Solar Electricity - Heavy Unbalanced Wheel

A New Method of Using Solar Energy to Generate Electricity Nearly 24 Hours a Day!

An entirely new method has been found and tested and experimentally confirmed to strict scientific standards, to collect solar energy and convert it into electrical power. In early 2003, I made a small experimental prototype of this device, which captured about 300 Watts of sunlight and converted it into electricity with a car alternator and battery. I had already started to build a full-scale unit to capture about 5,000 Watts of sunlight, but an unexpected obstacle arose, as discussed below. It is an interesting device because it is NOT electronic, so it is not subject to the failures of Photovoltaic type devices such as photocells, and it might be far less expensive than them, too.

Actually, it is clear that in large quantity manufacturing, a system that can usually generate 5,000 Watts of electricity (and sometimes more than 10,000 Watts near noon on really sunny days), might only cost around $1,000. Isn't that something?

(If photovoltaic 'solar cells' were used for this large quantity of electric production, the equipment would cost at least $100,000, (although prices of photovoltaics are rapidly falling) it would all be subject to failure from many causes, and it would only create maximum performance for a few hours around noon on really sunny days!)

I tested this system with a small-scale device (around 300 Watts input) early in 2003, and it worked excellently.

However, I ran into an interesting roadblock in April 2003 when I planned to build a larger device (comparable in size to a walk-in closet), because the (part-time, $18/hour) Building Commissioner of the Village of Thornton, Illinois, a Harry Nolan, ORDERED me to divulge the entire invention to him, such that he could decide whether he would "permit" me to test the invention! He ranted and raved that, unless I got his personal permission, he would Condemn my house and then have it Demolished for containing such an experimental device! (He and the Village actually threatened two other times to Condemn and Demolish my house for OTHER reasons in the following months, but so far, he has not been able to Condemn and Demolish it! He had never even SEEN my house at that time! Curious!)

It seems to me that the part-time bureaucrat Mr. Nolan does not seem to understand the US Patent Laws and the rights that an inventor has regarding proprietary information on inventions, prior to the disclosures involved in a Patent. Since I received a US Patent on an earlier (solar) invention, I like to think that I have some familiarity with the subject. Moreover, I am pretty sure that no part-time Village employee can order me to divulge an invention to him, for ANY reason.

I invented and developed this device during 2001 and 2002. I built several small-scale test prototypes early in 2003, and they each worked as the Engineering and Equations had predicted. This presentation was first placed on the Internet in February 2005.

It seems certain that his life is centered on his "importance", where his license plate even announces to the world his official position (except for any reference to him being part-time!) (or that he would be gone a few months later, even though he was apparently a dear friend of the Village Mayor, which he thought guaranteed a life-long job.)

Well, I later learned that his authority was ABSOLUTE, that if he decided to Condemn and Demolish my house, based on his own decision alone, without ever having to present any reason, or even having to ever SEE my house, no one would have had the authority to stop it. (Pretty impressive for a part-time Village employee who gets paid by the hour! The only thing that seemed to slow that down was my insistence on Appearing before the Judge who would have been required to Authorize the Condemnation, as I indicated that I had kept very complete records of many bizarre things that the Village had done and threatened, including his decision to Condemn and Demolish my house while never actually even bothering to go one block down the street to look at it! By the way, my house is old, but it is probably one of the most structurally sound houses in the entire town!)

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In my ONE conversation with Mr. Nolan, he had a giant smile when he announced to me that he had already Condemned and Demolished many other houses and buildings in the small Village! And I had been under the misconception that a Building Commissioner was expected to INCREASE the Tax Rolls of a community to increase their Property Tax income! Little do I understand such things!

In any case, such irrational threats, and the fact that no one would have stood up against him, caused me to decide NOT to build the full-scale device demo. So, I know it works for a few hundred watts, and there is absolutely no doubt that it will work just as well in generating all the electricity that a normal house needs, but I have not yet proven this larger-scale fact. Everyone can thank Harry Nolan for the fact that I did not make this technology available around May 2003. At the time, as soon as I had built and tested the full-scale system, I had intended to upload several web-pages which showed and described everything about it, including construction. I had already nearly completely composed those web-pages! It has long seemed to me that if each American household was now creating ALL the electricity they needed from a relatively inexpensive and durable and reliable device in their back yards, wouldn't we already have been reducing our massive usage of imported petroleum, or at least the massive amounts of coal and natural gas that is burned to generate electricity for our society, and thereby reduced our effects on Global Warming, as well as each of us saving ALL the money we have always paid for our electric bills?

