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Long ago, it was commonly believed that faith and knowledge were not mutually compatible. I don't believe that this is the case in the modern world.

I believe that faith can be developed and strengthened when a deeper understanding of religious subjects is pursued. By knowing the origins and history of the beliefs of one's denomination, it should be possible to develop a closer relationship to your Lord. In addition, one should be able to explain his beliefs to others better.

And, hopefully, better understanding of each others' beliefs will allow us all to interact and get along better.

This library includes an enormous amount of information on hundreds of religious subjects and denominations for your benefit. There are more than 1,000 articles included on several hundred subjects. Most of the important subjects (for adults) include two presentations. First, there is an article of general information, which is then followed by a much deeper article. This second article is intended primarily for pastors and ministers, but may also be helpful to individuals who want deeper understanding of a concept. Seminary students may also benefit from the Advanced articles.

In order to be able to quickly get to whatever interests you, we've used a Menu System directory

You can research many various and sundry subjects. The bulk of the articles relate to Christian words, terms, subjects and denomina - tions, but unbiased presentations of all major other religions (and their important concepts and subjects) are also included. You can also find out the arguments each presents for their beliefs.

This can be very helpful when you have a conversation with someone to whom you would like to testify. Your arguments will carry more impact if you can show respect for that person by intelligently discussing what he currently believes. You'll also be in a better position to explain your beliefs in terms he will understand. You will also be in a position to know and be able to describe the weaknesses in his current beliefs.

During your explorations, you can print out a paper copy of anything of importance to you.

In the United States, there are about 350,000 houses of worship. Most are closely associated with some major religion.

However, some of these are totally independent.

Some have names which suggest affiliation with some major religion but actually have beliefs which are different. Others are hybrid denominations which combine beliefs of two or more churches. The discussions of beliefs included herein may not precisely match a specific church.

The phenomenal amount of information included is meant as a database so that a person can be pre-informed when first visiting a new Church, and also as an aid in continuous spiritual growth at whatever rate is appropriate for each person. There is actually enough information in this web-site to match a seminary education!

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