New Testament References to Old Testament Scriptures

General Information

Passages in New Testament which quote or allude to the Old Testament

The following list includes around one thousand New Testament quotations or allusions of Old Testament Scriptures.

Note: The list contains not only the direct or indirect citations, but also the allusions which are particularly worthy of attention: and the passages are given in the order of the Books of the New Testament.

The first column is the New Testament quotation (or allusion). The second column is the Old Testament Scripture being referred to. If a question mark follows the word 'allusion' ('allusion?') then the allusion is not certain but merely a possibility.


Mt 1:23Isa 7:14
Mt 2:6Mic 5:2
Mt 2:15Ho 11:1
Mt 2:18Jer 31:15
Mt 3:3Isa 40:3
Mt 4:4De 8:3
Mt 4:6Ps 91:11,12
Mt 4:7De 6:16
Mt 4:10De 6:13
Mt 4:10De 10:20
Mt 4:15,16Isa 9:1,2
Mt 4:15,16Isa 42:7
Mt 5:5Ps 37:11allusion
Mt 5:21Ex 20:13allusion
Mt 5:21De 5:17
Mt 5:27Ex 20:14allusion
Mt 5:27De 5:18
Mt 5:31De 24:1allusion
Mt 5:33Ex 20:7allusion
Mt 5:33Le 19:12allusion
Mt 5:38Ex 21:24allusion
Mt 5:38Le 24:20allusion
Mt 5:38De 19:21
Mt 5:43Le 19:18allusion
Mt 5:48Ge 17:1
Mt 7:23Ps 6:8
Mt 8:4Le 14:2,3allusion
Mt 8:17Isa 53:4
Mt 9:13Ho 6:6
Mt 10:35,26Mic 7:6allusion
Mt 11:5Isa 35:5allusion
Mt 11:5Isa 29:18allusion
Mt 11:10Mal 3:1
Mt 11:14Mal 4:5allusion
Mt 12:31Sa 21:6allusion
Mt 12:5Nu 28:9,10allusion
Mt 12:7Ho 6:6
Mt 12:18Isa 42:1
Mt 12:18-21Isa 42:1-4
Mt 12:40Jon 1:17++allusion
Mt 12:421Ki 10:1allusion
Mt 13:14Isa 6:9,10
Mt 13:35Ps 78:2
Mt 15:4Ex 20:12
Mt 15:4De 5:16
Mt 15:4Ex 21:17
Mt 15:4Le 20:9allusion
Mt 15:4Pr 20:20allusion
Mt 15:8,9Isa 29:13
Mt 16:4Jon 1:17allusion
Mt 17:10Mal 4:5allusion
Mt 18:15Le 19:17allusion
Mt 18:16Le 19:15allusion
Mt 18:16De 19:15allusion
Mt 19:4Ge 1:27allusion
Mt 19:5Ge 2:24
Mt 19:7De 24:1allusion
Mt 19:18Ex 20:12++
Mt 19:19Le 19:18
Mt 19:26Jer 32:17allusion
Mt 21:5Zec 9:9
Mt 21:9Ps 118:26
Mt 21:13Isa 56:7
Mt 21:13Jer 7:11
Mt 21:16Ps 8:2
Mt 21:33Isa 5:1allusion
Mt 21:42Ps 118:22,23
Mt 21:44Isa 8:14allusion
Mt 21:44Zec 12:3allusion
Mt 21:44Da 2:34,35,44allusion
Mt 22:24De 25:5
Mt 22:32Ex 3:6
Mt 22:37De 6:5
Mt 22:39Le 19:18
Mt 22:44Ps 110:1
Mt 23:35Ge 4:8allusion
Mt 23:352Ch 24:21,22allusion
Mt 23:38Ps 69:25allusion
Mt 23:38Jer 12:7allusion
Mt 23:38Jer 22:5allusion
Mt 23:39Ps 118:26allusion
Mt 24:15Da 9:27allusion
Mt 24:15Da 8:13allusion
Mt 24:15Da 11:31allusion
Mt 24:15Da 12:11allusion
Mt 24:21Jer 30:7
Mt 24:29Isa 13:9,10allusion
Mt 24:29Joe 2:10allusion
Mt 24:29Joe 3:15allusion
Mt 24:29Eze 32:7allusion
Mt 24:35Isa 51:16allusion
Mt 24:37Ge 7:4allusion
Mt 25:41Ps 6:8
Mt 26:24Ps 22:1-31allusion
Mt 26:31Zec 13:7
Mt 26:60Ps 35:11allusion
Mt 26:67Isa 50:6allusion
Mt 27:9,10Zec 11:13
Mt 27:35Ps 22:18
Mt 27:43Ps 22:7,8,9allusion
Mt 27:46Ps 22:1
Mt 28:18Da 7:14allusion


