Solar Electricity - Unbalanced Wheel, Improved

A Unique Method of Using Solar Energy to Generate Electricity

  • The original construction of this "unbalanced wheel" invention was incredibly complicated and intricate, where no one could manufacture them unless they already owned a multi-million dollar metal smelting and casting factory. As I have no personal interest in enabling giant corporations with billions of dollars to get even more billions of dollars of profits, and only they could have had the capability to build those structures, many people were angry at me for having an excellent solution to the energy crisis regarding electricity supply but then not be willing to disclose it to anyone! Other than a few death threats, hundreds of individuals would try to convince me that THEY had all the skills and capabilities and technologies to build one for themselves. Of course, they had no idea just what it was that I saw as so complex as to be beyond them! In each of those conversations, I would imagine that if I had found some new method of brain surgery, and they were all insisting that they had all the capabilities to do it themselves. (Probably not!)
  • But now in late 2010, I have discovered an entirely different construction which uses the same concept and performance, which is amazingly SIMPLE to build! In fact, a few days ago, I decided to BUY around $40 worth of standard items from a local hardware store and it only took me around 24 minutes to build most of the (small demo) system, and another 8 minutes to build the rest. And that simple, cheap, and quick to build device, when combined with an old alternator from a scrapped car, immediately started creating roughly 500 Watts of electricity (around 35 amperes at 14 volts DC from the alternator.)
  • I use OTHER low-grade energy sources during the night, which can be moderate wind energy, the heat given off by my HeatGreen 3a "organic decomposition system to heat the house" and even a stationary exercise bike and several more available sources.
  • But I now see a DIFFERENT complication, and I currently cannot see any way to deal with it! So I wonder HOW to make this thing available to millions of people who would benefit from it.

The new problem I see is GREED!

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Earlier in my life, I was very naive, and I would then have done what I wished I could do now. I would ASK a THOUSAND different people to EACH build a MAXIMUM of TEN of these systems AT HOME, as in the evening, in their basement or garage. Given the time it took me to make the several I have made, essentially half an hour, that would be around FIVE HOURS of work. The naive approach continues where they would SELL each of the ten completed system for exactly $100 each, or a thousand dollars total for that evening, to local people, so that no warehousing or shipping costs would occur. And those "independent sub-contractors" would each then send me $5 for each unit built (actually to my Church, of which I am a Pastor.) So that naive approach would have had the local person BUYING about $40 of materials, locally, and only after it was known that the device had a buyer, and he would then keep around $55 of the money from each unit for his own labor. So in that evening of around five hours of work, he could assemble and sell UP TO ten systems, taking in as much as $1,000 and KEEPING $550 of that (for his five hours of labor!).

The naive concept would continue in thereby seeing the thousand individuals manufacturing and selling a total of 10,000 systems every day, or around 300,000 systems each month. The reason THAT is important is to try to discourage giant corporations from deciding that they could make billions of new profits, and therefore crushing the naive concept like a bug! Since those giant corporations always need months or years to hire their multi-million-dollar executives and to buy new factories and re-tool those factories, they really have no realistic way to START massive manufacturing for quite a few months. These "sub-contractors" would manufacture AND SELL 300,000 operating systems EVERY MONTH, and all at a CUSTOMER COST of exactly $100 (plus any applicable sales taxes!) If the giant corporations took a year before they could START production, my goal would be to ALREADY have nearly FOUR MILLION OPERATING SYSTEMS being used! This approach DOES then depend on the intelligence of the Accountants of those giant corporations. COULD they really get the public to pay THEM $200 for a system that they already know is available for $100 from a local neighbor? And COULD they match a price of $100 and still support all those multi-million-dollar executives and the giant factory and all the rest? Better still, I certainly see that IF we saw a DEMAND that was twenty times greater than described above, the only change that WE would then need to do would be to find 19,000 more unemployed people who wanted to build them! So within two weeks, we would likely be providing 6,000,000 systems each month, if that was sufficient for the demand for them.

