JUCA F-9A Pricing Details, Options

Prices as of Jan 21, 2015
F-9A Unit 140,000 Btu/hr output rating More Info $1,889.00
Strong Blower More Info Included
Standard 465 cfm Blower (List $152.92) More Info Included
915 cfm Optional Blower (List $285.07) More Info +$114.90
1240 cfm Optional Blower (List $331.80) More Info +$138.08
1460 cfm Optional Blower (List $352.10) More Info +$154.83
2080 cfm Optional Blower (List $453.50) More Info +$262.48
2550 cfm Optional Blower (List $504.90) More Info +$322.28
Over 4,000 Diff Appearances More Info Some Choices - Included
"Snout" More Info Included
Automatic Blower Control More Info Included
Castable Firebrick Floor More Info Included
Huge 12 cubic foot Firebox More Info Included
Sophisticated Heat Exchangers More Info Included
Large 8" by 16" House Duct More Info Included
Warm Air Room Outlets More Info Done On-Site
Variable Blower-Speed Control More Info +$42.37
Self-Feeding Steel Log Grate More Info +$43.97
Ash Dump Provision More Info +$25.00
Gas-Line Pipe Stub More Info +$14.00
Outside Combustion Air Duct More Info +$15.00
Arch-Top Appearance More Info $0.00
Oversize Width More Info +$250.00
Remote Blower Lip More Info +$9.80
Left- or Right-Hand Blower More Info No Charge
Chimney Options More Info +0.00
Rear Feed Door Option More Info +210.00
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