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These presentations are each designed to be PRINTABLE. They apply to a wide variety of fields. Each of them is intended to benefit mankind in one way or another. Some represent possible business ventures (some of which already exist). Most represent some new combination of perspectives or technologies that enable new insights into the subject at hand. I hope that the scientific, social, religious, and intellectual pages might provide seeds of thought on which others could build. If such use is made of any of my pages, I request a notation of credit be included. ALL are protected by U.S. Copyright protection!

The product- or service-related business ideas presented belong to me, and some are either currently patented or have patent procedures in progress. These are also meant to somehow benefit society. Use or development of any of them would ONLY be allowed based on a written contract of agreement regarding that particular invention or device or process. NO authority is given to manufacture or promote any of them, based on the mere presence of these presentation pages.

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