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I have come up with (and copyrighted) a unique media marketing concept, that is certain to create enormous interest in whatever product might first use it. It seems most suitable for automobile or beer or telephone service promotion, or athletic shoes or soft drinks, but it should be adaptable to other products or services as well.

It is an "inter-threaded" commercial. In a manner similar to where musicians simultaneously play two totally different songs, the results are stunning. In the case of the music, a listener nearly always becomes fascinated, picking out first one song, and then the other, and then enjoying the wonderful interplay of the two! Most importantly, the listener applies great attention because of the uniqueness of the situation. That is the ultimate hope of all advertisers, that people actually watch and listen to their commercials, and even pay close attention to them!

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The value of this concept would be greatest in some marketing program where the public would be regularly exposed to a television commercial that was based on this concept. This fact is very important, because the commercial message would simultaneously have THREE different contents! If a television viewer was just watching the screen, and was not paying attention to the audio, one message would be transferred. If, instead, a person was not paying attention to the images on the television's screen, but only heard the audio, an entirely separate message would be conveyed. Finally, a viewer that both watched and heard, would be presented with a third, different message.

The uniqueness of this aspect would certainly catch the public's curiosity. There would certainly be added concentration applied to follow-up viewings of the commercial. Rather than the usual malaise and boredom that results from repetition of even very good commercials, this concept would inspire directed concentration on the commercial for many repetitive viewings. That is the ULTIMATE hope of all advertisers! Viewers will actually pay close attention to the commercials that are presenting their products or services!

This concept is owned by me, Carl Johnson. If usage of it is desired by any advertiser or advertising agency, I may be contacted at the e-mail address below.

A Simple Example

This approach could be applied to many different products or services. A writer would have to weave together the three threads of logic, such that they comfortably fit together, but still present three very distinct messages regarding the product or service.

The repetitive nature of the audio message, with the product name being pleasantly repeated a multitude of times, would be wonderful for the client advertiser! The originality of including three inter-twined messages in this way, will certainly get and maintain the attention of ALL viewers, again, a definite plus! When viewers actually look forward to being able to view a commercial again, there is an excitement that transfers to the product being presented.

It seems to me that a commercial based on my concept would be a good one for a Super Bowl unveiling. In addition to inspiring a media frenzy regarding the unique and unusual structure, it would quickly get a very large number of viewers to look forward to future repetitions of that commercial.

Finally, I would think that a well-written application of my concept seems likely to earn awards for the commercial that it is used in.

Again, this inter-weaved, multiple message concept is mine, and it is copyrighted. If a company or advertising agency is interested in developing a commercial or series of commercials based on my concept, please contact me at the e-mail address below, and we can discuss the details.

I first presented this concept on the Internet on February 9, 2000. Again, it is Copyrighted by me.

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