Mr 1:2,3Mal 3:1
Mr 1:2,3Isa 40:3
Mr 1:44Le 14:2allusion
Mr 2:25,261Sa 21:6allusion
Mr 4:12Isa 6:9
Mr 7:6,7Isa 29:13
Mr 7:10Ex 20:12
Mr 7:10De 5:16
Mr 7:10Ex 21:17
Mr 7:10Pr 20:20
Mr 9:11Mal 4:5allusion
Mr 9:44Isa 66:24allusion
Mr 10:4De 24:1allusion
Mr 10:6Ge 1:27
Mr 10:7Ge 2:24
Mr 10:19Ex 20:12,13,14
Mr 11:9Ps 118:26
Mr 11:17Isa 56:7
Mr 11:17Jer 7:11
Mr 12:1Isa 5:1allusion
Mr 12:10,11Ps 118:22,23
Mr 12:19De 25:5
Mr 12:26Ex 3:6
Mr 12:29,30De 6:4,5
Mr 12:31Le 19:18
Mr 12:331Sa 15:22allusion
Mr 12:36Ps 110:1
Mr 13:5Jer 29:8allusion
Mr 13:12Mic 7:6allusion
Mr 13:14Da 9:27allusion
Mr 13:14Da 8:13allusion
Mr 13:14Da 11:31allusion
Mr 13:14Da 12:11allusion
Mr 13:24Isa 13:9,10allusion
Mr 13:24Joe 3:15allusion
Mr 13:31Isa 40:8allusion
Mr 14:27Zec 13:7
Mr 15:28Isa 53:12
Mr 15:34Ps 22:1


Lu 1:10Le 16:17allusion
Lu 1:17Mal 4:5,6
Lu 1:32Ps 132:11allusion
Lu 1:33Mic 4:7allusion
Lu 1:33Da 4:3allusion
Lu 1:55Ge 22:18allusion
Lu 1:55Ge 17:19allusion
Lu 1:73Ge 22:16allusion
Lu 1:73Ge 12:3allusion
Lu 1:78Nu 24:17allusion
Lu 1:78Mal 4:2allusion
Lu 1:79Isa 9:2allusion
Lu 2:21,22Le 12:3,4allusion
Lu 2:23Ex 13:2
Lu 2:24Le 12:8
Lu 2:34Isa 8:14,15allusion
Lu 3:4,5,6Isa 40:3,4,5
Lu 4:4De 8:3
Lu 4:8De 6:13
Lu 4:8De 10:20
Lu 4:10,11Ps 91:11,12
Lu 4:12De 6:16
Lu 4:18,19Isa 61:1,2
Lu 4:25,261Ki 17:1,9allusion
Lu 4:25,261Ki 18:1,2allusion
Lu 4:272Ki 5:14allusion
Lu 5:14Le 14:2allusion
Lu 6:3,41Sa 21:6allusion
Lu 6:24Am 6:1allusion
Lu 7:27Mal 3:1
Lu 8:10Isa 6:9
Lu 10:42Ki 4:29allusion
Lu 10:27De 6:5
Lu 10:27Le 19:18
Lu 10:28Le 18:5allusion
Lu 11:30Jon 1:17allusion
Lu 11:30Jon 3:1-10allusion
Lu 11:30Jon 4:1-11allusion
Lu 11:312Ki 10:1allusion
Lu 11:51Ge 4:8allusion
Lu 11:512Ch 24:21,22allusion
Lu 13:27Ps 6:8
Lu 13:35Ps 118:26allusion
Lu 13:35Jer 12:7allusion
Lu 13:35Jer 22:5allusion
Lu 14:8Pr 25:6allusion
Lu 14:26Mic 7:6allusion
Lu 17:3Le 19:17allusion
Lu 17:27Ge 7:7allusion
Lu 17:29Ge 19:16allusion
Lu 17:32Ge 19:26allusion
Lu 18:20Ex 20:12
Lu 18:20De 5:17,18++
Lu 19:46Isa 56:7
Lu 19:46Jer 7:11
Lu 20:9Isa 5:1allusion
Lu 20:17Ps 118:22,23
Lu 20:18Isa 8:14allusion
Lu 20:18Zec 12:3allusion
Lu 20:18Da 2:44allusion
Lu 20:28De 25:5
Lu 20:37Ex 3:6allusion
Lu 20:42,43Ps 110:1
Lu 22:37Isa 53:12
Lu 23:29Isa 54:1allusion
Lu 23:30Ho 10:8allusion
Lu 23:46Ps 31:5
Lu 24:46Isa 53:5allusion


Joh 1:23Isa 40:3
Joh 1:51Ge 28:12allusion
Joh 2:17Ps 69:9
Joh 3:14Nu 21:8,9allusion
Joh 4:37Mic 6:15allusion
Joh 6:31Ps 78:24
Joh 6:31Ex 16:15allusion
Joh 6:45Isa 54:13
Joh 6:49Ex 16:15allusion
Joh 7:22Le 12:3allusion
Joh 7:38Isa 55:1allusion
Joh 7:38Isa 58:11allusion
Joh 7:38Isa 44:3allusion
Joh 7:38Zec 13:1allusion
Joh 7:38Zec 14:8allusion
Joh 7:38Pr 18:4allusion
Joh 7:38Isa 12:3allusion
Joh 7:39Isa 44:3allusion
Joh 7:42Ps 89:4allusion
Joh 7:42Ps 132:11allusion
Joh 7:42Mic 5:1,2allusion
Joh 8:5Le 20:10allusion
Joh 8:5De 22:21allusion
Joh 8:17De 19:15
Joh 9:31Ps 82:6
Joh 10:34Ps 82:6allusion
Joh 12:13Ps 118:26allusion
Joh 12:14,15Zec 9:9
Joh 12:342Sa 7:13allusion
Joh 12:34Ps 89:30,37allusion
Joh 12:34Ps 110:4allusion
Joh 12:34Isa 9:7allusion
Joh 12:38Isa 53:1
Joh 12:40Isa 6:9
Joh 12:49De 18:18allusion
Joh 13:18Ps 41:9
Joh 15:25Ps 69:4
Joh 15:25Ps 109:3
Joh 15:25Ps 35:19
Joh 17:12Ps 41:10allusion
Joh 17:12Ps 109:8,17allusion
Joh 19:24Ps 22:19
Joh 19:28Ps 69:21allusion
Joh 19:36Ex 12:46
Joh 19:36Ps 34:20
Joh 19:36Nu 9:12allusion
Joh 19:37Zec 12:10
Joh 20:9Ps 16:10allusion
Joh 20:17Ps 22:22allusion


