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Home Air Conditioning. You can blow your house air down through sealed underground tubes to cool it like in an underground cave. GREEN! Virtually free home air-conditioning to reduce electric bills! Low cost, easy to install and eliminates the need to run a normal air-conditioner! No Freon! (1978, 2000)

Solar Heated House. A stick-built NorthWarm Solar Heating house which EASILY totally heat an entire (large) home with solar energy, in almost any climate! We believe this system is even compatible with parts of Alaska! Everyone else only uses TINY solar heating because they cannot deal with how unbearably hot such houses are in August, but we totally solved that matter and our NorthWarm house's rooms stay EXACTLY the temperature you set for each of them with their conventional wall thermostats, day, night, winter, summer. The NorthWarm Version 1 house even includes an extensive NATURAL AIR CONDITIONING SYSTEM, in case any room gets even slightly too warm! Fairly standard house construction, relatively reasonable stick-built cost. (1978, 1997)

NorthWarm Solar-Heated House - Version 2. Excellent Solar Heating for EXISTING BUILDINGS. Patented solar heating system substantially heats an entire home with solar energy, in any climate, while being fairly inexpensive! Version 2 is a garage-sized out-building. (1978, 1997)

NorthWarm Solar-Heated House - Version 3. A solar heating system to heat an entire home with solar energy, while being relatively inexpensive! Version 3 uses a liquid as the heat transport medium, and uses many self-tracking-aiming inexpensive standard-closet-door-mirrors which are slightly flexed, which concentrates the sunlight about 25 times. (1978, 1997)

NorthWarm Solar-Heated House - Version 4. A unique solar heating system to heat an entire house with solar energy, while being inexpensive! This Version 4 system is intended as a DIY house structure. Version 4 uses used motor oil as the heat collection and storage medium! When the thick oil is cold, it flows more slowly to spend more time in the sloped collection path to collect more sunlight heat, but when hot and less new heat is needed, the hot used black motor flows faster! The Version 4 is not nearly as sophisticated as a Version 1 or 2, but it worked amazingly well to heat a 1200 square foot Chalet I built in 1974. This system also enabled me to help local businesses dispose of around 2000 gallons of used motor oil, which they otherwise had to pay to have hauled away to be burned! So this system even also helps solve a modern disposal problem for an undesirable material! (1974, 1997)

Solar Cells. Scientifically accurate and honest information on making Solar Electricity. Photovoltaic Cells, PV. Electricity directly from Sunlight. Practicality of creating electricity for a home from sunlight. (2002)

Heat and Cool a House. Sub-Basement heat and/or cool storage chamber under a house! TOTALLY INVISIBLE! Solar Heating, Natural (underground) Air Conditioning. Store 30 MILLION Btus or more of summer heat to save to heat an entire house in winter! New houses can be built with a huge heat storage chamber HIDDEN underneath the house, in a sub-basement-like heat storage chamber which has very extensive thermal insulation. Many houses can then be heated for an entire winter using stored heat from the previous summer's sunlight, or from other nore standard heat sources! The extensive heat storage chamber can be used during the summer to provide NATURAL air conditioning for the house without any electricity being used. No oil or gas is used either! (2002)

Rape Prevention Personal Security System PSST. Inexpensive, unique ($5 per month) rape prevention system. A young woman would wear a normal-looking piece of jewelry, such as a ring or bracelet or necklace or anklet, which she could touch (twice) to send a brief radio signal. The PSST system of radio receivers allows local police to instantly (1/4 second) know exactly where (within one foot, X, Y, and Z) the attacked girl needs help! (1980, 1997)

People Helping One Another. A rapid and efficient method for caring people to IMMEDIATELY send donations to victims of natural disasters or other emergencies. The Helping system has no massive cost overhead of profit for executives, but only takes 1% of donated money for operating costs. (2001)

Black Ice. Black Ice. Unnoticed slippery pavement as a driving or walking hazard. (1997)

Driverless Vehicles - High-Speed Transportation. 200-mph passenger and freight movement. Self-Driving Cars. A highly efficient transportation system to replace Interstate and state highway system. This would greatly reduce passenger and freight costs, and also contribute huge revenues to balance the Federal Budget and even pay off the National Debt. This TRANS System should also employ around FOUR MILLION WORKERS to build all the infrastructure, for around 30 years! (1988, 1997)

Tire Pressure Monitor. System cost of around $100. TireChek is a new, inexpensive, accurate tire pressure monitor for cars, trucks, RVs, and most other vehicles that use pneumatic tires. (1995, 1999)

BELIEVE Religious Information Source - by Alphabet. Religious Information. A collection of thousands of informative articles on Christian, Protestant, Catholic, and Orthodox Church subjects and other religions. (1997)

