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(Rom. 12:6). (ローマ12時06分) 。 Paul says here that each one was to exercise his gift of prophecy, ie, of teaching, "according to the proportion of faith."ポールは言うここでは、各1つの贈り物は、彼の予言を行使する、すなわち、授業は、 "信仰によると、比例します。 " The meaning is, that the utterances of the "prophet" were not to fluctuate according to his own impulses or independent thoughts, but were to be adjusted to the truth revealed to him as a believer, ie, were to be accordance with it.の意味は、その発言は、 "預言者"が変動しないように自分自身の衝動や独立によると考えですが、調整して、真実を明らかには彼を信奉者、すなわち、に従ってされることがあります。 In post-Reformation times this phrase was used as meaning that all Scripture was to be interpreted with reference to all other Scripture, ie, that no words or expressions were to be isolated or interpreted in a way contrary to its general teaching.改革後のこのフレーズとして使用されて回を意味して解釈されるすべての啓典は、すべての啓典を参考に、すなわち、単語や表現のことは絶対にありませんが解釈される絶縁またはその全般に反して教育する方法です。 This was also called the "analogy of faith."これはとも呼ばれる"類推信仰します。 "

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