I had even prepared those web-pages in March 2003, expecting to provide complete construction drawings so that each person might build the necessary items.

I guess I need to point out some things about me at this time. I received my Degree in Nuclear Physics from the University of Chicago, so I like to think that I am reasonably intelligent and educated. I am also now a Pastor of a small Christian Church, which I take VERY seriously, so I carry the Christian characteristics of ethics, principles, and morals. I have also had some experience in business, inventing a (never Patented) woodstove that could/can/does easily heat really large houses, and then manufacturing and selling around 27,000 of them, the early ones for a few hundred dollars each. My ex-wife enjoyed the fact that this all represented slightly over $11 million which passed through our hands. Around 850 employees were involved over the years. In any case, I think I know a little about manufacturing and the operations of a business.

In recent years, I have tried to apply my Christian principles through several thousand web-pages! The 19,000+ pages of the BELIEVE Religious Information Source Project/web-site, has INTENTIONALLY collected exactly ZERO dollars of income or donations in its 25 years of activities (beginning in 1992), even while now receiving around 30 million hits every year. Beginning around 17 years ago (in 2000), I have provided a set of web-pages that fully explain a totally free method of air-conditioning any house or building, with at least 21,500 people (so far) indicating to me that they were installing that system for their own use. There are other web-pages that fully describe assorted other technologies that can be economically built and then used by readers. There are a few of the projects, such as the Rape Prevention System and an Electronic Anesthesia, which are delayed because I do not have sufficient expertise in certain fields of electronics.

These comments are NOT meant to sound arrogant or to be cultivating my ego! Actually, the Lord would frown on that! They seem necessary to help explain some of the following paragraphs. And to (hopefully) suggest that I am not delusional regarding the validity or effectiveness of at least some of my inventions. The University of Chicago did a REALLY good job of enabling me to think clearly and logically, as a Physicist must. That type of thinking has generated these assorted inventions and concepts.

I am open to suggestions regarding the following thoughts. If you have an insight that might assist me in resolving my "issues" I would LOVE to make the solar electricity generation system design plans available in a web-page, as well as three other (proven) inventions (NOT in web-pages) which I currently have no intention to disseminate.

Here's the central issue: I am a Pastor of a Christian Church, which means that I work directly for the Lord. I am supposed to "represent" Him in every way I can. Our Church takes that to mean by actions and attitudes as well as spouting wonderful words!

Say I provide that solar-to-electricity web-site, so that you and many millions of others would have ACCESS TO all the plans to build such a system. Sounds really wonderful at first, and in March 2003, I was within a few mouse-clicks of uploading all that information! However, the home-sized device is not really huge (comparable in size with a walk-in closet), but it is fairly heavy, over 4,000 pounds, more than most cars, and it is constantly moving fairly fast (rotating). Several questions immediately arise: Do YOU have expertise in making and forming relatively large and VERY complex metal pieces, and then carefully and accurately welding together various steel and aluminum pieces such that they wouldn't ever come apart and launch a 4,000 pound piece of metal through your neighborhood? A comparable question is whether, if someone provided you with all the needed instructions to build an automobile, could you? And even if you are good at following directions and make it correctly, would you have enough safety knowledge to be REALLY sure that it could never come apart and cause havoc? Never cutting corners on cost in using cheaper bearings than the somewhat expensive ones actually needed? Keep in mind that once this device would be installed, and you then got free electricity FOREVER, you probably wouldn't think much about safety maintenance, etc.

The point being, very few people would really be able to use such a set of complete plans, and even the ones that did would certainly need at least 500 hours of labor (full time 40-hours-per-week for 3 months) assuming that they had the specialized skills and talents to build it. In addition, an individual rarely seems to fully think through about things like all the safety issues. So, then what?