Ac 1:20Ps 69:25
Ac 1:20Ps 109:8
Ac 2:17-21Joe 2:28-32
Ac 2:25-28Ps 16:8-10
Ac 2:302Sa 7:12allusion
Ac 2:30Ps 89:4allusion
Ac 2:31Ps 16:10
Ac 2:34Ps 110:1
Ac 3:22,23De 18:15,18,19
Ac 3:25Ge 22:18
Ac 3:25Ge 12:3allusion
Ac 4:11Ps 118:22,23
Ac 4:11Isa 28:16allusion
Ac 4:25,26Ps 2:1,2
Ac 7:2Ge 15:7allusion
Ac 7:2Ne 9:7allusion
Ac 7:3Ge 12:1
Ac 7:4Ge 11:31allusion
Ac 7:4Ge 12:4,5allusion
Ac 7:5Ge 12:7allusion
Ac 7:5Ge 13:15allusion
Ac 7:6,7Ge 15:13,14
Ac 7:8Ge 17:10allusion
Ac 7:8Ge 21:3,4allusion
Ac 7:8Ge 25:26allusion
Ac 7:8Ge 42:13allusion
Ac 7:9Ge 37:4,11,28allusion
Ac 7:9Ge 39:1,2,21allusion
Ac 7:10Ge 41:37,40allusion
Ac 7:11Ge 41:54allusion
Ac 7:12Ge 42:2allusion
Ac 7:13Ge 45:1,9allusion
Ac 7:14,15Ge 45:1-28allusion
Ac 7:16Jos 24:32allusion
Ac 7:17Ex 1:7allusion
Ac 7:18Ex 1:8allusion
Ac 7:19Ex 1:10,22allusion
Ac 7:20Ex 2:2allusion
Ac 7:21Ex 2:3-10allusion
Ac 7:24Ex 2:11allusion
Ac 7:26Ex 2:13,14
Ac 7:29Ex 18:3allusion
Ac 7:30Ex 3:2allusion
Ac 7:32Ex 3:6
Ac 7:33,34Ex 3:5,7,8,10
Ac 7:35Ex 2:14
Ac 7:35Ex 3:15-18allusion
Ac 7:36Ex 7:1-12:51allusion
Ac 7:36Ex 14:21allusion
Ac 7:36Ex 12:41allusion
Ac 7:36Ex 15:23allusion
Ac 7:36Ex 16:1-36allusion
Ac 7:37De 18:15
Ac 7:38Ex 19:3allusion
Ac 7:38Ex 20:1-24:18allusion
Ac 7:40Ex 32:1
Ac 7:41Ex 32:19allusion
Ac 7:42,43Am 5:25,26allusion
Ac 7:44Ex 25:40allusion
Ac 7:44Ex 26:30allusion
Ac 7:45Jos 3:14allusion
Ac 7:45Jos 18:1allusion
Ac 7:462Sa 7:2allusion
Ac 7:46Ps 132:5allusion
Ac 7:471Ki 8:1-66allusion
Ac 7:49,50Isa 66:1,2
Ac 8:32,33Isa 53:7,8
Ac 10:34De 10:17allusion
Ac 10:34Job 34:19allusion
Ac 13:17Isa 1:2allusion
Ac 13:17Ex 12:37allusion
Ac 13:18De 1:31allusion
Ac 13:18Nu 14:33allusion
Ac 13:18Ps 95:10allusion
Ac 13:19De 7:1allusion
Ac 13:19Jos 14:2allusion
Ac 13:20Jud 2:16allusion
Ac 13:201Sa 3:20allusion
Ac 13:211Sa 8:5allusion
Ac 13:211Sa 10:21allusion
Ac 13:221Sa 13:14
Ac 13:22Ps 89:20
Ac 13:221Ch 10:14allusion
Ac 13:33Ps 2:7
Ac 13:34Ps 55:3
Ac 13:35Ps 16:10
Ac 13:361Ki 2:10allusion
Ac 13:41Hab 1:5
Ac 13:47Isa 49:6
Ac 13:47Isa 11:10allusion
Ac 15:16,17Am 9:11,12allusion
Ac 17:31Ps 9:9allusion
Ac 17:31Ps 96:13allusion
Ac 17:31Ps 98:9allusion
Ac 23:5Ex 22:28
Ac 28:26,27Isa 6:9,10


