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Western (Gregorian) (Catholic, Protestant, Civil) Church Calendar
The date of Easter Sunday:
The date of Good Friday:
The date of Palm Sunday:
The date of Ash Wednesday (start of Lent):
The date of Pentecost:
The date of (Western) Christmas:
Eastern (Julian) (Orthodox) Church Calendar
The date of Easter Sunday:
The date of Good Friday:
The date of Palm Sunday:
The date of start of Lent:
The date of Orthodox Christmas:
Difference between the two calendars :

This top table gives the correct date of these Christian dates for any year after 1582 AD, the date at which the Gregorian calendar came into effect that most of the world uses, and is used in all Western Churches. The bottom table gives the correct dates for dates earlier than 1582, when only the Julian calendar was used, and also since then for the Orthodox Church.

There are rare cases where this calculator gives a date that could be off from what Church calendars show. The reason for this seems to depend on the exact location / time zone where the Churches do their calculations. For example, if a Full Moon occurred slightly AFTER midnight in Rome, so it is the next day there, it might still be BEFORE midnight in London or America, where the day would then be identified as the previous day in the calculations. It is unclear exactly where such calculations are made for the two main Churches. The Churches also do not use the precise astronomical instant of a New Moon but rather a time slightly later when it is first visible. This can rarely shift the date by one week.

The date of Easter determines the following dates:

EventDays before EasterEventDays after Easter
Septuagesima63Rogation Sunday35
Ash Wednesday46Pentecost49
Palm Sunday7Trinity Sunday56
Good Friday2Corpus Christi60

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