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A Christ Walk Church is an ON-LINE Scripture-Based Christian Church which emphasizes Christian behavior. We believe that Jesus left us a perfect example of how we should treat each other and the world. The REASONS behind our thinking and actions are extremely important in living a Christian life. Our weekly On-Line Services often discuss such subjects. At the conclusion of the Service, you'll have an opportunity to talk and socialize with the Pastor and others in the congregation.

As A Christ Walk Church grows, we intend to establish "specialty " ministries which will each focus on the unique life situations of various groups of our congregation. The list of links below indicates our current plans. The entries that end in "PLANNED" are not yet functional ministries. The links should still get you to a description of that particular ministry.

We intend that all of these ministries will effectively act as parallel Churches. The ministry staff, the messages presented, and the "discussion rooms" they oversee will all operate with that part of the congregation in mind. We hope that each of our congregation members will benefit best from this arrangement.

Please pick the Ministry that seems most appropriate for YOU.

Main The Main Ministry of A Christ Walk Church
Meant to serve our general society. For most people.
Youth Our Youth Ministry - INACTIVE
Meant to serve young people who often don't feel accepted in Church.
Single Our Singles Ministry - PLANNED
Meant to serve and address the unique life situations and problems of single adults.
Coll/Car Our College and Career Ministry - PLANNED
Meant to serve and address the unique life situations and problems of young professionals.
Women Our Women's Ministry - ACTIVE
Meant to serve and address the unique life situations and problems of women.
Family Our Family Ministry - PLANNED
Meant to serve and address the unique life situations and problems of family units.
Seniors Our Seniors Ministry - PLANNED
Meant to serve and address the unique life situations and problems of senior citizens.
Kids Our Kids Ministry - PLANNED
Meant to be operated by ministry AND kids. For the "world" of kids.
Española A Spanish Translation Ministry Traducción Española.
Meant to serve Spanish speaking people. Un Ministerio Española De la Traducción. Significó servir a gente de habla Hispana.
Deutsche A German Translation Ministry Auf Deutsche.
Meant to serve German speaking people. Ein Deutsche übersetzung Ministerium. Bedeutete, deutschsprechende Leute zu dienen.
Française A French Translation Ministry En Française.
Meant to serve French speaking people. Un Ministère De Traduction De Française. A signifié pour servir les personnes de langue Française.
Português A Portuguese Translation Ministry No Português.
Meant to serve Portuguese speaking people. Um Ministry Português Da Tradução. Significou servir a povos faladores Português.
Русский перевод A Russian Translation Ministry Русский перевод.
Meant to serve Russian speaking people. .
日本翻訳 A Japanese Translation Ministry 日本翻訳.
Meant to serve Japanese speaking people.
Polski Tłumaczenie A Polish Translation Ministry Polski.
Meant to serve Polish speaking people. Polski Tłumaczenie Ministerstwo.
Svenska Översättning A Swedish Translation Ministry Inne Svenska.
Meant to serve Swedish speaking people. EN Svenska Översättning Ministären. Mente till anrätta Svensk talande folk.
Traduzione Italiana An Italian Translation Ministry In Italiano.
Meant to serve Italian speaking people. Un Ministero Traduzione Italiana. Ha significato servire la gente di lingua Italiana.
中国翻译 A Mainland Chinese Translation Ministry 中国翻译.
Meant to serve Mainland Chinese speaking people. 中国翻译
中國翻譯 A Nationalist Chinese Translation Ministry 中國翻譯.
Meant to serve Nationalist Chinese speaking people. 中國翻譯

The foreign language versions of our Ministry are computer-automated translations for now, until physically separate Ministries might some day start for specifically serving those foreign-speaking peoples. Computers have the ability of presenting all this in quite a number of other languages as well. Down the road, we hope to present Jesus and Christianity in as many of these languages as possible: Arabic, Belgian, Czech, Slovak, Danish, Finnish, Israeli, Korean, Dutch, Norwegian, Swiss, Turkish, Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian, Greek. Whew!!

History, Notes

The InterNet Ministry of A Christ Walk Church was begun in 1996 by Pastor Carl and Pastor Russ. We felt a calling to spread the Lord's Word in this new way. We realize that we are merely Instruments that the Lord is using in creating and operating A Christ Walk Church. We both feel very blessed in having the opportunity to be part of this way of spreading His Word. We DO NOT want people to abandon their present Churches to join us. We support most denominations, as long as they use the Bible as the ultimate authority and not individual people or other books. That's the main reason we chose Sunday evening for our Services, so that everyone can attend a local Church on Sunday morning. Something like a one-two punch for Jesus!

