A Simple and Obvious Game to Help Defeat Childhood Obesity

Determining anyone's bodyfat content can be easier and far more accurate than any previous method, and even fun!

Consider this: Say YOU jump in a swimming pool and you just do what is called the "survival float" (lifeguards and others are taught this procedure in order to last for many hours without exerting any effort or energy in actually swimming). And you happen to not really float but also not really sink. You sort of hover. In that case, you already KNOW your average body density! It is 0.9978 gm/cc, the same as the density of the water at 72°F! And you could then use a simple formula or a chart or a calculator to get the bodyfat percentage!

This presentation was first placed on the Internet in February 2005.

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OK. YOU probably either float or sink! It turns out that if you held a (precision weight) or (precision float) in your hand, of the right size, THEN you would hover, indicating that the total average density of you and the weight/float is again 0.9978 gm/cc. A pre-calculated chart then again directly gives your bodyfat percentage!

How simple can it get?

So we invented a set of precision weights and floats, and then give you all the directions on how to make them (in an associated web-page to this one, linked below).

This presentation was first placed on the Internet in March 2005.

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