BELIEVE Religious Information Source. Religious Information. A collection of thousands of informative articles on Christian, Protestant, Catholic, and Orthodox Church subjects and other religions. (1997)

CREER Fuente de Información Religiosa - Español. BELIEVE in Spanish. Información religiosa. Una colección de miles de artículos informativos sobre Cristiana, Protestante, Católica, Ortodoxa y la Iglesia las temas y otras Religiones. (2002)

CROIRE Religieux Informations Source. BELIEVE in French. Information religieuse. Une collection de milliers d'articles informatifs sur Chrétienne, Protestante, Catholique, et l'Église Orthodoxe et sujets et autres Religions. (2003)

GLAUBEN Religiös Information Quelle. BELIEVE in German. Religiöse Informationen. Eine Sammlung von Tausenden von informativen Artikel über Christen, Protestanten, Katholiken, Orthodoxe Kirche und die Themen, und über Religionen. (2004)

CREDERE Informazione Religiosa Fonte. BELIEVE in Italian. Informazione religiosa. Una raccolta di migliaia di articoli informativi su Cristiani, Protestanti, Cattolici, e la Chiesa Ortodossa argomenti e altre Religioni. (2004)

ACREDITO Religioso Informações Fonte. BELIEVE in Portuguese. Informação religiosa. Uma coleção de milhares de artigos informativos sobre cristãs, protestantes, católicos, ea Igreja Ortodoxa temas e outras religiões. (2004)

ВЕРИТ Религиозный Информация Источник. BELIEVE in Russian. Религиозные информации. Коллекция тысячи информационных статей о важной христианской, протестантской, католической, и православной церкви слов и предметов, а также о других мировых религиях. (2005)

相信宗教信息来源. BELIEVE in Mandarin Chinese. 宗教信息。收集了数以千计的翔实的文章,重要的基督教,新教,天主教和东正教教会的言论和科目,对其他世界宗教。 (2005)

相信宗教信息來源. BELIEVE in Taiwanese. 宗教信息。收集了數以千計的翔實的文章,重要的基督教,新教,天主教和東正教教會的言論和科目,對其他世界宗教。 (2005)

と思われる宗教的な情報ソース. BELIEVE in Japanese. 宗教情報。有益な記事を収集して何千人もの重要なクリスチャン、プロテスタント、カトリック、そして正教会の単語や科目、および他の世界の宗教についてです。 (2005)

Uwierzyć Religijny Informacja Źródło. BELIEVE in Polish. Informacje religijna. Kolekcja tysięcy artykułów informacyjnych na ważne chrześcijańskiej, protestanckiej, katolickiej i Kościoła Prawosławnego słów i przedmiotów, oraz na temat innych religii świat. (2005)

TRO Klosterbroder Information Källa. BELIEVE in Swedish. Religiös uppgifter. En samling av tusentals informativa artiklar om viktiga kristna, protestantiska, katolska och ortodoxa kyrkan ord och ämnen och om andra världsreligionerna. (2005)

نؤمن ديني معلومات مصدر. BELIEVE in Arabic. معلومات دينية. أ جمع الآلاف من المواد المتعلقة بالمعلومات الهامة المسيحيه ، البروتستانتية ، والكاثوليكيه ، والكنيسة الارثوذكسيه الكلمات والمواضيع ، وحول غيرها من الديانات في العالم. (2005)

Simple Christian Beliefs. Core Beliefs from the Bible and early Christianity. Our small Christian Church feels that many modern Churches have gotten carried away with too many social issues, and so we concentrate on what we call Primitive Christianity.

Doubts about God, Christianity, Religion. Doubt about Christian and other religious beliefs or concepts.

Solar Heating Simulations - NorthWarm Solar Version 1. (1980)

Solar Heating Simulations - NorthWarm Solar Version 2. (1980)

Home Air Conditioning - and More!. Also Winter Pre-Heating. Excellent Indoor Air Purity, too! Virtually free whole house air-conditioning from a sub-system of the solar heating system that can also provide substantial reduction in winter heating bills! (2000)

Underground A/C Inside Arrangements. Air Conditioning. Inside considerations for the free Air Conditioning system.

Cooling System - Technical Info Fee Arrangement. Air Conditioning. Our fee structure for our underground air condition system to cool an entire home in almost any climate! Inexpensive to install. (2000)

Solar Heating Fee Arrangement. Our fee structure for the NorthWarm Solar Heating to totally heat an entire home with solar energy in almost any climate! Fairly standard house construction. (2000)

Underground A/C Alternate Compact but Technical Version. Air Conditioning. Alternate Compact but Technical Version for the free Air Conditioning system. (2008)

Underground A/C Alternate Arrangements. Air Conditioning. Underground Air Conditioning Alternate Possibilities to the standard system.