Ro 1:17Hab 2:4
Ro 1:22Jer 10:14allusion
Ro 2:6Pr 24:12allusion
Ro 2:6Ps 62:12allusion
Ro 2:11De 10:17allusion
Ro 2:11Job 34:19allusion
Ro 2:24Isa 52:5
Ro 2:24Eze 36:20
Ro 3:4Ps 116:11
Ro 3:4Ps 51:4
Ro 3:8Jer 17:6allusion
Ro 3:10,11,12Ps 14:1++
Ro 3:13Ps 5:9
Ro 3:13Ps 140:3
Ro 3:14Ps 10:7
Ro 3:15-18Isa 59:7,8
Ro 3:18Ps 36:1
Ro 4:3Ge 15:6
Ro 4:7,8Ps 32:1,2
Ro 4:11Ge 17:10
Ro 4:17Ge 17:5
Ro 4:18Ge 15:5
Ro 7:7Ex 20:17
Ro 7:7De 5:21
Ro 8:36Ps 44:22
Ro 9:7Ge 21:12
Ro 9:9Ge 18:10
Ro 9:12Ge 25:23
Ro 9:13Mal 1:2,3
Ro 9:15Ex 33:19
Ro 9:17Ex 9:16
Ro 9:20Isa 45:9allusion
Ro 9:21Jer 18:6allusion
Ro 9:25Ho 2:23
Ro 9:26Ho 1:10
Ro 9:27,28Isa 10:22,23
Ro 9:29Isa 1:9
Ro 9:33Isa 8:14
Ro 9:33Isa 28:16
Ro 10:5Le 18:5
Ro 10:5Eze 20:11
Ro 10:6,7De 30:12,13allusion
Ro 10:8De 30:14
Ro 10:11Isa 28:16
Ro 10:13Joe 2:32
Ro 10:15Isa 52:7
Ro 10:15Na 1:15
Ro 10:16Isa 53:1
Ro 10:18Ps 19:4
Ro 10:19De 32:21
Ro 10:20,21Isa 65:1,2
Ro 11:1Ps 94:14allusion
Ro 11:31Ki 19:10,14
Ro 11:41Ki 19:18
Ro 11:8Isa 29:10
Ro 11:8Isa 6:9allusion
Ro 11:9,10Ps 69:22,23
Ro 11:26,27Isa 59:20,21
Ro 11:34Isa 40:13
Ro 11:35Job 41:11allusion
Ro 12:9Am 5:15allusion
Ro 12:16Isa 5:21allusion
Ro 12:16Pr 3:7
Ro 12:19De 32:35
Ro 12:20Pr 25:21,22
Ro 13:9Ex 20:13,17
Ro 13:9De 5:16-21
Ro 13:9Le 19:18
Ro 14:11Isa 45:23
Ro 15:3Ps 69:9
Ro 15:9Ps 18:49
Ro 15:10De 32:43
Ro 15:11Ps 117:1
Ro 15:12Isa 11:1,10
Ro 15:21Isa 52:15

1 Corinthians

1Co 1:19Isa 29:14
1Co 1:20Isa 44:25allusion
1Co 1:20Isa 33:18allusion
1Co 1:31Jer 9:24
1Co 2:9Isa 64:4
1Co 2:16Isa 40:13
1Co 3:8Ps 62:12allusion
1Co 3:19Job 5:13
1Co 3:20Ps 94:11
1Co 5:13De 17:9allusion
1Co 5:13De 19:19allusion
1Co 5:13De 24:7allusion
1Co 6:16Ge 2:24
1Co 9:9De 25:4
1Co 10:1Ex 13:21allusion
1Co 10:1Ex 14:22allusion
1Co 10:1Nu 9:18allusion
1Co 10:3Ex 16:15allusion
1Co 10:3Ex 17:6allusion
1Co 10:3Nu 11:4allusion
1Co 10:3Nu 20:11allusion
1Co 10:3Nu 26:64,65allusion
1Co 10:7Ex 32:6
1Co 10:8,10Nu 25:1,9allusion
1Co 10:8,10Nu 21:4allusion
1Co 10:8,10Nu 14:2,36allusion
1Co 10:8,10Ps 106:14,19allusion
1Co 10:20De 32:17
1Co 10:26Ps 24:1
1Co 14:21Isa 28:11,12
1Co 14:34Ge 3:16allusion
1Co 15:3Isa 53:8,9allusion
1Co 15:3Ps 22:1-31allusion
1Co 15:3Ps 40:1-17allusion
1Co 15:4Ps 16:10allusion
1Co 15:25Ps 110:1
1Co 15:27Ps 8:6
1Co 15:32Isa 22:13
1Co 15:45Ge 2:7
1Co 15:54Isa 25:8
1Co 15:55Ho 13:14

2 Corinthians

2Co 3:13Ex 34:33allusion
2Co 4:13Ps 116:10
2Co 5:17Isa 43:18,19
2Co 6:2Isa 49:8
2Co 6:16Le 26:11,12
2Co 6:17,18Isa 52:11,12
2Co 6:17,18Jer 31:9
2Co 6:17,182Sa 7:14
2Co 8:15Ex 16:18
2Co 9:7Pr 22:8allusion
2Co 9:9Ps 112:9
2Co 10:17Jer 9:24
2Co 13:1De 19:15


