PSST Home Security Monitor System


The need for a PerSonal Security Transmitter system

Residential and Business Security Systems. A PSST transmitter could be simply connected to ANY existing security system. Whenever the security system would sound its alarm, the same circuit switch would trigger the PSST transmitter. At the PSST Office, the location would be determined almost instantly, and plotted on a map of the city, along with the information on-file based on the 16-bit identification code. That code would identify it as a security system so Police would be alerted.

Follow-up procedures would be established as appropriate. A reasonable possibility would be for the PSST System to immediately auto-dial the phone number(s) in the transmitter rental information file. In the event that this was a false triggering, the homeowner would have a chance to tell that to PSST. Otherwise, police would be called.

The PSST System is all of this, and more!

Please Click Here for more information on the PSST System. That discussion focuses on the use as a Rape Prevention device, but all the characteristics and operations are the same for this application.

Please Click Here for an explanation of the theory on which the PSST System is based and for instructions on creating and installing a PSST installation. For more information yet, please e-mail to the address below.

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