Divine Transcendence神の超越

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The concept of divine transcendence states that God is elevated above and extrinsic to the universe that he created. In the Judeo - Christian tradition, God is viewed as combining the apparent opposites of transcendence and immanence in that he both transcends the universe and is active in it. 彼が作成された宇宙の概念は、外因性神の超越と上にある高架の状態、神は伝統ではユダヤ-キリスト教、神は積極的であり、超越宇宙の両方で、彼閲覧として組み合わせる反対を明らかに内在超越それは。 Traditional Christian philosophy, exemplified particularly in the works of Thomas Aquinas, treats God as transcendent in the sense that he created the world; that he has perfect knowledge of all earthly things, which indeed derive from him; that he is infinite and eternal; and that, unlike humans, he is identical with his own essence.伝統的なキリスト教哲学は、アクィナスのトーマスの作品に例示特に、世界を作成し、彼が意味扱います神のように超越つまり彼は確かに派生を持っています完全な知識からこの世のすべての、物事、つまり彼は永遠の無限と、そしてつまり、人間と違って、彼は本質的には自分と同じと彼。

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