Beer That Is Medically Healthy, Gator Beer

Gator Beer is a combination of normal beer with electrolytes like Potassium.   The resulting product would have the cramp-fighting values of a Sports Drink with an absolutely normal tasting beer.   A beer that is actually good for the drinker!   The proposed market would be the millions of amateur athletes who play softball, volleyball, golf, bowling, etc.   The intended perception would be of a health-oriented beer, expanding on the appeal of the Light beer market.

I invented this in 1988 and during July, 1991, I mailed correspondence in an effort to try to arrange for a meeting with Miller Brewing, Anhauser-Busch and others.   All indicated that they had plenty of smart people and they would come up with all good ideas on their own.   They were not even interested in hearing about my "healthy" Gator Beer!

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My premise is to combine the two types of products, and create a beer that replenishes electrolytes!   Some of the chemicals used as electrolyte replenishment sources have minimal taste, and most are clear.   If such an electrolyte was added to beer, it would not significantly change the taste of the beer, and therefore would allow maintenance of brand loyalty in current customers.

I believe that a large percentage of the beer-drinking public would actively want to try a Gator Beer version of almost any popular beer brand.   Assuming they liked the taste, and that there was no weird aftertaste, new product loyalty would quickly develop.   A substantial market share should be able to be drawn from beer drinkers who had previously been loyal to competing products.   Market share would certainly quickly increase!

This product should take very little time and expense in Research and Development. It could likely be available for the market in a matter of months. If an existing brewery was to begin offering Bator Beer, all standard equipment and procedures would still be used, and the electrolyte replenishment chemical would be added and mixed in just prior to the bottling procedure.

I would hope that a brewery would be interested in my Gator Beer product. It seems obvious that a huge potential market exists for such a product. Marketing and advertising should be a joy. In an industry that has had a negative perception regarding health and proper society, this product could represent great Public Relations.

Please contact me if you have or know of potential interest.

First Invented 1988

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