A Christ Walk Church seems to be somewhat unique. The vast majority of Christian Churches spend their time and effort in matters related to the "means" of becoming Saved. Those are VERY important activities, and we share them. However, we came to think that individual Churches might sometimes get rather "focused" on the "procedures" involved and unintentionally downplay the "end purpose" of Salvation itself!

Since we have a special focus on Christian behavior, we tend to think that Jesus might not be so concerned as to HOW someone got to be Saved, but the "status of their hearts" as Christians. Where most Churches seem to think that entry into Heaven is dependent on compliance with a whole list of requirements, we think instead that Jesus will ONLY look at the status of a person's heart and will instantly know if they belong in Heaven.

This approach of ours makes for a very broad acceptance and enthusiasm for the diversity of Christian Churches that exist. Whether a specific Church uses immersion, pouring, sprinkling, or triple Baptism, we applaud their efforts at preparing people for Salvation, and we suspect that the specific method will not really be that important to Jesus when He looks at their hearts.

Actually, we see the possibility of a follow-up issue: "List ten times when you have let Me down." A person might THINK that he/she is devout, but without an awareness of the many times we humans fall short, there seems the likelihood of a non-Christian arrogance. We think that awareness of a personal list of ten examples of shortcomings would confirm the status of that person's heart. The 'scale' of those incidents would likely vary greatly from individual to individual, and it would remain a private matter between that person and the Lord.

For people who believe themselves to be Christians, we encourage them, in private, to think about and write down ten such incidents in the whole life. We think that the LENGTH of that list is a good guide as to "where you are as a Christian." The apparent severity of the shortcomings is less significant. If you cannot write down even one, you have a long way yet to go in becoming a Devout Christian. If you can write down several, it is a good sign that you have the basics in place, and if you can write down ten, we think that is a solid sign that your Devotion to Jesus is deep, and your Salvation is likely secure.

These matters should not really be discussed with anyone, because it is really nobody's business just what your list might contain. There are liable to be rather "dark" episodes in there. It is a private matter between you and the Lord. But we see such a "list" as being a good guide for each person in knowing progress in "being a Christian." If your list is less than ten incidents, it would hopefully encourage you to be more aware in the future of when you "fall short", whether in major or minor ways. Also, it turns out that you wind up thinking about just why an incident would belong on that list, and that also is a valuable insight.

Notice that we are describing this without referring to any specific requirements on your part. As we concentrate more on the end result, Salvation, and we are centrally concerned about the status of your heart because we think that is primarily what Jesus will care about, we have said very little about how a person gets to that status. The fact that various Christian Churches easily have a HUNDRED different ways they each try to accomplish this end, is therefore not a problem with us! We GLORY in the methods used by that diversity of Churches, because they are all directed toward that same goal, Salvation and Devotion to the Lord.

We receive enormous amounts of e-mail through our BELIEVE Religious Information Source web-site, and some of it is critical mail from other Protestant Clergy members. In general, it attacks us for submitting our visitors to "wolves" (Matt 7:15; Acts 20:29). Their position is that we should intensely and exclusively present OUR perspectives and beliefs on the many subjects included in BELIEVE, and we should NOT tolerate "alternate" perspectives at all! They believe that we introduce the possibility of confusion in our visitors by presenting various Christian approaches on subjects that are centrally important to Faith.

Many Churches absolutely insist that ONLY their Church knows the "correct" Teachings, and therefore that ONLY their members could ever enter Heaven. A recent series of communications with such a Protestant Pastor somewhat astounded us when he unequivocally stated that NO Catholic EVER in history has EVER gotten into Heaven! His Denomination has a few hundred thousand members, and he Teaches that only they could ever enter Heaven. When I pointed out that there are currently nearly a BILLION Catholics, and that many are VERY Devout, he said it was sad that so many people were so misled! When I mentioned remarkably devout Catholic Saints, such as Saint Augustine, Saint Benedict, Saint Teresa of Avila, and Saint Dominic, he again absolutely insisted that they are all in Hell, because they followed the "wolves".

