JUCA F-9A Bi-Fold Door Built-In Fireplace Appearance

In recent years, bi-fold fireplace doors have become the most popular variety. The term "Bi-Fold" refers to doors which each fold in the middle during opening the doors. This is like the operation of some closet doors. This means that there are actually four pieces of glass. The advantage of bifold doors is that they don't stick as far out into the room when they're open.

Some recent styles even fold flat against the fireplace brickwork after they are fully open. Different manufacturers have different names for this version, like Full-Fold, Fold-back, 180. The Full-Fold capability requires a structural difference. Where the Normal Bi-Fold has little roller wheels at the very outboard edge (top and bottom) of the doors, which stay in a track in the door frame, the Full-Fold Bi-Fold must have that outer end loose and not in a track.

Open Normal Bi-Fold

Open Full-Fold Bi-Fold

Closed, these two would look the same.

We're sort of conservative here, and we lean toward the Normal Bi-Fold for most situations, just figuring that keeping the outer edges of the doors in the assembly might keep them from becoming misaligned someday. Or we could imagine a small child playing with the doors and swinging them back and forth until something breaks! So, if you see solid reason for wanting the doors to fold flat against the brickwork of the fireplace, GREAT! But if you don't have any compelling reason one way or the other, we might suggest the Normal Bi-Fold, but for pretty minimal reasons!

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