Roller Coaster That Crashes Head On Into a Solid Wall!

Imagine a roller coaster that did all the normal things, but then, early in the ride, dropped down one of the steep early drops, down into an opening into a tunnel in the ground. OK! That's already done! But, a little way into the tunnel, you look ahead and see that the tunnel ends in a solid wall of rock!

Sounds pretty dangerous, huh? It actually isn't! I can PROVE that this WALL-IMPACT ROLLER COASTER is absolutely as safe as any that are presently operating in amusement parks!

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Imagine the excitement of riding it! The first time you ride it, without knowing what's coming, you will experience horror in hurtling at 70 mph at solid rock! The only thing that WON'T make sense is that you don't see a bunch of already flattened roller coaster cars smashed against the wall! On following rides, you will be pretty sure you are going to survive, but you will struggle to figure out why!

From a business perspective, imagine how popular (and profitable) that ride would be! So, why hasn't anyone built such a thing? Because no one has figured out a way to do it and make it absolutely safe!

I actually invented this in June 1999. Since I had run into "brick walls" (pun intended!) in trying to get amusement park operators' attention about my earlier JUMPING roller coaster, I haven't even approached any of them with this invention. I don't see anybody else with a Roller Coaster that crashes headlong into a wall!

I considered explaining just how it works and why it is so safe. I decided not to. For two reasons. One, if one is eventually built some day, the riders would prefer the added mystery of apparently life-threatening danger. After all every rider would want to experience an exquisite terror in believing that their lives were about to end!

The other reason why I am not going to disclose all the secrets of how it would work here is related to the way I was treated when I went to the trouble of offering those amusement park operators my new and unique (40-feet) JUMPING Roller Coaster attraction that would CERTAINLY have made them huge amounts of money. If they, or anyone else, has interest in building EITHER the Wall-crashing Roller Coaster OR the Jumping Roller Coaster, THEY can now come to ME! Seems fair!

If they choose not to, let THEM try to figure out how to do it safely. I don't think they can! But that would be their choice!

For you roller coaster riders who would crave a new and unique experience, I guess you'll have to wait for now!

I invented this ride in June 1999. This presentation was first placed on the Internet in August 1999.

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