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American Public Education Problems. System Problems. Politicians were never in the Classroom so they try to solve Educational problems from a thousand miles away and without actual knowledge or experience. I taught High School for four years and I learned a lot which those Political leaders need to know and understand, IF they are to ever come up with useful ideas. Otherwise they always simply throw billions of dollars at what they see as any problem. (composed 1989, published Dec 1998)

American Public Education Solutions. Improving the American Public School System Inexpensively. Student Behaviors, Three Behavior-Based Schools in a District My experience as a Teacher and my logic suggests that we should operate THREE PARALLEL SCHOOLS in each District, but NOT based on any educational standards or requirements, but rather based on student behavior patterns. I call them CALM, MEDIAN and RUDE. You might call the CALM school as being College Prep. The RUDE school might resemble a Technical School and the MEDIAN school might resemble an old-fashioned High School. Most students would have great freedom to attend any of the three schools. (composed 1989, published Dec 1998)

Christianity and Science are Amazingly Compatible! Did LIGHT come into existence first? YES, according to Genesis Chapter 1 in the Bible, but also yes according to modern science, as starlight. Were there small plants, then large plants, then fishes, then small land animals, then large land animals and then man? YES according to Genesis but also yes according to modern science. The modern scientific method of Statistical Analysis proves that the Genesis text of 3300 years ago matches what science has only learned during the most recent hundred years. The Genesis sequence could not have been an accident or a coincidence. That Genesis sequence was actually excellent science 800 years before the Greeks even invented science! Christianity and modern science appear to provide insights which aid the understanding of each other. Who did Cain go to live with after leaving Eden? Science seems to explain nicely! (1965)

Electric Cars, Hybrid Cars. Battery-Powered or Hybrid Cars and Hydrogen-Powered Vehicles. Hybrid vehicles DO have some advantages, but they are not remotely like what promoters claim for them. So do Electric Vehicles and possible future Hydrogen-Fuel-Cell powered vehicles. Here is the Physics and the facts regarding these approaches.

Wind-Powered Electricity for 1000 Homes. Community Wind. Practical, Economical and Durable Large-Scale Wind-Generated Electricity. (1.2 MegaWatts to supply all the electricity for 1000 homes) Far more reliable and durable than giant tower windmills and only 1/8 as expensive to install. The equipment pays for itself within about two years, after which all the electricity is free forever! In addition, a hundred good-paying local construction jobs would employ local people to build the relatively conventional construction. Nationwide, this could employ a million Americans and also supply a significant portion of America's electricity supply. (2007)

Déjà vu or Deja vu. A Theory on the Déjà vu Phenomenon. There are a number of subjects where strict science cannot collect accurate quality data, and so few serious scientific attempts have ever been made toward understanding. Déjà vu, Precognition, ESP, Clairvoyance and related fields are considered here.

Preserving Aircraft Tires. Everyone has watched as an airliner first touches down and many large puffs of burned tire smoke are seen, along with many screeches. This happens because the very heavy tire and wheel assemblies are not spinning as they lower down out of the aircraft, and they have to very suddenly spin fast to roll on the runway. In February 1988, I discovered a simple and inexpensive way for such very expensive tires to last one hundred times as long, by not being burned up on every landing. (1988)

Blue Sky Physics Explanation. The reality is a little different than most people might have thought. It has to do with the size of Oxygen and Nitrogen atoms and the wavelength (size) of different colors of sunlight. (1997)

Medical Anesthesia Can be Much Safer. Safe, Non-Intrusive, Non-Chemical, Electronic Medical Anesthesia. It is possible to artificially create electromagnetic signals that nerve cells can detect. By gradually creating more and more such signals, the brain eventually gets tired of constantly being overloaded with sensations from a specific area and the brain CHOOSES to ignore further nerve sensations from that area. This includes all types of pain sensations, so your brain CHOOSES to make that part of your body NUMB! In February 1999, I tested this on my own hand. (1999)

SUV Rollover Accidents. The Physics and the Math. SUVs are rather tall and top-heavy vehicles, like some trucks and trailers, where they can suddenly rollover if a sudden change in direction happens. Here is the full scientific explanation. (first presented on the Internet January 2002)

