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Our Lord would certainly wish that we each find ways to APPLY some of the Christian behaviors we have presented and discussed today. The Holy Spirit will be close-at-hand to help us all in developing consistency in these Christian actions and thoughts.

One of the best ways we can demonstrate to God that we worship Him is to try to emulate His Son Jesus in behavior and thoughts. This (technically called sanctification) also helps each of us to continually refine our Christianity such that we might some day better merit His Gift of being in His Presence once we're in Heaven with Him.

Keep in mind that your Invitation to Heaven is due TOTALLY to His Grace. Doesn't it seem right to learn patterns of proper Christian behavior and thoughts, now, so that you will know that you will fit in well then, and not feel like a jerk?

Please think about treating others as you would wish to be treated. You know, the Golden Rule. In your family, at work, with customers, clients, bosses, employees, parents, children and strangers.

He will be aware of your actions and thoughts. He will Glory in the wonderful behavior you choose to demonstrate in following the examples Jesus showed us. Even if there are no Earthly witnesses to give you an "Attaboy". In His Wonderfulness, He even installs the Holy Spirit in each Christian, to help in accomplishing this. Your behavior can exemplify the way Christians (and everyone else) are SUPPOSED to treat each other. Hopefully, others will see your example and do the same, to you and to others. This effect will MAGNIFY the positive effects of your Christian thoughts and actions, and the Glory for the Lord will be that much more!