JUCA's Questionnaire for House Analysis-b

This program will ask you a few questions about your house, and then calculate an approximate Heat Loss Analysis of your home! Then it will recommend which JUCA can totally heat your home! It will suggest which of JUCA's six available blowers (most models) is most appropriate for your specific house.

It calculates how much wood would be needed to ENTIRELY heat your home for a whole winter! It even calculates how long it would take for the JUCA to PAY FOR ITSELF! (It estimates how much you are likely to save in conventional heating fuel, and it knows the total installed cost of the JUCA installation which it recommends.)

All of the information it generates is UNIQUE for YOUR INSTALLATION! Where else could you get all this personalized info? A competing dealer or salesperson is not likely to have the engineering background to do a Heat Loss Analysis for your house! Cool, huh?!

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Questionnaire for House Analysis

Your Last Name?

Please select a choice for each of the following 14 questions.

Please Select a Description of your Climate:
Very Mild .(1500 deg. days)
Mild . . . (3500 deg. days)
Moderate . (5500 deg. days)
Harsh . . .(7500 deg. days)
Very Harsh (9500 deg. days)
Give me
Your Zip Code

Your Type of Home?
Mobile Home
Modular Home
Ranch Style
If your home is
not one of these
then pick the one
that is most similar

The General Level of Your Insulation:
None . . .(R=3)
Minimal . (R=7)
Adequate .(R=11
Good . . .(R=17)
Very Good (R=27)
Pick the choice
that best describes
your home. If your
home has unique features,
like huge windows, then
consider adjusting
the choice here as

Size of Your House?:
Modest . . . . . (700-1000 sq ft)
Moderate . . . .(1000-1300 sq ft)
Above Average . (1300-1600 sq ft)
Large . . . . . (1600-2000 sq ft)
Very Large . . .(2000-2500 sq ft)
Extremely Large (2500-3000 sq ft)
Larger Yet . . .(3000-5000 sq ft)

How Much of this Area Do You
Intend to Heat with the JUCA?
Half or so

Present Heating System?
Gas Forced-Air
Oil Forced-Air
Electric Forced-Air
Heat Pump
Hot Water (Hydronic) Boiler
Electric Baseboards

Present Heating System Rating?
Less Than 50,000 Btu/hr
50,000-80,000 Btu/hr
(very common) 80,000-110,000
110,000-150,000 Btu/hr
150,000-200,000 Btu/hr
Over 200,000 Btu/hr

House Ducts?
There Are None
All Ducts Are Metal
Cold-Air Returns Are Non-Metal
A Limited Duct System Could Be Installed
A Full Duct System Could Be Installed

Where Would You Like to Install a JUCA?
Main Floor-Near Center of House
Main Floor-Near End or Corner of House
Above the Main Floor-Near Center of House
Below Main Floor-IN the Living Area-Near Center
Below Main Floor-IN the Living Area-Near End or Corner
In an Unfinished Basement
In an Unheated Basement or Cellar
In a Garage

Do You Presently Have a
Built-In Fireplace?
Yes, It's Masonry
Yes, It's a Metal Pre-Fab Unit

Are You considering a
Built-In Fireplace Now?

Is a Safe Usable Chimney
Available Already?

How Much Do You Hope to
Reduce Your Heating Bills?
Completely Eliminate Them
Eliminate Half
Not Important

Approximate Total Cost
You Expect?
Flexible On Cost

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The JUCA Home Page is at: http://mb-soft.com/juca/index.html