Damper Choices

All fireplace doorsets normally come with some provision for allowing and controlling some room air to go into the firebox, so the fire has the air it needs to burn. That is called the damper. In relatively new homes (built after around 1985), houses have been built so extremely "tight" that very little air can leak into the house anywhere, something called infiltration. With that situation, many fireplaces did not work very well, because, in order for smoke and air to go up the chimney and out, other air had to infiltrate into the house to replace it. Because of that situation, nearly every fireplace in houses newer than that, probably have their own "outside combustion air intake" where the fire actually gets the air it needs directly from outdoors and not from the room. In this situation, whatever damper is in the fireplace doorset could permanently be left closed! In principle, a damper would not even need to be included in a doorset for such a fireplace.

The three common possibilities are: (they are not always all offered on any specific door model or by a specific manufacturer).

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