Precession of Gyroscopes and the Earth. A toy gyroscope on its pedestal seems to defy gravity by hanging in free space without falling down, and also by circling around that pedestal in Precession. Here is the Physics and Math of the explanation of why that happens, along with many other interesting facts. Gyroscope Precession and Precession of the Earth's Equinoxes. YOU can calculate how and why a toy gyroscope is able to seem to defy gravity and to precess around. You can also teach your school teacher that the Earth's Precession is not constant as everyone believes, where it actually starts and stops many times every year. (Apr 1998)

Ending High-Speed Police Chases. Presently, Police feel the need to chase fleeing vehicles through city traffic, even at very high speeds, rather than letting criminals get away. Here is a method to eliminate such dangerous chases, by causing the engine in the criminals' vehicle to seem to suddenly stall or run out of gasoline, and therefore coast to a stop where the Police can apprehend them. (invented in 1997)

Enhanced Automotive Engine. Some modern engines use INTERCOOLERS to improve the efficiency of the engine. Here is an extremely advanced method of using the intercooler technology to greatly improve fuel economy as well as increasing available power (but only for a maximum of about 15 seconds). A Significant Improvement. (2001)

Sauropod Dinosaur Physics. You have seen schoolbooks that show giant dinosaurs eating leaves from the very tops of tall trees, The people who dreamed up such ideas were not aware that no dinosaur heart could ever have created enough blood pressure to get blood up that high to the brain up there, along with blood vessels blowing out due to such high pressure. In addition, when such a dinosaur would lower its head, there would be such a surge of blood pressure in the brain that it would immediately have a fatal hemorrhagic Stroke due to the delicate capillaries in the brain all blowing out! More errors about giant dinosaurs exist, regarding the cantilevered weight of the heavy head, and other such things. Physics and Physiology. (Apr 1996 - Nov 1997)

Origin of the Universe. A completely LOGICAL and even obvious explanation for the beginning of the Universe is presented here. It may have come into existence one photon at a time and is apparently STILL ongoing! (1960, 1998)

Conflict Resolution - A Unique New Approach. The theme of this approach involves us NOT trying to impose our opinions of either participant. Instead, we emphasize that our meeting is in a building that God owns (our Church building) and we provide a relatively empty room with two simple chairs for the participants, as well as the most luxurious chair that we can obtain, which we prominently place right in front of both participants. We mention that we have invited God to assist in resolving their situation, but we do not know whether God has chosen to be Sitting in that large Chair in front of them. We ask each to 'tell the Lord about the situation, where He might best be able to assist. Many times, the participants' eyes sort of bulge out, under the possibility that God Himself might be Sitting right in front of him/her. (Our Church first invented this method in 1996, first place on the internet in 2000)

Mass Extinction, a New Explanation. A New Explanation for Apparent Periodicity of Mass Extinctions. The Sun and Earth weave back and forth across the Spiral Arm of our Milky Way Galaxy due to simple gravitation of nearby objects. Calculations suggest this oscillation takes around 52 million years. The amount of stars and debris along the centerline of the Spiral Arm is greatest, so we apparently have passed through this cluttered area 13 million years ago, 39 million years ago, 65 million years ago and so on. Paleontologists believe that the Earth has had mass extinctions at about those same times. We wonder if there is a connection. (May 1998, Aug 2001)

Mass Extinction, an Old Explanation. An Old Explanation for Apparent Periodicity of Mass Extinctions. (Aug 2003)

Galaxy Spiral Arms. Stability and Dynamics. A serious error in logic was applied when astrophysicists decided what the rotation of our Milky Way Galaxy must be! They accepted an assumption of Johann Kepler of several hundred years ago and decided that it MUST apply to the Galaxy, but it definitely does not! Kepler WAS very nearly correct when he described the movements of the planets in the Solar System BECAUSE nearly all the mass of the solar system is very compact, in the center, as the Sun. Isaac Newton noted this and he pointed out that Kepler's math CANNOT apply to a DISTRIBUTED MASS, which the Milky Way Galaxy happens to be. Newton proved with his Fluxions (Calculus) just what the actual situation is. So the fact that all modern astronomers INSIST that the Galaxy cannot be stable in its Spiral Arm structure, is simply dead wrong! A purely Newtonian gravitational explanation is right. (Nov 1997, Aug 1998)
Source of the Earth's Magnetic Field. Complex nature of the magnetic field and its source. (March 1996)

