side view of pipe organ console

1000-Pipe Used Pipe Organ for Sale

An entire 1,000 pipe Pipe Organ and Console / Keyboard. It had been manufactured by M. P. Moller in Hagerstown, MD, in the 1920s or 1930s.

Our Church has the pipes, parts and oak keyboard console for a huge pipe organ, that I believe used to be in a Church in Blue Island, Illinois. Quite a few voices are included, listed below. Approximately 1,000 pipes are included. The largest pipes are 16-foot voice and about 12 inches wide. Both metal and wood pipes are included. Console includes 2 61-note keyboards and controls for about 30 Stops, and it has a full 32-note pedalboard. Very good condition. Currently stored near Chicago. Make an offer.

I hope to see it go back into a Church some day! But even if not, I'm sure it will be a blessing for someone.

I am a Pastor of a very small Church, which will clearly never need such a large instrument, and actually will never have enough space for it! Proceeds from the sale of this instrument will benefit our Church [called A Christ Walk Church].

Some information:

The console has stops for:
   Pedal       16 Bourdon
               16 Lieblich Gedeckt
  Swell        16 Bourdon
                4 Flute A'amour
                8 Stopped Diapason
                8 Viole D'orch
                8 Dolce
                8 Oboe
                8 Vox Humana
   Great        8 Dulciana
                8 Gedeckt
                8 Open Diapason
                4 Flute

32 note pedalboard, 61 note great and 61 note swell keyboards.
main pipe organ pedalboard

Numerous stops which switch and/or combine voices from
keyboards and pedalboard to others, are also present.
lower pipe organ pedalboard

Nearly all of the pipes for all of these stops are present. Approximately 1,000 pipes exist for it, most of which are in complete or nearly complete sets, although individual pipes may need to be fabricated for some voices. I have NO chimes equipment, so that mechanism would have to entirely be created if that voice is desired.

The Oak console is in generally good shape, but it might need refinishing and minor repairs. Such repairs would include re-attaching some of the ivories which have loosened from a few of the keys during the years of storage.

some of the Stops It is my understanding that the organ system was created by local craftsmen for a Church in Blue Island, Illinois. I do not know how long it was in service there, but it was apparently removed and replaced by an even bigger system about in the early 1960s. At that time, I bought it for future use in a Church which later turned out not to need such a large instrument, so it has been in storage for the intervening years. This extended storage is the reason for the need for the necessary minor repair.

We do NOT have the air boxes that the pipes set on, but they are rather straightforward and simple to built to suit.

It seems to me that I paid several thousand $ in the middle 1960s for all of these parts. I think that all the parts are still present, but over the years, some small parts may have become misplaced.

I hope that this information is of help, and that someone would be able to use this wonderful device. It has seemed sad to me that such an instrument has lain unused for so many years.

With modern Church Pipe Organs costing hundreds of thousands of dollars and even millions of dollars, we realize that many Churches have chosen to use electronic organs. But they just don't sound the same. It is our hope that some Church or someone else would find these parts to be worth $15K. I suspect that they are worth far more than that.

If you have interest, please contact me by e-mail.

Pastor Carl
A Christ Walk Church

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