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Book of Malachi

(mal' - uh - ky)

General Information

Malachi is the last of the 12 books of the Minor Prophets in the Old Testament of the Bible. Malachi means "my messenger" in Hebrew, and few scholars believe that it is the actual name of the prophet. The prophet's themes include the ritual purity of sacrifices, the evils of mixed marriages and divorce, and the coming day of judgment. The book, consisting of six oracles, is believed to have been written after the reconstruction of the Temple (516 BC) and before the reforms of Ezra and Nehemiah (c. 450 BC).

Book of Malachi

Brief Outline

  1. Sins of the Priests (1:1-2:9)
  2. Sins of the people (2:10-4:1)
  3. Coming of the Son of Righteousness (4:2-6)


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