Ga 2:6De 10:17
Ga 2:16Ps 143:2allusion
Ga 3:6Ge 15:6allusion
Ga 3:8Ge 12:3
Ga 3:8Ge 22:18allusion
Ga 3:10De 27:26
Ga 3:11Hab 2:4
Ga 3:12Le 18:5
Ga 3:13De 21:23
Ga 3:16Ge 22:18
Ga 3:17Ex 12:40allusion
Ga 4:22Ge 21:2,9allusion
Ga 4:22Ge 16:15allusion
Ga 4:27Isa 54:1
Ga 4:30Ge 21:10
Ga 5:14Le 19:18


Eph 2:17Isa 57:19allusion
Eph 4:8Ps 68:18
Eph 4:25Zec 8:16
Eph 4:26Ps 4:4
Eph 5:31Ge 2:4
Eph 6:2,3Ex 20:12
Eph 6:2,3De 5:16
Eph 6:9De 10:17allusion
Eph 6:9Job 34:19allusion
Eph 6:17Isa 59:17allusion


html 2:10Isa 45:23allusion
html 4:5Ps 119:1-176 141:1-10allusion
html 4:5Ps 145:18allusion


Col 2:11De 10:16allusion
Col 3:25De 10:17allusion
Col 3:25Job 34:19allusion

1 Thessalonians

1Th 5:8Isa 59:17allusion
1Th 5:15Pr 17:13allusion

2 Thessalonians

2Th 2:4Da 11:36allusion
2Th 2:8Isa 11:4allusion?

1 Timothy

1Ti 2:13Ge 1:17allusion?
1Ti 2:13Ge 2:7,21,22allusion
1Ti 2:14Ge 3:6allusion
1Ti 2:14Ge 3:12allusion
1Ti 5:18De 25:4
1Ti 6:7Job 1:21allusion
1Ti 6:7Ec 5:14allusion
1Ti 6:7Ps 49:18allusion?

2 Timothy

2Ti 2:19Nu 16:5allusion
2Ti 3:8Ex 7:11,22allusion


No References for Titus


No References for Philemon


Heb 1:5Ps 2:7
Heb 1:52Sa 7:14
Heb 1:6Ps 97:7
Heb 1:7Ps 104:4
Heb 1:8,9Ps 45:6,7
Heb 1:10,11,12Ps 102:25,26,27
Heb 1:13Ps 110:1
Heb 2:6-8Ps 8:4-6
Heb 2:12Ps 22:22
Heb 2:13Isa 8:18
Heb 2:13Ps 18:2
Heb 2:132Sa 22:2
Heb 3:2Nu 12:7allusion
Heb 3:7-11Ps 95:7-11
Heb 3:15Ps 95:7-11
Heb 3:17Nu 14:35,36allusion?
Heb 4:3Ps 95:11
Heb 4:4Ge 2:2,3
Heb 4:7Ps 95:7,8
Heb 5:41Ch 23:13allusion?
Heb 5:5Ps 2:7
Heb 5:6Ps 110:4
Heb 6:14Ge 22:16,17
Heb 7:1Ge 14:18allusion
Heb 7:17,21Ps 110:4
Heb 8:5Ex 25:40
Heb 8:8-12Jer 31:31-34
Heb 9:2Ex 25:1-40allusion
Heb 9:2Ex 26:36allusion
Heb 9:2Ex 40:3allusion?
Heb 9:2Nu 17:10allusion
Heb 9:7Ex 30:10allusion
Heb 9:13Le 16:14allusion
Heb 9:14Nu 14:36allusion?
Heb 9:20Ex 24:8
Heb 10:5-7Ps 40:6-8
Heb 10:11Ex 29:38allusion
Heb 10:12,13Ps 110:1allusion
Heb 10:16,17Jer 31:33,34
Heb 10:27Isa 64:1allusion?
Heb 10:28De 17:6allusion
Heb 10:30De 32:35,36
Heb 10:37,38Hab 2:3,4
Heb 11:3Ge 1:1allusion
Heb 11:4Ge 4:4allusion
Heb 11:5Ge 5:24allusion
Heb 11:7Ge 6:8,14allusion
Heb 11:8Ge 12:1,2allusion
Heb 11:9Ge 12:5++allusion
Heb 11:9Ge 27:11,12,14allusion
Heb 11:11Ge 18:1-33allusion
Heb 11:12Ge 22:17allusion
Heb 11:13Ge 47:9allusion?
Heb 11:13Ps 39:13allusion?
Heb 11:13Ge 23:4allusion
Heb 11:14Ho 14:2allusion?
Heb 11:17Ge 22:1allusion
Heb 11:18Ge 22:12allusion
Heb 11:20Ge 27:28allusion
Heb 11:21Ge 47:31
Heb 11:21Ge 48:15allusion
Heb 11:22Ge 50:24allusion
Heb 11:23Ex 2:2allusion
Heb 11:25Ex 2:11allusion
Heb 11:27Ex 2:15allusion
Heb 11:28Ex 12:11,18allusion
Heb 11:29Ex 14:22allusion
Heb 11:30Jos 6:20allusion
Heb 11:31Jos 2:1allusion
Heb 11:31Jos 6:17,23allusion
Heb 11:32Jud 6:4,11,15allusion
Heb 11:321Sa 7:1-17allusion?
Heb 11:322Sa 2:1-32allusion?
Heb 11:332Sa 8:1-18allusion?
Heb 11:33Jud 14:1-20allusion?
Heb 11:33Da 6:1-28allusion?
Heb 11:34Da 3:1-30allusion?
Heb 11:352Ki 4:20allusion
Heb 11:351Ki 17:1-24allusion
Heb 11:351Ki 19:1allusion
Heb 12:5,6Pr 3:11,12
Heb 12:9Nu 27:16allusion?
Heb 12:12,13Isa 35:3allusion
Heb 12:12,13Pr 4:26allusion
Heb 12:15De 29:18allusion
Heb 12:16Ge 25:31allusion
Heb 12:18Ex 19:16allusion
Heb 12:20Ex 19:12,13
Heb 12:21De 9:19
Heb 12:26Hag 2:6
Heb 12:29De 4:24
Heb 13:2Ge 18:2allusion
Heb 13:5De 31:8
Heb 13:5Jos 1:5
Heb 13:6Ps 118:6
Heb 13:11Le 4:12,21allusion
Heb 13:11Le 16:27allusion
Heb 13:11Nu 19:3allusion
Heb 13:14Mic 2:10allusion


