PSST Vehicle Security Monitor System


The need for a PerSonal Security Transmitter system

Vehicle Security Systems. A PSST transmitter could be simply connected to the alarm circuit of a vehicle security system. It could be located almost anywhere in the vehicle, so it would be difficult to find and disable by a car thief. Within a fraction of a second of the alarm triggering, our automated system would call the vehicle owner's phone number(s) to ascertain whether this was a spurious triggering or whether there was an actual car theft in progress. In the latter case, the PSST System would be able to continuously track the location of the vehicle until the Police recovered it. Since the position would be updated each second, the Police could watch it driving, turning, even changing lanes, always knowing what speed the vehicle was traveling!

The PSST System is all of this, and more!

Please Click Here for more information on the PSST System. That discussion focuses on the use as a Rape Prevention device, but all the characteristics and operations are the same for this application.

Please Click Here for an explanation of the theory on which the PSST System is based and for instructions on creating and installing a PSST installation. For more information yet, please e-mail to the address below.

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