Sequential Life of Jesus

from the Gospels

with Gospel References

General Information

This presentation gives a chronological sequence of the events in Jesus' life, as presented in the Four Gospels. Each event includes the appropriate Scriptural reference(s). Also, the location of the events are indicated, to better follow the travels of the Lord while He was on Earth.

Most of the events occurred during the approximate three-year Ministry of Jesus, and the following chart uses the annual Passover feast to help divide up the Ministry into historical segments.

There are literally thousands of books that have been published that present "commentary" on these various events. That is not the intent of this chart. Commentary invariably involves some opinions, conclusions and judgments regarding what occurred and why, and this presentation means to avoid that, and merely present the sequence of events, and their Scriptural basis.

This presentation has another value. The "Harmony of the Gospels" is included as a consequence of the thoroughness of the Scriptural support, so many of the events have Scriptural citations in Matthew, Mark and Luke.

The Nativity and Early Life of Jesus

The Divinity of Christ. Joh 1:1-5
Annunciation of birth of John the BaptistJerusalem Lu 1:5-25
Espousal of the Virgin MaryNazareth Mt 1:18 Lu 1:27
The annunciation of the birth of JesusNazareth Lu 1:26-38
about 120 miles - about two weeks travel
The visitation of Mary to ElisabethHebron,or Juttah Lu 1:39-55
about 120 miles - about two weeks travel
Her return to NazarethNazareth Lu 1:56
Joseph's visionNazareth Mt 1:20-25
Birth and infancy of John the BaptistHebron Lu 1:57-80
about 90 miles - about ten days travel from Nazareth, and ten miles PAST Jerusalem
Birth of JesusBethlehem Lu 2:1-7
Adoration by the shepherdsBethlehem Lu 2:8-16
CircumcisionBethlehem Mt 1:25 Lu 2:21
about 10 miles - about one day's travel
Presentation and purificationJerusalem Lu 2:22-29
The Genealogies. Mt 1:1-17 Lu 3:23-38
about 10 miles - about one day's travel
Adoration by the wise menBethlehem Mt 2:1-12
Flight into Egypt. Mt 2:13-15
Massacre of the innocentsBethlehem Mt 2:16-18
about 100 miles - about ten days' travel
Return to NazarethNazareth Mt 2:19-23 Lu 2:39
Childhood of JesusNazareth Lu 2:40
about 90 miles - about ten days' travel
With the doctors in the TempleJerusalem Lu 2:46-50
about 90 miles - about ten days' travel
Youth of JesusNazareth Lu 2:51

From the Preaching of John the Baptist to the First Passover

Ministry of John the BaptistBethabara Mt 3:1-4 Mr 1:1-8 Lu 3:1-6 Joh 1:6-15
Baptisms by JohnBethabara Mt 3:5 Mr 1:5 Lu 3:7
First testimony of the Baptist to ChristBethabara Mt 3:11,12 Mr 1:7,8 Lu 3:15-18
Baptism of Jesus by JohnBethabara Mt 3:13-17 Mr 1:9-11 Lu 3:21,22
Temptation of Jesus Wilderness Of JudeaJudea Mt 4:1-11 Mr 1:12,13 Lu 4:1-13
John the Baptist's second testimonyBethabara Joh 1:19-35
Call of the first disciplesBethabara Joh 1:37-51
First Miracle at CanaCana Joh 2:1-11
Visit to CapernaumCapernaum Joh 2:12
First Passover: Cleansing of the TempleJerusalem Joh 2:13-23
Discourse with NicodemusJerusalem Joh 3:1-21