Underground A/C Alternate System. Air Conditioning. Underground Air Conditioning Alternate Water-based Version of the standard system.

Underground A/C Alternate Vertical Version. Air Conditioning. Alternate Vertical Version for the free Air Conditioning system. (2006)

Underground A/C Alternate Neighborhood Version. Air Conditioning. Alternate Neighborhood Version for the free Air Conditioning system. (2006)

Younger Version. BELIEVE Religious Information. Many articles, written for kids, on subjects and terms important in Christianity and other religions. A source for learning religious subjects. (1997)

Older Version. BELIEVE Religious Information. Many articles for young people, on subjects and terms important in Christianity and other religions. A source for learning religious subjects. (1997)

BELIEVE Religious Information - Download Page. Religious Information. Downloadable self-installing compressed file containing a collection of thousands of informative articles on important Christian, and other religious words and subjects. (2000)

Compatibility. Religious Information. Compatibility Among Christianity and other world religions.

Citing a BELIEVE web-page. Religious Information. Methods of citing articles or text from the BELIEVE Religious Information Source web-site.

Copyright information. Copyright Information. Behavior of Baker Book House (publisher) and Copyright Information regarding the contents of the BELIEVE Religious Information Source web-site.

Editor. Editor of the BELIEVE Religious Information Source web-site.

Neighborhood Safety. The STREET Neighborhood Safety System video monitors the neighborhood 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. (1993)

My Career as a Teacher.

A 1000-Pipe Used Pipe Organ. For Sale. Church Pipe Organ. Nearly all the parts for a 1,000-pipe Pipe Organ, including an Oak console with full pedalboard for sale.

Vacant Douglas County, Wisconsin Property, near Hawthorn. For Sale. Wisconsin land. Douglas County. Ten acres of vacant property near Duluth for sale.

A Christ Walk Church. Our On-Line Biblical Christian Church, emphasizes and teaches proper Christian behavior, by studying and following words AND behavior examples of Jesus. Non-denominational. Non-judgmental. (1996)

Christian Non-Denominational - A Christ Walk Church Women's Ministry. (1997)

A Christ Walk Church - Youth Teen Ministry. (1997)

Christian Church - A Christ Walk Church - Seniors Ministry. (1997)

Iglesia Cristiana - no Confesionales - Una Cristo Paseo Iglesia - principal del Ministerio.. (2002)

Église Chrétienne - Non-Confessionnel - A Walk Christ Church - Principal Ministère.. (2002)

Христианская церковь - неприсоединения Деноминатионал - А Христос Прогулка церкви - Главная министерства. (2005)

基督教堂-非教派-基督步行教会-主部。. (2005)

Igreja Cristã - Non-denominacionais - Um Passeio Igreja Cristo - Main Ministério (2005)

Statement of Faith - Statement of Faith. (1997)

A Christ Walk Church - Statement of Faith. (1997)

A Christ Walk Church - Kids' Ministry. (1997)

Woodburning Furnace - JUCA. Fireplaces and Woodstoves that are custom-built and GUARANTEED to be able to entirely heat ANY house in the United States! (1973, 1997)

JUCA Central Wood-Burning Furnaces. (1977)

Woodburning Furnace - S - JUCA. JUCA Super-Fireplace Woodstoves (1977)

Woodburning Furnace - F - JUCA. High-Efficiency Fireplace - JUCA Super-Fireplaces (1977)

Woodburning Furnace - SS - JUCA. High Efficiency Gas Burning Stoves (1977)

Woodburning Furnace - FS - JUCA. Gas Burning Fireplaces (1977)

Fireplace Insert - JUCA Super-Fireplace. JUCA Fireplace Inserts (1977)

JUCA Free-Standing Wood/Gas Furnaces. (1977)

JUCA 3-Glass-Sided Wood/Gas Furnaces. (1977)

JUCA Built-In Fireplace Furnaces. (1977)

Fireplace Inserts - JUCA Super-Fireplace. (1977)

Fireplace-Insert - JUCA Super-Fireplace. (1977)

JUCA Fireplaces - Specifications.

Theory of Design of a Wood-Burning Appliance.

Furnace Ducting.

Computer-Assisted Design.

Why JUCA Sides Slope in at a 17 Degree Angle.

Firewood Ratings. Firewood Info Chart

Introduction I.

Introduction I.

Introduction I.

The Story of JUCA.

SOMETHING NEW IN WOOD HEAT. Mother Earth News Magazine article text JULY/AUGUST 1978 p.63

Computer-Designed Stove. text of the Newsweek New Products Guide article - March 1981

New York Hall of Science POTBELLY Exhibit. NBC's Today Show November 8, 1980 (live); New York Times article on Nov 13, 1980

JUCA's Questionnaire for House Analysis.

JUCA Super-Fireplace - Operation.

JUCA Production Schedule.

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