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Epistles to Timothy

General Information

The two Epistles to Timothy, in the New Testament of the Bible, are classified with the Epistle to Titus as the Pastoral Epistles. They are addressed by Saint Paul to his companion, Timothy, leader of the church at Ephesus (1 Tim. 1:3), who is known from Acts and other epistles. The letters are pastoral in that they urge Timothy to combat false teaching and guide his people in preserving the truth; they also give detailed instructions concerning the duties of bishops, deacons, widows, and other Christians. Many scholars think that these letters were written about AD 100 in Paul's name, rather than by Paul himself, because the language differs from that of the other epistles. They carry a heavy emphasis on tradition being handed on, and church structures seem more developed than in Paul's day.

Anthony J Saldarini

M Dibelius and H Conzelmann, The Pastoral Epistles (1972); P N Harrison, The Problem of the Pastoral Epistles (1921).

Epistles to Timothy

Brief Outline

First Epistle

  1. Personal testimony (1:1-20)
  2. Official regulations (2:1-4:5)
  3. Administrative counsel (4:6-6:21)

Second Epistle

  1. Memories of the past (1:1-18)
  2. Mandate for the future (2:1-26)
  3. Menace of Apostasy (3:1-17)
  4. Memoranda for action (4:1-22)


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