Practical Power Volleyball Strategy. I spent more than thirty years in competing in Tournaments and Leagues in highly competitive Vo0lleyball, winning more than a hundred Tournaments and Leagues. The fact that I had to operate my JUCA Super-Fireplace factory with its up to 85 employees during the 1970s and 1980s made it very difficult to travel around the US to compete in many tournaments. When I did, I socialized with competitors who lived in old vans to be able to do such travel, so I would shut up regarding my owning several homes and such! This presentation presents my collected learning of the game and strategy. Being educated as a Theoretical Physicist was amazingly useful (IMHO) regarding recognizing what competitors might do to defend them very effectively. I decided to present these insight on the Internet, first placed on the Internet in June 1999. It has been accessed 400,000 times since then. (1967, 1999)
Restaurant - Incredible Customer Service. (I came within a whisker of opening and operating an unique Starship Galley Restaurant in 1984 in South Bend, Indiana, near Notre Dame University. It would have been absolutely unique! In the corridor entering the restaurant, a Robot like the one in Lost In Space would greet each guest. It would have a chest video monitor, and an employee in a back room would type in entries for the computer. You would be asked your name, and if you had ever visited our restaurant before, the chest-video would show the 'Special of the House' being named after YOU and being exactly what you had ordered last time! So any guests of yours would be impressed that the Special of the House was named after you, and that you are apparently very important! The Waitresses would all know every detail of that previous visit, including the size of your previous tip, if you preferred being treated casually or professionally. She would know if you needed a salt-restricted diet or if you liked a Rose to be brought for your female guest. The Ultimate in Customer Service! Want to guess at how great your customer service will be if you had left a $10 tip last time here? (1984, 1999)

The Origin of the Moon. It appears possible that the giant planet Jupiter may have caused a PAIR of rings to form around the Sun, around a million miles apart. The larger one may have gravitationally collected in its orbit to form the Earth, while the smaller one may have similarly gravitationally collected in its orbit to form the Moon. The two eventual planets would then have had near-passes every few decades, which would have perturbed both their orbits, eventually resulting in the Moon winding up orbiting the Earth. (2000)

Entertainment Facility for Teens and Adults. Non-Alcohol, and only a $1 Cover Charge. Music Factory (developed and built in 1984, put on internet 1999). An Amateur Night each week, for bird calls and accordion playing and tap dancing. A Garage Band Amateur Night for local bands who can never get paying gigs. Dance Contest Night, and much more. Winners would compete after 12 weeks for $100 Prizes.

Globular Clusters. All Globular Clusters must regularly pass up and down through the cluttered Galaxy Plane, during their gravitational orbiting of the Galaxy Core. This would be very disruptive to their pristine Globular form. How could the beautiful and symmetric Globular Clusters maintain their form for so many billions of years? Simple gravitation shows that they have each passed through the Galactic Plane at least 200 times so far! Whether they HIT anything is one thing, but severe perturbation distortion due to differential gravitational attraction is another. (Nov 1997, Aug 1998)

Hurricanes, the Physics and Analysis. A Credible Approach to Hurricane Reduction or Destabilization. Hurricanes take around twelve days of revolving before they build up the impressive circulation they eventually have. I propose to 'jab it with small but powerful sonic shock waves, repeatedly along one location on its perimeter, to damage their pristine circulation. One possible method would be to use a series of super-sonic jets, flying at Mach 1.05, in a precise pattern, to disturb one (vertical) location on its perimeter, to foul up the hurricane's power. A related method would be to use a barge with twenty vertical perforated gas pipes, in a slightly concave arc. By igniting the entire wall of burning natural gas, a huge very low frequency sonic shock wave could be created, which would then become FOCUSED on a (vertical) location on the perimeter of the hurricane. This method is even safer than the supersonic jets as the barge can be twenty miles outward from the hurricane circulation. (Feb 2001)