From the First Passover to the Second

The Baptist's last testimonyAenon Joh 3:23-36
Christ's visit to SamariaSychar Joh 4:1-42
Return to Cana. Joh 4:43-46
Miraculous Healing of the Nobleman's sonCana Joh 4:46-54
Brief visit to JerusalemJerusalem Joh 5:1-47
Miracle at pool of BethesdaJerusalem Joh 5:1-47
Imprisonment of John the BaptistMachaerus Mt 4:12,17 Mr 1:14,15
Christ preaches in GalileeGalilee Lu 4:14,15
about 15 miles - about two days' travel
Christ preaches at NazarethNazareth Mr 6:1 Lu 4:15-30
Christ preaches at CapernaumCapernaum Mt 4:13-16 Lu 4:31
Call of Andrew,Peter,James and JohnCapernaum Mt 4:18-22 Mr 1:16-20 Lu 5:1-11
Miracle draught of fishesCapernaum Lu 5:1-11
Miraculous Healing of a demoniacCapernaum Mr 1:23-27 Lu 4:33-36
Miraculous Healing of Peter's mother-in-lawCapernaum Mt 8:14,15 Mr 1:29-31 Lu 4:38,39
Miraculous Healing of many sick and diseasedCapernaum Mt 8:16,17 Mr 1:32-34 Lu 4:40,41
Retirement for solitary prayer. Mr 1:35 Lu 4:42
Circuit through Galilee. Mr 1:35-39 Lu 4:42-44
Miraculous Healing of a leperGalilee Mt 8:1-4 Mr 1:40-45 Lu 5:12-16
Retirement for a solitary prayerGalilee Mr 1:45 Lu 5:16
Miraculous Healing of a paralyticCapernaum Mt 9:1-8 Mr 2:1-12 Lu 5:18-26
Call of Matthew(Levi) Discourse at the feastCapernaum Mt 9:9-17 Mr 2:13-22 Lu 5:27-39
Disciples pluck the ears of cornGalilee Mt 12:1-8 Mr 2:23-28 Lu 6:1-5
Miraculous Healing of the man with a withered handCapernaum Mt 12:9-14 Mr 3:1-6 Lu 6:6-11
Retirement for solitary prayer. Lu 6:12
Call of the Twelve ApostlesHill of Hattin? Mt 10:2-4 Mr 3:13-19 Lu 6:13-16
Sermon on the MountHill of Hattin? Mt 5:7-29 Lu 6:17-49
Parable of House on rock or sandHill of Hattin? Mt 7:24-29 Lu 6:47-49
Miraculous Healing of the centurion's servantHill of Hattin? Mt 8:5-13 Lu 7:1-10
Miraculous Raising of the son of the Widow of Nain. Lu 7:11-17
Message from John the BaptistCapernaum Mt 11:2-19 Lu 7:18-35
Christ's testimony respecting himCapernaum Mt 11:2-19 Lu 7:18-35
The woman which was a sinnerCapernaum? Lu 7:36-50
Parable of two debtorsCapernaum? Lu 7:41,42
Tour through Galilee with the twelveGalilee Lu 8:1-3
Miraculous Healing of a demoniacCapernaum Mt 12:22
Blasphemy against the Holy SpiritCapernaum Mt 12:24-37 Mr 3:22-30
The unclean spiritCapernaum Mt 12:43-46
The interruption of his relativesCapernaum Mt 12:46 Mr 3:31
Parables: The SowerPlain of Gennesaret Mt 13:1-9,18-23 Mr 4:1,14-20 Lu 8:4,11-15
Parables: The TaresPlain of Gennesaret Mt 13:24
Parables: The Mustard seedPlain of Gennesaret Mt 13:31 Mr 4:30
Parables: The LeavenPlain of Gennesaret Mt 13:33 Lu 13:20,21
Parables: The CandlePlain of Gennesaret Mt 5:15 Mr 4:21 Lu 8:16
Parables: The CandlePlain of Gennesaret Mt 5:15 Mr 4:21 Lu 11:33
Parables: The TreasurePlain of Gennesaret Mt 13:44
Parables: The PearlPlain of Gennesaret Mt 13:45
Parables: The DrawnetPlain of Gennesaret Mt 13:47
Parables: The Seed growing secretlyPlain of Gennesaret Mr 4:26-29
Christ miraculously calms the stormSea of Gennesaret Mt 8:24-27 Mr 4:37-41 Lu 8:23-25
Miracle involving the Gergesene demoniacsGergesa Mt 8:28-34 Mr 5:1-15 Lu 8:27-35
Parables: The BridegroomCapernaum Mt 9:15
Parable of new cloth on old garmentCapernaum Mt 9:16 Mr 2:21 Lu 5:36
Parable of new wine in old bottlesCapernaum Mt 9:17 Mr 2:22 Lu 5:37,38
Miracles: Woman with issue of bloodGennesaret Mt 9:18 Mr 5:22 Lu 8:41
Miracles: Jairus' daughterCapernaum Mt 9:18 Mr 5:22 Lu 8:41
Miracles: Two blind menCapernaum Mt 9:27,30
Miracles: Dumb spiritCapernaum Mt 9:32,33
Mission of Twelve ApostlesCapernaum Mt 10:1 Mr 6:7-12 Lu 9:1-6
Death of John the BaptistMachaerus Mt 14:1-12 Mr 6:14-29 Lu 9:7
Feeding of the five thousandBethsaida Mt 14:13-21 Mr 6:30-44 Lu 9:12-17 Joh 6:1-13
Miraculous walking on the waterLake Gennesaret Mt 14:25 Mr 6:48 Joh 6:19
Discourse in synagogue on the Bread of LifeCapernaum Mt 14:34 Joh 6:26-70

