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We are progressing with refinements in many areas of A Christ Walk Church's operation. In addition, we are working on getting the various sub-Ministries ready. We expect that it will still be a while before many of the sub-ministries are operational.

One day, we intend to also begin On-Line, mid-week Bible study Discussion groups and then eventually mid-week On-Line Services. At the moment, we are swamped with the work in getting the Sunday Service to be most valuable to believers and seekers. Volunteer help would be greatly appreciated for many functions.

We actually already have a way to accomplish many of the functions of a mid-week Service. We also operate a web-site called the BELIEVE Religious Information Source. It is a collection of over 1,300 articles by known and respected scholars in the 700 subjects covered. We selected articles that are extremely informative, complete, comprehensive, fair and honest. We rejected articles that seemed to only present one side of a subject. We also rejected articles that seemed to be biased one way or another.

We created the BELIEVE site as a reference tool. Until we are able to operate a mid-week Service, we have been suggesting to Congregation members to visit BELIEVE and choose ONE subject to read and study each week. With 700 to choose from, that represents about 14 years worth of subjects! We generally suggest only scanning the Advanced Information articles in many of the subject presentations, because they tend to get pretty complicated! But if it's a subject that really interests you, there is a LOT there!

The BELIEVE site is at:

We strongly encourage all Christians to also participate in in a local community Church, and to contribute toward their efforts in benefitting the community.

E-mail suggestions are appreciated, particularly comments toward increasing the feeling of praise and worship. We would like to enhance the closeness with the Lord and the Holy Spirit. An E-mail link will be at the very end of this Service.