Origin of the Earth. Planetary Gravitational Resonances. It appears possible that due to gravitational perturbations, the giant planet Jupiter may have caused a PAIR of rings to form around the Sun, around 1.3 million miles apart. The larger one may have gravitationally collected in its orbit to form the Earth, while the smaller one may have similarly gravitationally collected in its orbit to form the Moon. The two eventual planets would then have had near-passes every few decades, which would have perturbed both their orbits, eventually resulting in the Moon winding up orbiting the Earth. (Dec 2001)

Rotation of the Sun. The very massive Sun rotates on its axis at a significant angle (around 7°) from everything else in the Solar System. Traditional attempts at explaining the origin of the Solar System fail dreadfully at explaining this situation. (Jan 2000)

Rotation of Jupiter, Saturn, and the Earth. (The massive Jupiter and Saturn have a lot of gaseous turbulence which should have disbursed a lot of their rotational kinetic energy over billions of years which certainly would have slowed down their rapid rotation over billions of years) (March 1998)

A Simple Way to Make Airliners Safer. Your computer has the capability of blanking out its screen so no one else could see or affect your work if you step away. It would be a simple addition to make the controls and instruments of any airliner to become blank and unusable if the Pilot or Co-Pilot lifted up his weight from his seat. He could re-activate the controls and instruments like you do with your computer, by entering a Password. (Nov 2001)

Motivation of the Islamic Terrorists. Millions of young Muslims in the Mid-East cannot get decent-paying jobs and so their lives seem to have little value or point. But their religion, Islam, makes a big point that anyone who dies in the process of defending their Muslim Faith, immediately and automatically goes to Paradise (Heaven) and they automatically get 70 personal virgins and much more. Muslim terrorists are taught a distorted interpretation of this, where 'suicide' is totally ignored, even though Islam is ferociously against suicide. They also neglect a central belief of Islam where anyone who believes in God (Allah or Jehovah) is supposed to be treated as a 'brother' and NEVER hurt or killed. (2001)

Florida Water Supply Safety. Massive amounts of irrigation water is pumped up from the Aquifers under Florida by the giant Citrus farming corporations. They have been removing so much water for many decades where the Aquifers and the Water Table have sunken many feet downward. This has allowed saline (salty) seawater surrounding their State to seep in laterally to contaminate their water supplies. Once the water is contaminated and useless, the Citrus Corporations will simply move to Mexico or Central America, but the residents of Florida will then no longer have any safe water to drink. Worse, it will take thousands of years before enough rain can cleanse the contaminated Aquifers. No one will be able to live in Florida for a LONG time! (Sept 1997)

Thoughts about the Meaning of Life. (1970, May 1997)

Efficient Airfoil Flight - Active Surface - TURCAN. Greatly Reducing Turbulence and Drag for Aircraft and Airfoils, TURCAN. An Active-Skin Technology has been invented that creates immediate meta-stable cancellation of even microscopic turbulence as it begins, to eliminate that turbulence from growing to greater turbulence and drag. In theory, 6/7 of the existing current aerodynamic drag might be eliminated, leaving only the Laminar Flow Drag. My testing during 1998 suggests that great an improvement may not be possible, but eliminating HALF of existing turbulent flow drag might be realistic. This would enable any modern aircraft to fly TWICE AS FAR on a given amount of Jet-Fuel. The government and Boeing and Lockheed aspire to reduce aerodynamic drag by THREE PERCENT, although their experiments have only shown improvement of about 1.5% improvement. TURCAN can entirely enhance the industry.(summer 1998)
Lumbar Support Device for Lower Back Pain and more. A fairly standard 'work-belt' around the waist supports a dozen upward thin flexible tubes which support a second 'belt' around the chest. A small air compressor can adjust the pressure inside those tubes can apply upward force on the chest belt to support even 30 pounds of upper body weight. This greatly reduces the compressional pressure on the spinal disks and back vertebrae. By adjusting the system air pressure suitably, any amount of back pain relief can be achieved. The components are flexible enough that virtually all torso motions is easy. including leaning in any direction or twisting. Jumping up and down is a little weird as the normally expected spinal pressures do not occur, as all those stresses are transferred to the waist-mounted 'work-belt'. Work-belt technology has been refined for 50 years where workers can easily carry 30 pounds of tools while working (Nov 2002)

