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Epistle to Titus

(ty' - tuhs)

General Information

The Epistle to Titus, in the New Testament of the Bible, is one of the Pastoral Epistles (the others being the two Epistles to Timothy). It is addressed by Saint Paul to his companion Titus, who has been left in charge in Crete to correct errors and appoint church leaders. Titus is urged to promote sound doctrine, sober behavior, and appropriate submission to those in authority. Many scholars think that the epistle was written in AD 100 in Paul's name rather than by Paul himself, because of differences in language, teaching, and church structure.

Anthony J Saldarini

M Dibelius and H Conzelmann, The Pastoral Epistles (1972); P N Harrison, The Problem of the Pastoral Epistles (1921).

Epistle to Titus

Brief Outline

  1. Church administration (1:1-16)
  2. Individual conduct (2:1-3:8)
  3. Personal advice (3:9-15)


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