From the Second Passover to the Third

Opposition of Scribes and PhariseesCapernaum Mt 15:1
Discourse on PollutionCapernaum Mt 15:2-20 Mr 7:1-23
Miraculous Healing the daughter of the Syrophoenician womanPhoenicia Mt 15:21-29 Mr 7:24-30
Miraculous Healing of the deaf and dumb manTyre, Sidon Mr 7:32
Miraculous Healing of many sick personsDecapolis Mt 15:30,31
Miraculous Feeding of the four thousandGennesaret Mt 15:32-39 Mr 8:1-9
Parable of the leaven of PhariseesGennesaret Mt 16:1-12 Mr 8:14-22
Miraculous Healing of the Blind manBethsaida Mr 8:23-27
Peter's confession of ChristCaesarea Phillippi Mt 16:13-21 Mr 8:27-30
First prediction of the passionCaesarea Phillippi Mt 16:21-28 Mr 8:31-38 Lu 9:22-27
The transfigurationMt. Hermon Mt 17:1-8 Mr 9:2-8 Lu 9:28-36
Miraculous Healing the demoniac childMt. Hermon Mt 17:14-21 Mr 9:14-27 Lu 9:37-42
Second prediction of the passionMt. Hermon Mt 17:22,23 Mr 9:31 Lu 9:43,44
Miracle: The stater in the fish's mouthCapernaum Mt 17:27
Lesson on docilityCapernaum Mt 18:1-14 Mr 9:33-37 Lu 9:46-48
Lesson on forgivenessCapernaum Mt 18:15 Mr 9:43
Lesson on self-denialCapernaum Mt 18:18
Parable of the unmerciful servantCapernaum Mt 18:23-35
Journey to Jerusalem through Samaria. Lu 9:51,52
Jealousy of the SamaritansSamaria Lu 9:53
Anger of the 'sons of thunder'Samaria Lu 9:54-56
The feast of tabernaclesJerusalem Joh 7:2-10
DiscoursesJerusalem Joh 7:10-46
Officers sent to arrest ChristJerusalem Joh 7:30,46
The adulteressJerusalem Joh 8:3
DiscoursesJerusalem Joh 8:12
Christ threatened with stoningJerusalem Joh 8:59
Miraculous Healing of the Blind man and discoursesJerusalem Joh 9:1
Christ the DoorJerusalem Joh 10:1
Christ the Good ShepherdJerusalem Joh 10:11
Departure from Jerusalem.
Mission of the seventyJudea Lu 10:1-16
Return of the seventyJudea Lu 10:17-24
Parable of the Good SamaritanJudea Lu 10:30-37
Visit to Martha, MaryBethany Lu 10:38-42
Jesus teaches his disciples to prayJudea Lu 11:1-13
Parable of importunate friendJudea Lu 11:5-8
He miraculously heals the mute demoniacJudea Mt 12:22-45 Lu 11:14
He rebukes the blasphemy of the PhariseesJudea Mt 12:22-45 Lu 11:14
Discourses:- The repentant NinevitesJudea Mt 12:41 Lu 11:29-36
God's providence to birds and flowersJudea Lu 12:1-12
Parable of the Rich foolJudea Lu 12:13-21
Parable of servants watchingJudea Lu 12:35-40
Parable of the wise stewardJudea Lu 12:42-48
The murdered GalileansJudea Lu 13:1-5
The barren fig treeJudea Lu 13:6-9
Miraculous Healing of a woman with an infirmityJudea Lu 13:10-17
Visit to Jerusalem at the feast of Dedication. Joh 10:22-30
Attempt to stone JesusJerusalem Joh 10:31
Jesus retires across JordanPeraea Joh 10:40
Are there few that be saved?Peraea Lu 13:23-30
The message to HerodParaea Lu 13:31-33
Miraculous Healing of the man with the dropsyPeraea Lu 14:1-6
Parable of the great supperPeraea Lu 14:15-24
Parable of Tower, King going to warParaea Lu 14:28-33
Parable of the lost sheepPeraea Mt 18:12,13 Lu 15:1-7
Parable of the lost coinPeraea Lu 15:8-10
Parable of the prodigal sonPeraea Lu 15:11-32
Parable of the unjust stewardPeraea Lu 16:1-13
Parable of the rich man and LazarusPeraea Lu 16:19-31
Parable of the unprofitable servantsPeraea Lu 17:7-10
Sickness of LazarusBethany Joh 11:1-10
Return of Jesus from Peraea to Bethany. Joh 11:11-16
Miraculous Resurrection of LazarusBethany Joh 11:17-46
The council: Advice of CaiaphasJerusalem Joh 11:47-53
Jesus retires to the town of Ephraim. Joh 11:54
Last journey to JerusalemBorders of Samaria Mt 19:1 Mr 10:1 Lu 17:11
Miraculous Healing of the ten lepersBorders of Samaria Lu 17:12-19
Parable of the unjust judgeBorders of Samaria Lu 18:1-8
Parable of the Pharisee and the publicanBorders of Samaria Lu 18:9-14
The question of divorceBorders of Samaria Mt 19:3-12 Mr 10:2-12
Christ blesses little childrenBorders of Samaria Mt 19:13-15 Mr 10:13-16 Lu 18:15-17
The rich young rulerBorders of Samaria Mt 19:16-22 Mr 10:17-22 Lu 18:18-23
Parable of the labourers in the vineyardBorders of Samaria Mt 20:1-16
Third prediction of the passionBorders of Samaria Mt 20:17-19 Mr 10:32-34 Lu 18:31-34
Request of James and JohnBorders of Samaria Mt 20:20-28 Mr 10:35-45
Miraculous Healing of Blind BartimaeusNear Jericho Mt 20:29-34 Mr 10:46-52 Lu 18:35-43
Jesus at the house of ZacchaeusJericho Lu 19:1-10
Parable of the poundsJericho Lu 19:11-28

