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It is truly depressing to see the universal nature of misleading and deceptive advertising and product and service descriptions.   Something must be done to combat this.

We intend to do our share in this regard.   If any company or individual is interested in doing business with any of our various products and projects, we will include two special provisions in each such business contractual document.

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  1. We will look into past examples of business practices, for examples of intentional deception, distortion, or excessive exaggeration.   Also, for examples where customers, vendors, employees, sub-contractors, or even competitors were treated in unprofessional manners.   Occasional examples of such things occur in any business, but regular patterns of such behavior would greatly discourage us from being in a business arrangement with such an individual or business.  
  2. We will insist that any future behavior of such business partners or other business associates, whether individuals or companies, is clearly ethical and moral, demonstrating solid personal principles.   The person or business does not have to be driven by religious inspiration, but strong morals, ethics and principles will be mandatory.

Current examples of such bad behavior is everywhere.   We will use a few representative examples to indicate our thoughts. Far worse examples abound in modern business.

We just think that all companies should be forthright in presenting their products or services. Not because of some government regulation. Not because some lawyer said they must. But, because it is the RIGHT thing to do. No lies. No deception. No partial truths that would obviously lead a reader or viewer to an incorrect conclusion. Honest and accurate information, meant to assist a reader or viewer to come to reasonably accurate conclusions.

We happen to believe that consumers would welcome a refreshing honesty. We suspect that Saturn automobiles achieved significant and rapid success because they claimed, and backed up, a number of ethical motivations. Consumers like to do business with a company that treats them respectfully, fairly and honestly, and not like just a momentary dalliance that represents monetary income. We intend to not only proceed along this path ourselves, but to absolutely insist that any company or individual that wishes to join our efforts must similarly have such attitudes and motivations.

We believe that the common attitude in modern business, of squeezing every possible nickel out of every customer, is wrong. If what is best for a particular customer happens to be a less expensive product, or a product that a salesperson gets a lower commission on, proper business ethics requires that the customer be assisted in getting the best possible value for their dollar, for his particular circumstances. It is the salesperson's responsibility to ask the right questions and present the right (honest and accurate) information to help the customer in this regard.

Whether a potential business associate or partner be big or small, we intend to always require these things in all of our activities.

We see a secondary benefit from this approach. We think that, if future (young) businesspeople see that it is possible to succeed in business while maintaining high ethical and moral standards, it might encourage them to approach their own business ventures with similar approaches. Our hope is to encourage others to present quality images in the business environment.

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