You can help eliminate the world market for Natural Gas

For 14 years, I have demonstrated a wonderful natural source of energy! During the summer, when I mow my lawn, I save the cut grass, in bags, and I dry it, like farmers do to store their wheat and hay and straw (they do it in bales, I do it in bags).

All that cut grass (and weeds and leaves and even sawdust and junk mail!) has a collection of the massive solar energy collected during the photosynthesis chemistry of the growth of the millions of blades of grass, as Glucose molecules.

In the winter, I add back a little of the water I had removed in the drying process. Then, in either of two simple, inexpensive devices which I freely describe to everyone, the Glucose molecules (C6H12O6) naturally decompose (which science calls respiration), where they release all that amazing amount of the stored solar energy (686 kcal/mole) to totally heat my large (11-room) house in the cold Chicago climate.

Glucose Chemical Natural Energy Decomposition.

In the previous 14 years (1992-2006), I had paid the local utility, $2,000 every winter to buy Natural Gas (CH4 ) which I had burned in my furnace to heat my house. That was about $28,000 I had paid to that Utility (which was actually, in 2007, the rather selfish reason why I invented this Natural Carbon Cycle method to heat my house!)

So now, in the following 14 winters, I have not paid that (giant corporation) Utility a dime!

And then, later, when Greta Thunberg taught the world about Global Warming, I also realized that in these recent 14 years, I have not burned any fossil fuels (CH4) (Chemistry: C + O2 CO2 and H + O2 H2O) to create 192.5 tons of brand new carbon dioxide which everyone else permanently sends up into the atmosphere, where the burning of fossil fuels adds more than 100 billion tons of new carbon dioxide up into the atmosphere every year. (I add NONE!)

I have also, as a research scientist, discovered that I do not need to permanently remove the 20 tons of oxygen from the atmosphere each winter, which I used to have to do (1992-2006) to oxidize the Natural Gas in the process of burning that fossil fuel. So, without even realizing it, I have now left 280 tons of oxygen in the atmosphere that I used to have to remove to burn the (previous) Natural Gas.

I would rather be able to breathe that oxygen anyway!

I am somewhat concerned what Greta's millions of followers will BREATHE when they are later 80 years old. I am concerned that all that burning of fossil fuels, by then, will have permanently removed more than 12,000,000,000,000 tons of oxygen from the atmosphere. I will be long gone by then, but her followers may enjoy breathing.

Is all that good enough evidence for you? And I have scientifically proven that this works (for 14 years so far). In addition, it is free!

While the impressive COP26 politicians bragged about promising each other billions of dollars but did not eliminate a single ton of CO2 from the atmosphere, if Greta got her 10 million followers to each use my method to each get rid of 13.75 tons, she could have eliminated 137.5 million tons of CO2 this year!

And the world market for Natural Gas might disappear!