ESP, Extra-Sensory Perception

I think I have come upon a possible understanding of the mechanism of ESP and similar phenomena.   I need to collect some experimental evidence to proceed further.

I was trained as a Physicist at the University of Chicago.   I like to think that I approach all subjects with an analytical approach and an open mind.   I believe this to be true of my researches into the field of ESP.

If I am correct in my theory, there are necessarily true several resultant facts.   I have created this page to invite interested parties to assist in collecting either supportive or detrimental data regarding the following matters.   Once I have accumulated sufficient data, I will be able to refine my theory further.

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My theory has very definite implications regarding the following subjects.   I need to accumulate information and data regarding these specific areas:

Thank you if you choose to help and send some data or experience in to me!

In January 2009, I have accidentally encountered an entirely different way to approach this subject!   My house happens to have a 40-foot wide stream (Creek) pass directly behind my kitchen windows.   There are a number of Forest Preserves in the immediate area, and a large deer population (Virginia or White-tail).   They have long had somewhat of a highway along the bank of the Creek, where sometimes hundreds of deer pass in a day (although some may be repeat passings by the same deer!)

As it happens, I do extensive wild bird feeding during the winter.   It is hard to even estimate the total number of birds involved, but most are pretty tiny birds, including several species of wrens, and yet they generally eat up more than two pounds of ground up corn, sunflower seeds and bread!   There are also at least 200 squirrels in the area that I regularly provide food for, on the ground.   And then there are the Mallard Ducks, which are pretty close to corn vacuum cleaners once they discover where I am providing food!

In any case, one of the families of deer discovered when I would usually feed the squirrels, and that one family often shows up at about that time each winter day.   (I personally think they have wrist watches hidden under their fur!)

I have gotten to really get to know this group of ten deer.   One is clearly the matriarch, being much bigger than any of the others.   There are four others which may be one or two years old, and then there are a total of five fawns that were born about seven months earlier in the Spring of 2008.

There is an amazing range of personalities among the ten.   Specifically, one of the fawns constantly acts as a bully to all the other fawns, and even to nearly all of the older deer as well.

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