Jas 1:10Isa 40:6allusion
Jas 1:10Job 14:2allusion
Jas 1:19Pr 17:27allusion?
Jas 2:1Le 19:15allusion
Jas 2:1Pr 24:23allusion
Jas 2:8Le 19:18
Jas 2:11Ex 20:13,14,15
Jas 2:21Ge 22:9allusion
Jas 2:23Ge 15:6
Jas 2:25Jos 2:1allusion
Jas 2:25Jos 6:17,23allusion
Jas 4:6Pr 3:34
Jas 5:3Pr 16:27allusion?
Jas 5:11Job 1:21,22allusion
Jas 5:11Job 42:1-17allusion
Jas 5:17,181Ki 17:1allusion
Jas 5:17,181Ki 18:41allusion

1 Peter

1Pe 1:16Le 11:44
1Pe 1:24,25Isa 40:6
1Pe 2:3Ps 34:8,9allusion?
1Pe 2:4Ps 118:22allusion
1Pe 2:6Isa 28:16
1Pe 2:7Ps 118:22,23
1Pe 2:9Ex 19:6
1Pe 2:9De 10:15allusion
1Pe 2:9Ho 1:10allusion
1Pe 2:10Ho 2:23allusion
1Pe 2:17Pr 24:21allusion
1Pe 2:22Isa 53:9
1Pe 2:24Isa 53:4,5
1Pe 3:6Ge 18:12allusion
1Pe 3:7Pr 17:13allusion?
1Pe 3:10,11,12Ps 34:12-16
1Pe 3:14,15Isa 8:12,13allusion?
1Pe 3:20Ge 6:3,12allusion
1Pe 4:8Pr 10:12
1Pe 4:18Pr 11:31allusion
1Pe 5:5Pr 3:34allusion
1Pe 5:7Ps 55:23allusion

2 Peter

2Pe 2:5Ge 7:23allusion
2Pe 2:5Ge 8:1-22allusion
2Pe 2:6Ge 19:1-38allusion
2Pe 2:15,16Nu 22:1-41allusion
2Pe 2:22Pr 26:11
2Pe 3:4Eze 12:22allusion?
2Pe 3:5,6Ge 1:1,2,6allusion
2Pe 3:5,6Ge 7:21allusion
2Pe 3:8Ps 90:4allusion
2Pe 3:10Ps 102:26,27allusion?
2Pe 3:13Isa 65:17allusion
2Pe 3:13Isa 66:22allusion

1 John

1Jo 1:8Pr 20:9allusion
1Jo 3:5Isa 53:4allusion?
1Jo 3:12Ge 4:8allusion
1Jo 3:12Nu 22:41allusion?
1Jo 3:12Nu 16:1,31allusion

2 John

No References for 2 John

3 John

No References for 3 John


Jude 1:5Ex 12:41allusion
Jude 1:5Nu 14:32allusion
Jude 1:7Ge 19:1-38allusion
Jude 1:9De 34:5,6allusion
Jude 1:11Ge 4:8allusion
Jude 1:11Nu 22:1-41allusion
Jude 1:11Nu 16:1-50allusion
Jude 1:14Ge 5:18allusion