Highway Safety Messages by Textured Audible Highway Warnings. Improved Highway Safety - RoadTalker. Complex Computer-Generated Ridge or Groove Patterns are made in Highways so that the front left tire vibrates and transfers audio vibrations through the vehicle suspension system and frame, to create easily understood audible Warning Messages for the driver. No electronics is involved, and no actual moving parts! When you drive over a 'steel bridge' you have noticed that your tires seem to 'sing', and the idea is very similar. The audible messages are only really understandable when the vehicle is traveling faster than about 35 mph. At highway speed, it sounds more like a higher-pitched woman's voice, while at slower vehicle speed it sounds more like a man's voice. (invented in 1995)

Beached Whales - A New Method For Saving Large Whales. People who have tried to save larger beached whales have nearly always caused their immediate deaths. This concept is a more gentle method, where the whale's body is moved to be on a large 'skid pad' and a boat and long rope would drag the skid pad across the beach and down into the ocean. At some point, the skid pad is deep enough to fall away as the whale begins to naturally float. (Aug 1992, June 1997)

Genesis and Science are Compatible. (1967, 1997)

The Trinity Concept - A New Perspective. (1997)

Compatibility Among Faiths - A New Perspective. (1998)

Crucifixion Was On Thursday was done on Jewish Thursday, but the Lord was Interred in the Tomb at the very beginning of Jewish Friday (in the evening). Jewish days began at sunset, what we would now call around 5:30 pm at that time of year, and if Jesus Died in the Ninth Hour (around 3 pm), there simply was not enough time for all the events described in the Bible to have occurred, prior to the beginning of the extremely strict Sabbath at sunset. This also solved another difficulty of the usual description, regarding Jesus being Dead for Three Days. The popular explanation has Jesus being Interred at virtually the beginning of the Sabbath, so not much more than ONE day would have passed before Sunday morning. But this better explanation shows Jesus being in the Tomb for all of Friday and all of Saturday, so nearly three full days passed before Sunday morning. There is no logical doubt about this! (1997)

Christian Heresies, a Compendium.

When Jesus Returns. (2000)

Jesus' Daily Life. (2001)

Shroud of Turin. (1998)

Star in the East of the Christian Jesus Story. (2001)

Holy Spirit. (1998)

Apparent Discrepancies in the Bible. (2000)

Christianity and Islam. (2002)

Responses for Some Difficult Questions for Christianity. (2001)

Abortion, Pre-marital Sex, Divorce, Tattoos, Gay Rights, etc. (2001)

Genealogy Implications.

God in the Old Testament and New Testament.

Virgin Mary.

Common Misunderstandings of Christianity. (2002)

Unusual Ideas That Claim Biblical Support. (2002)

One Thesis. (2002)

Prayers and Answers to Prayers. (2000)

Salvation. (2000)

Value of the Bible. (2000)

Christian Sports Outreach. (1994, 1999)

Finding Alien Life?. (1994, 1998)

Does God Get Angry?. (2001)

Is There Animal Intelligence?. (1997)

Vehicle Diagnostic System. (1998, 2000)

Furnace Blower that doesn't need electricity. (1976, 1998)

Blue Streak. (1999)

We Can Learn From Sleeping Dolphins!. (2000)

Musings Regarding Our Brains. (2000)

Calf Muscle Strength Development. (1998)

Curing the Common Cold. (1998)

Do Comets Foretell Doom?. (2002)

Muscle Cramp Warning?. (1998)

Perturbation Theory. Gravitational Theory and Resonance. (Aug 2001, Dec 2001)

Diet Method, Intermittent Eating Diet.

Diet Food, Aerated Foods.

