People Helping One Another - For Traditional Charities

This site is designed to assist you in donating funds directly to any Traditional Charities. You are able to donate funds to specific Charities which you select, and they would receive your gift WITHIN SECONDS of when you donate it! No massive "administrative costs" are ever deducted, so they immediately receive the entire amount you donate!

This system is set up to be efficient and automatic. No administrator or other bureaucrat ever has any contact with any gift you give, so it cannot be diverted for ANY other purpose or person than you intend. Your credit card donation is momentarily received in an interim account, and then immediately transferred into a credit card account of the recipient. This two step process is done for the security and privacy of both you and the recipients.

Each of the many included recipients has a brief description presented here, to help you know the personalities and situations of the various possible destinations of your gift.

There are only three exceptions to the above:

  1. If distributed gifts are given, the distribution phase is only done once an account has at least one dollar in credit.
  2. The credit card companies typically charge around one to two percent as a processing fee, which cannot be avoided. Therefore, if you should choose to give a gift of $100, it is possible that between $98 and $99 would arrive a moment later.
  3. In the event that some recipient accounts receive significant total amounts, an appropriate amount would be forwarded (immediately) to the IRS, such that the recipient would not later be faced with a large unexpected tax burden.

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