Re 1:6Ex 19:6allusion?
Re 1:7Da 7:13allusion?
Re 1:7Isa 40:5allusion?
Re 1:7Zec 12:10-14allusion?
Re 1:8Isa 41:4allusion?
Re 1:8Isa 44:6allusion?
Re 1:12Zec 4:2allusion?
Re 1:14,15Da 7:9allusion?
Re 1:14,15Da 10:5,6allusion?
Re 1:14,15Eze 1:27allusion?
Re 1:14,15Eze 8:2allusion?
Re 1:14,15Eze 43:2allusion?
Re 1:16Isa 49:2allusion?
Re 1:17Da 8:17allusion?
Re 1:17Da 10:8++allusion?
Re 1:17Isa 44:6allusion?
Re 2:1De 23:14allusion?
Re 2:7Ge 2:9allusion?
Re 2:14Nu 25:2allusion?
Re 2:14Nu 31:16allusion?
Re 2:201Ki 16:31allusion?
Re 2:201Ki 21:23allusion?
Re 2:202Ki 9:33allusion?
Re 2:23Jer 17:10allusion?
Re 2:27Ps 2:9allusion?
Re 3:7Isa 22:22allusion?
Re 3:7Job 12:14allusion?
Re 3:9Isa 60:14allusion?
Re 3:17Ho 12:8allusion?
Re 3:19Pr 3:11,12allusion?
Re 3:21Ps 110:1allusion?
Re 4:2,3Eze 1:26,28allusion?
Re 4:5Ex 19:16allusion?
Re 4:5Eze 1:1-28allusion?
Re 4:5Eze 11:1-25allusion?
Re 4:5Isa 6:1-13allusion?
Re 4:6Eze 1:22allusion?
Re 4:6Ex 24:10allusion?
Re 4:6Eze 1:5allusion?
Re 4:6Eze 10:12allusion?
Re 4:7Eze 1:10allusion?
Re 4:8Isa 6:2allusion?
Re 5:1Eze 2:2allusion?
Re 5:6Isa 53:7allusion?
Re 5:6Zec 4:10allusion?
Re 5:62Ch 16:9allusion?
Re 5:8Ps 141:2allusion?
Re 5:10Ex 19:6allusion?
Re 5:11Da 7:10allusion?
Re 6:8Eze 14:21allusion?
Re 6:12,13Isa 24:18,23allusion?
Re 6:12,13Isa 13:13allusion?
Re 6:12,13Hag 2:6allusion?
Re 6:12,13Joe 2:31allusion?
Re 6:12,13Isa 34:4allusion
Re 6:14Ps 102:26allusion
Re 6:14Isa 34:4allusion
Re 6:15,16Isa 2:9++allusion?
Re 6:15,16Isa 2:19++allusion?
Re 6:15,16Ho 10:8allusion
Re 6:15,16Isa 13:13allusion
Re 6:15,16Ps 110:5allusion
Re 6:15,16Joe 2:11allusion
Re 7:2,3Eze 9:2++allusion?
Re 7:16Isa 49:10
Re 7:17Isa 25:8
Re 8:3Le 16:12++allusion
Re 8:3Ex 30:8allusion?
Re 8:3Ps 141:2allusion
Re 8:5Eze 10:2allusion?
Re 8:7Joe 2:30allusion
Re 8:7Ex 9:23allusion
Re 8:8Ex 7:20allusion?
Re 8:11Jer 9:15allusion
Re 8:12Eze 32:7allusion
Re 9:4Eze 9:6allusion
Re 9:6Jer 8:3allusion
Re 9:7,8,9Joe 2:4allusion
Re 9:7,8,9Joe 1:6allusion
Re 9:7,8,9Joe 2:5allusion
Re 9:20Ps 115:4allusion
Re 9:20Ps 135:15allusion
Re 10:2Eze 2:9allusion
Re 10:3Jer 25:30allusion
Re 10:4Da 8:26allusion
Re 10:5Da 12:4,7,9allusion
Re 10:8-11Eze 2:8allusion
Re 10:11Jer 1:9allusion?
Re 11:1Eze 40:3allusion?
Re 11:1Eze 41:13allusion?
Re 11:1Eze 40:47allusion?
Re 11:2Da 7:25allusion?
Re 11:4Zec 4:3,11allusion
Re 11:52Ki 1:9-12allusion?
Re 11:61Ki 17:1allusion
Re 11:6Ex 7:20allusion
Re 11:7Da 7:21allusion
Re 11:10Es 9:22allusion
Re 11:15Da 2:44allusion?
Re 11:15Da 7:14allusion
Re 11:18Ps 2:1-5allusion
Re 11:18Ps 46:6allusion
Re 11:18Da 7:10,22allusion?
Re 11:18Ps 115:13allusion?
Re 11:18Da 11:44allusion?
Re 12:1,2Mic 4:9,10allusion?
Re 12:1,2Isa 66:7allusion?
Re 12:3Da 7:7allusion
Re 12:4Da 8:10allusion?
Re 12:5Isa 66:7allusion
Re 12:5Ps 2:10allusion?
Re 12:6Da 7:25allusion?
Re 12:7Da 10:13,21allusion?
Re 12:7Da 12:1allusion?
Re 12:14Da 7:25allusion?
Re 12:14Da 12:7allusion?
Re 13:1Da 7:3,7allusion?
Re 13:2Da 7:5,6allusion
Re 13:5,6Da 7:8allusion
Re 13:5,6Da 7:25allusion
Re 13:7Da 8:10,24allusion?
Re 13:7Da 5:19allusion
Re 13:7Da 2:37allusion
Re 13:10Isa 14:2allusion
Re 13:10Ge 9:6allusion