Holy Week

The supper in Simon's houseBethany Mt 26:6-13 Mr 14:3-9 Joh 12:1-9
Mary anoints JesusBethany Mt 26:7-13 Mr 14:3-8 Joh 12:3-8
Triumphal entry into the cityJerusalem Mt 21:1-11 Mr 11:1-10 Lu 19:29-44 Joh 12:12-19
Survey of the TempleJerusalem Mr 11:11
Retirement to Bethany. Mr 11:11
Miraculous Withering of the barren fig-treeMt. of Olives Mt 21:18-19 Mr 11:12-14
Second cleansing of the TempleJerusalem Mt 21:12-17 Mr 11:15-19 Lu 19:45-48
Retirement to Bethany. Mt 21:17 Mr 11:19
The lesson of the fig-treeMt. of Olives Mt 21:20-22 Mr 11:20-25
Discourses in the Temple:. Mr 11:26
The rulers' questionJerusalem Mt 21:23-27 Mr 11:27-33 Lu 20:1-8
The parable of the two sonsJerusalem Mt 21:28-32
Parable of the wicked husbandmenJerusalem Mt 21:33-46 Mr 12:1-12 Lu 20:9-19
Parable of the wedding garmentJerusalem Mt 22:1-14
The subtle questions:-
1a) of the Pharisees - the tribute moneyJerusalem Mt 22:15-22 Mr 12:13-17 Lu 20:20-26
1b) of the Sadducees - the resurrectionJerusalem Mt 22:23-33 Mr 12:18-27 Lu 20:27-39
1c) of the Lawyer - the great commandmentJerusalem Mt 22:34-40 Mr 12:28-34
Our Lord's counter questionJerusalem Mt 22:41-46 Mr 12:35-37 Lu 20:41-44
The woes on the Scribes and PhariseesJerusalem Mt 23:13-33
The widow's miteJerusalem Mr 12:41-44 Lu 21:1-4
The coming of the GreeksJerusalem Joh 12:20-36
The departure to the Mount of Olives. Mt 24:1-3 Mr 13:1-3
The prediction -
1a) of the destruction of JerusalemOlivet Mt 24:3-28 Mr 13:3-23 Lu 21:5-24
Parable of fig-tree and all the treesOlivet Mt 24:32,33 Mr 13:28,29 Lu 21:29-32
The prediction -
1b) of the second comingOlivet Mt 24:28-51 Mr 13:23-37 Lu 21:24-36
Parable of the householderOlivet Mr 13:34
Parables:- The ten virginsOlivet Mt 25:1-13
Parables:- The talentsOlivet Mt 25:14-30
Parables:- The sheep and the goatsOlivet Mt 25:31-46
The Sanhedrin in councilJerusalem Mt 26:3-5 Mr 14:1-2 Lu 22:1-2
Compact of the traitorJerusalem Mt 26:14-16 Mr 14:10,11 Lu 22:3-6

A slightly different description of Passion Week.