When I began to build my full-sized prototype, I realized that I needed air inside each of twelve chambers to (a) have the metal structure of the chamber to heat up from sunlight; then the heated air inside of it to move a couple feet through the chamber to heat all the air inside the chamber by at least 30°F; then the air expands due to the Ideal Gas Law; then the one flexible side of the chamber to get pushed outward by an inch or two; which occurs due to the internal heated air now being about 1 PSI higher pressure; which then pushes the 400 square inches of the flexible side to push outward by about 400 pounds total force; there are several of these chambers which all do this, so the entire outward pressure to be around 2,000 pounds; which pushes the heavy steel ring around it outward by around two inches. This makes the entire structure heavier on one side than on the opposite side (which is closer to the axle).

All this has to happen in around two seconds, and I found that the heated air inside the chambers does not move remotely fast enough to do this. So I had to build a very complex (aluminum) grid structure inside each chamber. I found that I had to weld together around a thousand very narrow aluminum rods (about 1/8" or 3/16" in diameter, into a three-dimensional grid. All that aluminum heats much faster than air does, and the air inside the tiny spaces between the rods DOES heat up fast enough for this thing to work, excellently. I was already very good at welding steel, but welding aluminum requires a different process, and with such very thin rods of aluminum, it was a continuous problem that the aluminum rods often melted due to the heat of the welding.

The entire device required the rapid heat transfer of the complex grid, and it works too slowly to collect much solar heat otherwise. And if you have never seen a thousand thin rods welded together in a three dimensional grid, then you have no idea how hard that is to do. And twelve times!

Who could make such devices? Well, local metal fabrication shops generally might be able to make one version of it. However, the equipment that they likely have to work with is not well suited to building these specific objects. They would also likely take pretty close to 500 man-hours to build the entire set of components for this system. Such fab shops generally charge at least $25/hour for their labor (and more commonly at least $40/hr), so this would be around $12,500 of labor (or $20,000), and this is not even counting the materials needed! However, even with rather high prices they would sell it for (likely over $15,000 per system), this device would still be SO MUCH in demand, that the public would ALL immediately want their own.

As best as I have designed it currently, the system requires twelve separate assemblies made out of aluminum or aluminum-magnesium, resembling the aluminum engine blocks of many cars, but much bigger, each roughly the size of a Lazy-Boy chair. EACH of those twelve assemblies would require TIG welding many hundred thin aluminum rods together. So even IF a fab-shop happened to have the equipment to do TIG welding, are they really going to tie up all that TIG welding equipment and a weldor for a full 40-hour week just to weld up ONE of the twelve assemblies? It would be a foolish business owner who would do that! I have just not figured out any simple way to manufacture those assemblies, and they would have to be each welded together, each many hundreds of pieces of aluminum. All those hours of labor are certainly involved. And this is assuming that the weldor(s) had the specialized ability to weld aluminum, sometimes a rather weird and difficult process!

Now, think about that. "The public" described here would NOT include the poor, the people who might best benefit from such a system, because they couldn't afford to buy it! The only people who really could afford to buy a $15,000 system are ones who probably don't have much of a hardship regarding their electric bills anyway!

The point here is that "the poor" could not possibly benefit from that situation. And how many people would spend $15,000 or more for a system that could only save them maybe $1,000 in electric bills each year? It would never Amortize very well (pay for itself), especially if any repairs would ever be needed in those many years of use.

If I can somehow greatly simplify how it could be constructed, such that local fab shops could realistically build them in, say 40 man-hours of work, where they could possibly sell them for $1,500 or so, that would be great! I have tried hundreds of different ideas to try to find some way of arranging that. But I have come up dry so far.

This then gets to a whole new category of complications!

IF thousands of small fab-shops started trying to manufacture such systems, my past experience makes clear that a LOT of them would decide to "improve" the assemblies and the system! It has long astounded me that several thousand of those people who said they were going to install the underground air-conditioning system that I provide the information and directions for, each decided that they would "improve" it! NONE of those people had any Education in Engineering or Physics, and most admitted that fact! But they STILL insisted on ALTERING the system that I had spent many months in Designing and Engineering, often based on a PARTIAL reading of the information I make available to them! ALL of the "improvements" which people described to me, were TERRIBLE ideas! ALL of them would certainly work far WORSE than what I had Engineered, and in some cases, they decided to make such extensive changes that they were certainly going to TOTALLY defeat all the advantages of the system and cause it to not work at all! Why do people insist on doing such things?

