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Book of Deuteronomy

Words (Hebrew Title)

(doot - ur - ahn' - uh - mee)

General Information

Deuteronomy is the fifth book of the Old Testament in the Bible. Its name, meaning "repeated law," is based on the book's stylistic form: a series of speeches in which the law originally given on Mount Sinai is repeated by Moses to the next generation. The book consists of a double introduction, a legal section with concluding ritual elaboration, two old poems, and an account of Moses' death. Although it is traditionally ascribed to Moses, it could not have been written much earlier than the time of King Josiah (d. c. 609 BC). However, there was probably an earlier edition of the central legal section dating to the reign of Hezekiah (c. 700 BC). The principal themes of Deuteronomy include the election of Israel by God, trust in God's power, rejection of foreign gods, and the importance of the Mosaic law.

J J M Roberts

L Goldberg, Deuteronomy (1986); A D Phillips, Deuteronomy (1973); M Weinfeld, Deuteronomy and the Deuteronomic School (1972).

Book of Deuteronomy

Brief Outline

  1. First discourse (1-4)
  2. Second discourse (5-26)
  3. Third discourse (27-30)
  4. Last counsels; parting blessings (31-34)


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