Bible - Its Value for Christians

The Bible seems to represent different things to different people, from 'absolute inerrant' Source, to irrelevant book. These are some thoughts on what it is and why it might be more significant than people sometimes think it is.

As main Editor of the BELIEVE Religious Information Source web-site, I have received tens of thousands of e-mail notes from visitors. If we set aside the children who are trying to get us to do Sunday School homework, and various aberrant angry individuals, the majority of the notes seem to fall into four main categories:
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Individuals of each of these groups have various kinds of curiosity regarding 'religion', 'Christianity', the 'Bible', and other related subjects. They tend to bring VERY different preconceptions to the table. As a result, they all tend to be somewhat "selective" in what they actually pay attention to, and therefore accept or believe. It seems necessary to consider these four groups separately here.

This presentation was first placed on the Internet in April 2000.

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