Passion Week, Passion Play, Passion Cycle

The Death and Burial

Preparation of the PassoverJerusalem Mt 26:17-19 Mr 14:12-16 Lu 22:7-13
Washing the apostles' feetJerusalem Joh 13:1-17
The breaking of breadJerusalem Mt 26:26 Mr 14:22 Lu 22:19
'One of you shall betray me'Jerusalem Mt 26:21 Mr 14:18 Lu 22:21 Joh 13:21
'Is it I ?'Jerusalem Mt 26:22-25 Mr 14:19
Giving of the sop 'That thou doest, do quickly'Jerusalem Joh 13:26,27
Departure of Judas IscariotJerusalem Joh 13:30
Peter warnedJerusalem Mt 26:34 Mr 14:30 Lu 22:34 Joh 13:38
Blessing the cupJerusalem Mt 26:27,28 Mr 14:23,24 Lu 22:17
The discourses after supperJerusalem Joh 14:1-16:33
Christ's prayer for his apostlesJerusalem Joh 17:1-17:26
The hymnJerusalem Mt 26:30 Mr 14:26
The agonyGethsemane Mt 26:37 Mr 14:33 Lu 22:39 Joh 18:1
The thrice-repeated prayerGethsemane Mt 26:39-44 Mr 14:36-39 Lu 22:42
His sweat and comforting by the angelGethsemane Lu 22:43,44
The sleep of the apostlesGethsemane Mt 26:40-45 Mr 14:37-41 Lu 22:45,46
Betrayal by JudasGethsemane Mt 26:47-50 Mr 14:34,44 Lu 22:47 Joh 18:2-5
Peter smites MalchusGethsemane Mt 26:51 Mr 14:47 Lu 22:50 Joh 18:10
Christ miraculously heals the ear of MalchusGethsemane Lu 22:51
Christ forsaken by his disciplesGethsemane Mt 26:56 Mr 14:50
Christ led to AnnasJerusalem Joh 18:12,13
Christ tried by CaiaphasJerusalem Mt 26:57 Mr 14:53 Lu 22:54 Joh 18:15
Peter follows ChristJerusalem Mt 26:58 Mr 14:54 Lu 22:55 Joh 18:15
The high priest's adjurationJerusalem Mt 26:63 Mr 14:61
Christ condemned, buffeted, mockedJerusalem Mt 26:66,67 Mr 14:64,65 Lu 22:63-65
Peter's denial of ChristJerusalem Mt 26:69-75 Mr 14:66-72 Lu 22:54-62 Joh 18:17-27
Christ before PilateJerusalem Mt 27:1,2 Mr 15:1 Lu 23:1 Joh 18:28
Repentance of JudasJerusalem Mt 27:3
Pilate comes out to the peopleJerusalem Joh 18:29
Pilate speaks to Jesus privatelyJerusalem Joh 18:33
Pilate orders him to be scourgedJerusalem Mt 27:26 Mr 15:15 Joh 19:1
Jesus crowned with thornsJerusalem Mt 27:29 Mr 15:17 Joh 19:2
Jesus exhibited by Pilate;'Behold the man'Jerusalem Joh 19:5
Jesus accused formallyJerusalem Mt 27:11 Mr 15:2 Lu 23:2
Jesus sent by Pilate to HerodJerusalem Lu 23:6-11
Jesus mocked, arrayed in purpleJerusalem Lu 23:6-11
'Behold your King'Jerusalem Joh 19:14
Pilate desires to release himJerusalem Mt 27:15 Mr 15:6 Lu 23:17 Joh 19:12
Pilate receives a message from his wifeJerusalem Mt 27:19
Pilate washes his handsJerusalem Mt 27:24
Pilate releases BarabbasJerusalem Mt 27:26
Pilate delivers Jesus to be crucifiedJerusalem Mt 27:26 Mr 15:15 Lu 23:25 Joh 19:16
Simon of Cyrene carries the crossJerusalem Mt 27:32 Mr 15:21 Lu 23:26
They give him vinegar and gallGolgotha Mt 27:34 Mr 15:23 Lu 23:36
They nail him to the crossGolgotha Mt 27:35 Mr 15:24,25 Lu 23:33 Joh 19:18
The superscriptionGolgotha Mt 27:37 Mr 15:26 Lu 23:38 Joh 19:19
1a) Father, forgive themGolgotha Lu 23:34
His garments parted, and vesture allottedGolgotha Mt 27:35 Mr 15:24 Lu 23:34 Joh 19:23
Passers-by rail, the two thieves revileGolgotha Mt 27:39-44 Mr 15:29-32 Lu 23:35
The penitent thiefGolgotha Lu 23:40
1b) Today shalt thou be with me in paradiseGolgotha Lu 23:43
1c) Woman, behold thy son, etcGolgotha Joh 19:26,27
Darkness over all the landGolgotha Mt 27:45 Mr 15:33 Lu 23:44,45
1d) My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken meGolgotha Mt 27:46 Mr 15:34
1e) I thirstGolgotha Joh 19:28
The vinegarGolgatha Mt 27:48 Mr 15:36 Joh 19:29
1f) It is finishedGolgotha Joh 19:30
1g) Father, into thy hands I commend my spiritGolgotha Lu 23:46
Rending of the veilJerusalem Mt 27:51 Mr 15:38 Lu 23:45
Opening of the graves, resurrection of saintsJerusalem Mt 27:52
Testimony of CenturionGolgotha Mt 27:54 Mr 15:39 Lu 23:47
Watching of the womenGolgotha Mt 27:55 Mr 15:40 Lu 23:49
The piercing of his sideGolgotha Joh 19:34
Taking down from the crossThe Garden Mt 27:57-60 Mr 15:46 Lu 23:53 Joh 19:38-42
Burial by Joseph of Arimethea, NicodemusThe Garden Mt 27:57-60 Mr 15:46 Lu 23:53 Joh 19:38-42
A guard placed over the sealed stoneThe Garden Mt 27:65,66

