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Book of Habakkuk

(huh - bak' - uk)

General Information

Habakkuk is one of the books of the Minor Prophets in the Old Testament of the Bible. It is named for the prophet Habakkuk, who probably lived during the 7th century BC, and contains a discussion of the problem of evil. The prophet asks how God permits his will to be accomplished through oppression and lawlessness; the answer given is that individuals survive through fidelity to God, even when nations tumble. Chapter 3, a poem, expresses the writer's unshakable confidence in divine deliverance. The Dead Sea Scrolls contain a commentary on the Book of Habakkuk.

George W Coats

Book of Habakkuk

Brief Outline

  1. Perplexity of the Prophet as to why the sinful Jews are not punished, and why God should use a heathen nation to punish the Jews. (1)
  2. God's answer that the proud Chaldeans will themselves be punished (2)
  3. Prayer of Habakkuk (3)


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