's decree; it came to be referred to as a "permissive decree," and all insisted that God was in no way the author of sin.路德, zwingli ,卡爾文一致認為,亞當的秋天是有點列入上帝的法令,它後來被稱為"寬容的法令, "和所有堅持認為上帝是沒有出路的作者單。 As a result of the Reformers' agreement, after the Reformation the distinction between infra - and supralapsarianism shifted to differences on the logical order of God's decrees.由於改革者協議, 改革後的區別紅外線-s upralapsarianism轉移到差異對邏輯順序上帝的法令。

Theodore Beza, Calvin's successor at Geneva, was the first to develop supralapsarianism in this new sense.西奧多beza ,卡爾文的接班人,在日內瓦,是第一家開發supralapsarianism在這個新的意義。 By the time of the Synod of Dort in 1618 - 19, a heated intraconfessional controversy developed between infra - and supralapsarians; both positions were represented at the synod.經過一段時期的主教的dort在1618 -1 9,一場激烈的爭論i ntraconfessional發達國家之間的紅外線- su pralapsarians;兩個職位分別派代表出席主教會議。 Francis Gomarus, the chief opponent of James Arminius, was a supralapsarian.弗朗西斯戈馬魯斯,行政對手詹姆斯arminius ,是一個supralapsarian 。

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The question of the logical, not the temporal, order of the eternal decrees reflected differences on God's ultimate goal in predestination and on the specific objects of predestination. Supralapsarians considered God's ultimate goal to be his own glory in election and reprobation, while infralapsarians considered predestination subordinate to other goals. The object of predestination, according to supralapsarians, was uncreated and unfallen humanity, while infralapsarians viewed the object as created and fallen humanity.問題的邏輯,而不是時間,有秩序的永恆法令的差異反映了對上帝的終極目標,在宿命和具體物體的宿命。 supralapsarians認為是上帝的最終目標是要以他自己的榮耀,在選舉和reprobation ,而infralapsarians考慮宿命服從於其他目標。對象的宿命,根據supralapsarians ,是uncreated和unfallen人類,而infralapsarians觀看對象作為創造了大跟頭人性。

The term "supralapsarianism" comes from the Latin words supra and lapsus; the decree of predestination was considered to be "above" (supra) or logically "before" the decree concerning the fall (lapsus), while the infralapsarians viewed it as "below" (infra) or logically "after" the decree concerning the fall.術語" supralapsarianism "來自拉丁語詞跨和失誤;法令的宿命被認為是"以上" (同上)或邏輯上的"前"法令秋季(失誤) ,而infralapsarians認為這是"下面" (紅外線)或邏輯上的"後"的法令有關下降。 The contrast of the two views is evident from the following summaries.對比了兩種觀點,可以看出以下的摘要。

The logical order of the decrees in the supralapsarian scheme is: 這個邏輯順序的法令在supralapsarian計劃是:

The logical order of the decrees according to infralapsarians is: 這個邏輯順序的法令根據infralapsarians是:

Infralapsarians were in the majority at the Synod of Dort. infralapsarians人大多數在主教的dort 。 The Arminians tried to depict all the Calvinists as representatives of the "repulsive" supralapsarian doctrine.該arminians試圖描繪出所有calvinists為代表的"排斥力" supralapsarian教義。 Four attempts were made at Dort to condemn the supralapsarian view, but the efforts were unsuccessful.四次嘗試作了dort譴責supralapsarian看法,但努力均告失敗。 Although the Canons of Dort do not deal with the order of the divine decrees, they are infralapsarian in the sense that the elect are "chosen from the whole human race, which had fallen through their own fault from their primitive state of rectitude into sin and destruction" (I,7; cf.I,1).雖然大砲的dort不處理該命令的神聖法令,他們是infralapsarian在意義上說,選舉是"選擇退出整個人類,它已跌至通過自己的過錯,從原始的自然狀態的,正直成為罪惡和毀滅" (一,七; cf.i , 1 ) 。 The reprobate "are passed by in the eternal decree" and God "decreed to leave (them) in the common misery into which they have willfully plunged themselves" and "to condemn and punish them forever...for all their sins" (I,15).該reprobate " ,是通過在永恆法令" ,並以神之名"命令離開(他們)在共同的苦難成為它們隨意地投身"和"譴責和懲罰他們永遠...他們所有的罪孽" (一, 15歲) 。

Defenders of supralapsarianism continued after Dort.捍衛supralapsarianism後繼續dort 。 The chairman of the Westminister Assembly, William Twisse, was a supralapsarian but the Westminister standards do not favor either position.擔任該westminister大會,威廉twisse ,是一個supralapsarian但westminister標準不袒護任何立場。 Although supralapsarianism never received confessional endorsement within the Reformed churches, it has been tolerated within the confessional boundaries.雖然supralapsarianism從未收到自白簽注內部改革教會,它一直容忍該教派界限。 In 1905 the Reformed churches of the Netherlands and the Christian Reformed Church in 1908 adopted the Conclusions of Utrecht, which stated that "our Confessional Standards admittedly follow the infralapsarian presentation in respect to the doctrine of election, but that it is evident...that this in no wise intended to exclude or condemn the supralapsarian presentation."在1905年改革後的教堂,荷蘭和基督教改革教會,在1908年通過的結論,烏得勒支,其中指出: "我們的自白標準無可依循infralapsarian介紹,在尊重,以中庸當選,但很明顯...這在任何明智意在排除或譴責supralapsarian陳述" 。 Recent defenders of the supralapsarian position have been Gerhardus Vos, Herman Hoeksema, and GH Kersten.最近維護者的supralapsarian立場已赫哈德斯你,赫爾曼hoeksema ,生長激素希克爾斯藤。

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