Ducted Boat Propeller. (1991, 2000)

A Possible Mechanism of ESP. (1997)

Business Ethics.

Evolution, Natural Selection.

Exhilaration, Happiness, Vacations, Thrill Seekers.

Fire-Out Chimney Fire Extinguisher. (1973, 1997)

Dire Future. (1999)

Stability of Galaxy Spiral Arms. (1998, 2006)

Explaining Galaxy Arm Stability / Apparent Rotation Inconsistencies. (1997, 1998)

Healthy Beer, Gator Beer. (1988, 1997)

Gravitational Theory and Resonance. (2001)

Planetary Gravitational Resonances. (1997)

Agricultural Growing Towers. (1979, 1999)

Golf Balls, Perfect, Gyrostatic. (1998, 2000)

Golf Clubs, Gyrostatic Control for Practice. (1997, 2000)

Daylight Headlights. (2002)

A New Perspective on Heaven and Hell. (1997)

Horsepower Gauge. (1965, 2002)

Existence of Photons. (2000)

Animal Insight, Intelligence, Logic. (1998)

Geysers on Io. (1998)

Kite / Hang-Glider Improvement. (1997)

Milocevic won what he hoped for in Kosovo. (1999)

Lane Speed Information. (2000)

Lightning Safety. (1997)

A Unique Media Marketing Concept. (2000)

Oil Change Monitor. (invented 1998, put on internet 2001)

Other Intriguing Topics for Social Research. (1998)

Other Intriguing Topics for Scientific Research. (1998)

Practical High School Physics Lessons. (1998)

Could People Ever Be 12 Feet Tall?. (1998)

Why Are Planets Round?. (1998)

Practical High School Physics Lessons - Distances. (1998)

Practical High School Physics Lessons - Animal Sizes. (1998)

Practical High School Physics Lessons - Planets are round. (1998)

Prayers and Answers to Prayers. (2000)

These Public Services' Author Background.

These Public Services' Author History.

Police Radar How it Works. (1998)

Radiometric Age Dating - Carbon-14 Age Determination. (1998)

Doppler Effect and Another Description of Relativistic Red Shifts. (1997)

A Modification in the Interpretation of Relativistic Red Shifts. (1989, 1997)

Learning Right And Wrong.

A Roller Coaster That Leaps Across Space!. (1990, 1999)

A Roller Coaster That Crashes Head On Into a Solid Wall!. (1999)

Rowboat - Improvement to Rowing a Boat, Canoe, Scull, or Crew. (1996, 1999)

Segmented Rockets. (1982, 2000)

Search For Extra-Terrestrial Life - SETI. (1994, 1998)

Urban Snow Plow. (1975, 2000)

Soft-Riding Tires. (1998)

Stealth Technology for Huge Ocean-Going Ships. (1983, 1990, 1999)

The Stock Market and Investment. (1998)

Suggestibility. (1999)

Non-Continuous Evolution and Dinosaur Extinction. (1996, 1997)

The Mechanism Causing Plate Tectonic Movements. (1996, 1997)

Earth's Magnetic Field. (1996, 1997)

Earth's Magnetic Field, Plate Tectonics, Magnetic Banding. (1996, 1997)

Mechanism Behind Plate Tectonics. (1996, 1997)

Ocean Tides - The Physics and Logic. (2002)

Time Travel - Is It Possible?. (1999)

Tobacco Negotiations Concerns. (1998)

Tobacco Negotiations - Update (2001). (2001)

Burger Promotion For Charity. (1970, 1987, 1998)

Violence In America. (2000)

Walk on Water - Water Skates, like Slaloming. (1995, 2000)

Wind Power, Wind Energy, Practical Windmills. (1972, 1985, 1998)

Modern Thoughts On The Bread And Wine. (1997)

Solving World Hunger. (2001)

Planetary Movement, orbiting at a frequency n while being perturbed at a frequency . (1990, 1998)

Government. (1997)

Wind Speed, Power Chart. (1997)

Adversity and Depression Can be Faced. (1999)

Y2K Millennium Concerns. (1999)

Y2K Religious Millennium Concerns. (1999)

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