Discussion Group

The discussion group is meant to encourage conversation on the general topic of today's Service. The discussion groups will only meet on Sunday evenings from 8:00 pm to 11:00 pm (Chicago time)). If you have attended this Service at some other time of the week, we suggest coming back for the discussion on Sunday evening. (We intend to update the weekly messages on Monday mornings, so all visitors during the week can participate in the same discussion on the following Sunday evening.)

Each week, we hope to have an open, free-wheeling discussion on how these thoughts can apply to OUR lives. We hope that the participants will share their thoughts on how they might APPLY these Christian principles in their daily lives. We hope that participants will share recent experiences (positive and negative) where we can all learn how to better deal with the good and bad in all of us. We hope that all of us will grow as a result, being able to walk a little closer with the Lord. At least two Ministry members will generally be present in each discussion group, as leaders and moderators.

Private talk with a ministry staff member is always available, either in a private chat room during the discussion or by private E-mail 24/7.

E-mail to: A Christ Walk Church at CWalk1@mb-soft.com

A Christ Walk Church is always interested in clergy members who would like to help in our efforts, part-time or full. We feel that, if we do this right, we will be filling a common need, and that we will be swamped with interest. We suspect that the greatest interest will be among young people and among women, so we expect to need to soon activate separate, parallel ministries for those congregation members. In addition, we eventually expect to activate a Singles Ministry, a Seniors Ministry, a Young Professionals Ministry, and a Family Ministry. Please contact us by mail, phone or E-mail, to discuss the possibilities.

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