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Gospel According to Mark

General Information

Mark is the second Gospel in the New Testament of the Bible. It is the earliest and the shortest of the four Gospels. Papias, an early church father, ascribed this Gospel to Mark, an interpreter of Peter who is often identified with Mark, the cousin of Saint Barnabas and companion of Barnabas and Saint Paul on their first missionary journey. Irenaeus said that Mark wrote this Gospel after Peter and Paul had died. Most scholars today, therefore, date the book AD 65 - 70.

The Gospel was probably written in Rome for a primarily Gentile audience, to convince them that Jesus of Nazareth, in spite of his sufferings and death, was the Son of God. It has been called a Gospel of action because it records 18 miracles (similar in count to Matthew and Luke) but only 4 parables (Matthew includes 18 parables and Luke 19). Jesus' victory over evil through his deeds and death receives emphasis. Much material in Mark is repeated in Matthew and in Luke, leading most scholars to conclude that Mark was written first and used independently by the other writers.

Douglas Ezell

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Gospel According to Mark

Brief Outline

  1. Baptism and Temptation of Jesus (1:1-13)
  2. Galilean Ministry (1:14-9:50)
  3. Ministry in Perea (10)
  4. Passion Week and Resurrection (11-16)


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