PSST Elderly Safety Monitor System


The need for a PerSonal Security Transmitter system

Elderly Safety Monitors. A standard (small) PSST transmitter could be given to elderly individuals. In the event that they became injured or incapacitated or seriously ill, they could trigger the device to alert the PSST System Office. Follow-up procedures would need to be determined, but a Social Worker, a Police Car or an Ambulance could be sent as necessary.

The PSST transmitter could probably be made small enough to hang in a necklace pendant, similar to some competitive safety monitors. Rather than just having the range of a house, the PSST device would operate anywhere in the metropolitan area. The PSST System is designed with VERY simple, inexpensive transmitters, so the purchase or rental cost would be VERY low.

Elderly people are at increased risk of injuries, illnesses and falls. If this should happen when and where they are alone, it might be a great deal of time before help arrives. Some limited systems do exist to alleviate the dangers but they are somewhat expensive and often require the user to stay close to their home or phone. An improved, economical system would be beneficial.

The PSST System is all of this, and more!

Please Click Here for more information on the PSST System. That discussion focuses on the use as a Rape Prevention device, but all the characteristics and operations are the same for this application.

Please Click Here for an explanation of the theory on which the PSST System is based and for instructions on creating and installing a PSST installation. For more information yet, please e-mail to the address below.

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