The Resurrection and the Great Forty Days

Women carry spices to the tombThe Garden Mt 28:1 Mr 16:1,2 Lu 24:1
The angel had rolled away the stoneThe Garden Mt 28:2
Women announce the resurrectionJerusalem Mt 28:8 Lu 24:9,10 Joh 20:1,2
Peter and John run to the tombThe Garden Lu 24:12 Joh 20:3
The women return to the tombThe Garden Lu 24:1
The guards report these things to the chief priestsJerusalem Mt 28:11-15
1a) To Mary MagdaleneThe Garden Mr 16:9,10 Joh 20:14
'All hail! Fear not. Touch me not'The Garden Mt 28:9 Joh 20:17
1b) To the women returning homeThe Garden Mt 28:9
'Go tell my brethren that they goThe Garden Mt 28:10
Into Galilee - there shall they see me'The Garden Mt 28:10
1c) To two disciples going to Emmaus. Mr 16:12 Lu 24:13
(Exposition of prophecies on the passion)
1d) To PeterJerusalem 1Co 15:5 Lu 24:34
1e) To ten Apostles in the upper roomJerusalem Lu 24:33 Joh 20:19
'Peace be unto you As my Father hath..Jerusalem Joh 20:21
'sent me, so send I you'Jerusalem Joh 20:21
'Receive ye the Holy Spirit..Jerusalem Joh 20:22,23
Whose sover sins ye remit,' etcJerusalem Joh 20:22,23
1f) To the eleven Apostles in the upper roomJerusalem Mr 16:14 Joh 20:26
'Peace be unto you'. Joh 20:26
To Thomas' reach hither thy finger,' etcJerusalem Joh 20:27
'Blessed are they that have not seen, yet have believed'Jerusalem Joh 20:29
Miracle - Draught of fishesTiberias Joh 21:1-11
1g) To the disciples at the sea of Tiberias. Joh 21:1-24
1h) To Peter;'Feed my sheep,fead my lambs'Tiberias Joh 21:15-17
1i) To the eleven disciples on a mountain..Galilee Mt 28:16
1j) in Galilee (1 Cor.15.5)Galilee Mt 28:16
'All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth'Galilee Mt 28:18
'Go ye and teach all nations, baptizing them,' etcGalilee Mt 28:19
'Lo, I am with you alway,..Galilee Mt 28:20
'even unto the end of the world. Amen'Galilee Mt 28:20
1k) To five hundred brethren at onceGalilee 1Co 15:6
1l) To James. 1Co 15:7
THE ASCENSIONBethany Mr 16:19 Lu 24:50,51

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