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Book of Micah

(my' - kuh)

General Information

Micah is the 6th of the 12 books of Minor Prophets in the Old Testament of the Bible. Composed of both dire warnings and encouraging promises, this small but important book records the prophet Micah's preaching in Judah in the late 8th century BC. Micah observed the Assyrians' conquest of northern Israel and predicted the destruction of Jerusalem as punishment for social injustice and corruption among the priests and political leadership. His call for justice is tempered by the promise of a messianic ruler from Bethlehem (5:2 - 6) whose reign shall see swords beaten into plowshares (4:3). Most scholars believe that chapters 4 - 7 were written after the time of Micah.

Book of Micah

Brief Outline

  1. Desolation of Samaria and Jerusalem foretold (1:1-3:12)
  2. Eventual blessings for Zion (4:1-8)
  3. Invasions and deliverance by the Davidic ruler (4:9-5:15)
  4. Condemnation for sins (6:1-7:6)
  5. Eventual help from God (7:7-20)


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