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Epistle of Jude


General Information

Jude is a short book of the New Testament of the Bible, consisting of 25 verses. The author is commonly believed to have been the Apostle Jude (or Thaddaeus). However, as verse 17 implies that the Apostles are already dead, the authorship and date of composition are uncertain. The book may have been written as late as AD 100.

The text is a warning to its recipients against teachers promoting doctrines leading to immorality. Some scholars suggest that the teachers were proponents of Gnosticism. A distinctive characteristic of this letter is its use of citations from the Assumption of Moses and the Book of Enoch, works classified as Pseudepigrapha.

Douglas Ezell

Epistle of Jude

Brief Outline

  1. Introduction (1-4)
  2. Condemnation of false teachers (5-16)
  3. Admonitions (17-23)
  4. Doxology (24-25)


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