Re 13:14Da 3:1-30allusion?
Re 14:1Ps 2:6allusion
Re 14:1Isa 59:20allusion
Re 14:5Ps 32:2allusion
Re 14:8Isa 21:9allusion
Re 14:8Jer 51:8allusion
Re 14:8Da 4:27allusion?
Re 14:10Ps 75:9allusion?
Re 14:10Isa 51:22allusion
Re 14:10Jer 25:15allusion
Re 14:11Isa 34:10allusion
Re 14:14Da 7:13allusion
Re 14:14Isa 19:1allusion?
Re 14:15Joe 3:13allusion
Re 14:19,20Joe 3:13allusion
Re 14:19,20Isa 63:3allusion
Re 14:19,20La 1:15allusion
Re 15:2Eze 1:22allusion
Re 15:3Ex 15:11allusion
Re 15:4Jer 10:6
Re 15:4Ps 86:9
Re 15:7Eze 10:7allusion
Re 15:8Eze 10:4allusion
Re 15:8Isa 6:4allusion
Re 15:81Ki 8:11allusion
Re 16:2Eze 10:2allusion?
Re 16:2Ex 9:10allusion?
Re 16:3,4Ex 7:19,20allusion?
Re 16:6Ex 7:21allusion?
Re 16:6Eze 16:38allusion?
Re 16:10Ex 10:22allusion?
Re 16:12Isa 11:15,16allusion?
Re 16:12Jer 50:38allusion?
Re 16:14,16Zep 3:8allusion?
Re 16:14,16Joe 3:2allusion?
Re 16:14,16Zec 14:2allusion?
Re 16:21Ex 9:24,34allusion?
Re 17:1Jer 51:13allusion
Re 17:2Jer 51:7allusion
Re 17:3Da 7:7,8,25allusion?
Re 17:4Jer 51:7allusion?
Re 17:8Da 7:11allusion?
Re 17:12Da 7:20,24allusion
Re 17:14Da 8:25allusion
Re 17:15Isa 8:7allusion
Re 17:15Jer 51:42allusion
Re 18:2Isa 21:9
Re 18:2Jer 51:8allusion
Re 18:2Isa 13:21allusion
Re 18:3Jer 51:7
Re 18:3Na 3:4allusion
Re 18:4Isa 52:11allusion
Re 18:4Jer 50:8allusion
Re 18:4Jer 51:6,9,45allusion
Re 18:6Jer 50:15,29allusion
Re 18:6Ps 137:8allusion
Re 18:7,8Isa 47:7++allusion
Re 18:7,8Jer 50:31allusion
Re 18:11Eze 27:1-36allusion
Re 18:11Isa 23:1-18allusion
Re 18:18Isa 34:10allusion
Re 18:20Isa 44:23allusion
Re 18:20Jer 51:48allusion
Re 18:21Jer 51:63,64allusion
Re 18:22Isa 24:8allusion
Re 18:22Jer 7:34allusion
Re 18:22Jer 25:10allusion
Re 18:23Isa 23:8allusion
Re 18:24Jer 51:49allusion
Re 19:2De 32:4,43allusion
Re 19:3Isa 34:10allusion
Re 19:5Ps 135:1,20allusion
Re 19:5Ps 115:13allusion
Re 19:8Ps 45:14allusion
Re 19:8Isa 61:10allusion
Re 19:11Ps 72:2++allusion?
Re 19:12Da 10:6allusion
Re 19:13Isa 63:1allusion
Re 19:15Ps 2:9allusion
Re 19:15La 1:15allusion
Re 19:15Isa 63:3allusion
Re 19:17,18Isa 34:6allusion?
Re 19:17,18Eze 39:17-20allusion
Re 19:19Ps 2:2allusion
Re 19:20Isa 30:33allusion?
Re 19:20Da 7:11,26allusion?
Re 20:4Da 9:22,27allusion?
Re 21:1Isa 65:17allusion
Re 21:2Eze 40:1-49 48:1-35++allusion?
Re 21:3Eze 37:27allusion
Re 21:4Isa 25:8allusion
Re 21:4Isa 65:19allusion
Re 21:5Isa 43:19allusion
Re 21:6Isa 55:1allusion
Re 21:10Eze 40:2allusion
Re 21:12Eze 48:31allusion
Re 21:15Zec 2:1allusion
Re 21:15Eze 40:3allusion
Re 21:19Isa 54:11,12allusion
Re 21:23Isa 60:19allusion
Re 21:23Eze 48:35allusion?
Re 21:24,25Isa 60:3,11,20allusion
Re 21:27Isa 52:1allusion
Re 21:27Eze 44:9allusion
Re 22:1,2Zec 14:8allusion
Re 22:1,2Eze 47:1,7,12allusion
Re 22:3Zec 14:11allusion?
Re 22:5Isa 24:23allusion
Re 22:5Isa 60:19allusion
Re 22:5Eze 48:35allusion
Re 22:10Da 8:26allusion?
Re 22:10Da 12:4allusion?
Re 22:12Isa 40:10allusion
Re 22:13Isa 41:4allusion
Re 22:13Isa 44:6allusion
Re 22:16Isa 11:1,10allusion
Re 22:17Isa 55:1allusion
Re 22:18De 4:2allusion
Re 22:18De 12:32allusion
Re 22:20Hab 2:3allusion?

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