Of course, he might be right! We have no absolute way of proving him wrong! And, if Jesus really DOES run Heaven where many strict "rules of admission" are applied, then, yes, most of us will be "out of luck" in happening to have chosen the "wrong" Church to attend.

We see two major problems in that situation. First, it seems to imply that Jesus is rather "legalistic" in who is allowed into Heaven, and we know from when He was with us that He was violently against the Jews for being legalistic in applying the "Law" of the Old Testament. Second, and, we think, even more importantly, is another implication regarding Jesus. We all believe that Jesus IS Love and Compassion, essentially the very definition of the words! So, our Church, with its special focus on behavioral issues, asks "Would a Compassionate Jesus participate in a Heaven where extremely Devout people who spent a lifetime committed to Him would be denied entry to Heaven?" Our Church, virtually by its very name, believes otherwise.

Yes, we Teach the Two Protestant Sacraments, and we Teach that Good Works spring FROM Christian Faith rather than being necessary to it, and we Baptize and have the other common beliefs of many Protestant Churches. But we think it would be very arrogant (therefore, non-Christian) to claim that WE alone knew how to prepare individuals for the Presence of the Lord. Therefore, we openly applaud ALL Churches that attempt to prepare the hearts of their followers for profound Devotion to the Lord, even when they follow methods which we might not agree with.

We do not have ANY good explanation as to how the Lord deals with this diversity in Heaven, only that, because of His Compassion, He does! So, a Catholic, who was Taught a central importance in doing Good Works as a condition for Salvation (which we Protestants think is very wrong!) would still be welcomed with a Smile into Heaven, whether or not we understand why! Any other result would seem to imply a Lord whose Compassion is not what we want to believe it is.

So, that is our concept, and our ONLY defense to those attackers who criticize us for being in league with the wolves! Many have directly implied that we might as well buy shovels now, as we will spend Eternity stoking the furnaces in Hell! And, again, we have no absolute way of knowing or proving that they are wrong, except our Faith in what WE believe the Lord to be, and that He IS Love and Compassion.

People sometimes refer to our Church as "Ecumenical". Now, whether our approach represents an Ecumenical perspective, we do not know. The result is similar, of a tolerance and acceptance of other Churches, but we see it as being for a rather different reason than most Ecumenical efforts are initiated. And we don't see need for "conformance" to some common set of beliefs, but rather a recognition that the Lord Smiles on ALL of the diversity of Christian approaches.

As we progressed in our efforts of establishing a "virtual Church" web-site, we knew that we had to try to counter-act the "clinical nature" of the electronic media environment. We believe that we have partially accomplished this, with music, voice, the discussion groups, and a "friendly" layout, but other enhancements will certainly be developed over time. Pastor Russ looks forward to the time that modems are fast enough for us to include a VIDEO version of the Service in addition to the present text and audio. That's probably a ways down the road!

We also discovered that we have some apparent advantages over conventional Churches.

We expect each of the sub-Ministries to develop Service patterns of their own. For example, we suspect that the Seniors' Ministry will be relatively traditional and conservative. We suspect that the Youth Ministry will be relatively modern and liberal. We will continually oversee each, to make sure that basic Christian principles and the overall principles of A Christ Walk Church are upheld. But we will encourage this sort of difference so that each member of the Congregation can find a Service of the type he or she can grow in. If part of the Congregation of the Seniors' Ministry became so super-traditional as to choose to eliminate music entirely (except for Gregorian chants!), we would even support that approach. Rather than making ALL the Seniors deal with this change, we could easily divide it into two sub-sub Ministries. The two groups could each then hold Services suited to their preferences. This type of sub-division is nearly impossible in a conventional Church. The general idea is to provide an atmosphere where every single person can Praise and Worship and Pray to the Lord in ways that are most compatible to him or her.

We do have some limitations.

A Christ Walk Church is always interested in clergy members who would like to work with us in our efforts. Please contact us by mail, phone or E-mail, to discuss the possibilities. A Christ Walk Church's beliefs are compatible with most conventional Christian Churches so combined efforts can benefit everyone.

We are also interested in non-Ministry volunteers. The operation of our Church requires many different skills and abilities. For example, selecting and arranging the Praise Music each week and developing them into karaoke-type presentations represent regular tasks. Please let us know you're available. We'll contact you.

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YOU should have seen TWO columns of Icons in the opening menu (the one that selects among the various sub-Ministries), and you should be able to initiate sound during our services to listen and sing along and to listen to the pastor's voice.

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