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Book of Ecclesiastes

(ee - kleez' - ee - as' - teez)

General Information

Ecclesiastes is a book of wisdom writing in the Old Testament of the Bible. Its title is a Greek form of the Hebrew Koheleth ("preacher" or "speaker"). The author poses as Solomon, the archetype of the biblical wise man, but the book was not written before 350 - 250 BC.

Ecclesiastes is a philosophical essay on the meaning of human life. The author rejects all religious and ethical theories known to him, because they are contradicted by experience. He sees no divine plan in history, nature, or personal existence and argues that only relative satisfactions can be found in wealth, pleasure, family, friends, or work. The sole meaning of life is in living it fully by making the wisest possible choices. The few religious consolations expressed are widely attributed to a pious commentator.

Norman K Gottwald

Book of Ecclesiastes

Brief Outline

  1. The futility of life
  2. The answer of practical Faith


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