Well, a hundred years ago, that all might have worked excellently! People were REPUTABLE and HONEST and ETHICAL. IF they agreed to build NO MORE THAN TEN SYSTEMS A DAY, they would not. After all, the numbers presented above show a CASH NET INCOME of around $4,000 each week, and who could be unhappy with THAT?

The single problem is that IN THE MODERN WORLD, immense numbers of people think of little else than heaping up as much money as they can accomplish. I use the word GREED, which has that definition.

The situation seems easiest to describe by some of my experiences during 2005. I had invented a "water pump" that was ideally suited to usage in Third World countries, to provide safe and clean water for the two billion people who, today, will NOT have safe water to drink. I still had a lot of naivete then, and I really thought that INDIVIDUAL FAMILIES might spend the $50 to make such a pump and spend another $50 to ship it to some remote village in Africa or South America. So I was enthusiastically awaiting e-mails from lots of families!

Rarely happened! More than NINETY PERCENT of the e-mails that came in regarding that unique pump were from individuals or small businesses who saw an opportunity to "get rich fast". Many of them even described their thinking to me! Yes, they DID SOMEDAY want to send some pumps to Africa! But FIRST, they all described the need to make them "a few million dollars", where they could THEN be in a position to consider sending some pumps to Africa.

They had totally ignored my naive idea, of ACTUALLY DOING SOMETHING NICE FOR STRANGERS! Instead, they ONLY saw my "generously offered invention" as being the gold mine that they had always dreamed of. Most even explained that they would SELL many thousands of my pumps IN THE UNITED STATES, because it was quicker and easier for them to get the cash flow that way. So they were not even consider SELLING the pumps in Africa, UNTIL they had gotten so rich that they would feel they could afford to be generous!

NINETY PERCENT of the people who contacted me about that water pump displayed that egocentric attitude! NO ONE ELSE THAN THEM mattered at all, UNTIL they had become disgustingly rich first!

SO, my issue right now, with this impressive new solar-to-electric system, is "Why would people be less self-centered now than 90% of them showed to be five years ago?

Yes, I fully realize that YOU are not like that at all! And YOU would even remember to send me the small amount I would get from each unit made. But HOW could I possibly tell YOU apart from those 90% of people who were honest about their lack of integrity and about their self-centered attitudes about wanting to get very rich?

Therein lies the problem!

Obviously, I hope to find some resolution to this issue, such that I might then enable thousands of desperately unemployed people to IMMEDIATELY have excellently paying employment. Whether it is a thousand people or twenty thousand people or even more, they certainly NEED the work and the pay! And the customers NEED to be able to decrease their several thousand dollar annual electric bills to near zero!

I had even thought about trying to "require" everyone to receive "kits" from me, to try to cause them to play by the rules and ethics, but as soon as they SEE one operating system, they would know that they could go to that local hardware store and "clean them out" of the necessary items! And once their ethics have been sold out, they certainly would feel free to build and sell as many thousands of the devices that they could, BECAUSE that would get them to their gold mine, right?

I guess that in looking around today, where the THOUSANDTH ILLINOIS POLITICIAN WAS SENTENCED TO PRISON, where the Nightly News displays daily examples of rampant neglect of honor and ethics and principles, what if I tried to only allow someone to participate if TEN local people each recommended him first? Yeah, right, Bugs Bunny and Daisy Duck's names would show up on such lists! But once ANYONE knows how to build this very simple and inexpensive system, who or what could control them or stop them from cheating the public? How would I ever even KNOW that someone was improperly manufacturing many thousands of the devices in Oregon or Florida or Maine? And what could I do about it anyway?

SEE why this seems to be such an intractable problem?

Even THOUGH there are also some genuinely wonderful people, whom I would WISH I could identify and then enable to earn a very comfortable living!

This presentation was first placed on the Internet in October 2010.

The OLDER device, regarding the prototypes I built in 2003, Solar Electricity - Heavy Unbalanced Wheel

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