It would therefore certainly not be long before the government would get involved to regulate the safety issues and construction quality testing and output performance. As soon as one was made poorly or assembled poorly, or poorly mounted on the shaft and bearings, and a 4,000-pound giant spinning wheel broke loose and took off through some neighborhood, every government agent everywhere would decide to regulate everything about it! Essentially, something like the ISO 9002 standards would be set by the government before they could be sold. This would be a REAL problem, as small fab shops would never be able to afford all the mandatory testing and regulatory visits. Only really large manufacturers could. REALLY large ones!

Now we're getting to my primary issue! As soon as the dozen huge multi-national Corporations (which essentially already own nearly all the thousands of large businesses that we think are independent!) became aware that there was a probable market for at least 100 million devices each for at least $1,000 (and maybe $10,000 or more if they could get away with it), their Accountants' eyes would light up! If they see that AT LEAST $100 BILLION in guaranteed business might be theirs, and probably far more worldwide, they tend to get incredibly aggressive and self-centered, intending to get most of those profits for their own companies and themselves.

Keep in mind that MY motivation is Christian in nature, where I would (and nearly did) simply explain to everyone how they could make their own! At the time, I did not fully realize how difficult and time consuming that would be for individuals and small fab shops.

As my personal responsibility to "my Boss" (God), I cannot justify actively encouraging and assisting the greed and lust for power and money that drives all of the really giant multi-National corporations (which happen to have bought out virtually all other significant-sized companies that make any profits). In fact, the Lord and the Bible make it crystal clear that I am supposed to try to do my best to REDUCE those Sinful motivations! Given the modern world, certainly an impossible chore! If there is a billion dollars, or ten billion, or a hundred billion, which might seem potentially available to such giant corporations, they constantly demonstrate and prove that they have no ethics or principles whatever!

Did you notice that the US government provided $100 billion of OUR tax money to help repair New Orleans after hurricane Katrina, but only ONE billion was actually spent for any actual construction. The other $99 billion dollars of American tax dollars simply got taken by greedy and corrupt individuals and corporations. I am sure that I do not even need to mention Halliburton, which has made countless billions in profits from the Iraq war (again, of US taxpayer money) and then decided to move Offshore to be able to avoid paying any taxes on those profits. You are familiar with the many thousands of such examples, where large corporations simply discarded the slightest semblance of ethics or morals or principles, just in order to seek greater profits.

As a Devout Christian, who feels he is familiar with what Jesus tried to Teach us, I see all this as very, very, very wrong! Can anyone ever actually do anything to try to improve this situation? Probably not, because of the scale of their wealth and power. But, should someone at least try? I believe the Lord expects EACH OF US to at least try! I see several of my "projects" as being potentially large enough to "get the attention" of giant corporations. Can one tiny Christian Pastor actually do anything to try to get them to re-direct their motivations? Probably not. Probably, there will just be "tire-tracks" on me as they trample over me to get to the profits they see which they see worth lusting for. Still, even knowing about those tire-tracks, I see it as my ethical responsibility to the Lord, to at least try.

This is all quite frustrating!

Oh, I actually DO have some intelligence and common sense! I CHOSE to upload all the info on the Free A/C and provide that info for the past nine years, with a specific thought in mind. Since that system involves minimal amounts of actual PRODUCTS and is mostly a LABOR-INTENSIVE, LOCAL effort of digging a lot of deep trenches and then filling them back in, I made an assumption that the giant Corporations might find that concept to not be profitable enough for their desires for quick billions! Too much actual WORK! Ditto for the underground device to condense atmospheric humidity into pure drinkable (distilled) water. And for the relatively similar underground system to provide refrigeration and freezing for food preservation. And my very-low-tech instructions regarding capturing electric power from wind by using the extremely crude (but cheap!) Savonius rotor concept (with some tweaking). I felt that such concepts COULD be freely divulged, because the labor involved that is NECESSSARILY LOCAL, seems unlikely to attract the greed of those giant Corporations. So I LIKE the fact that thousands of people have used those instructions to BUILD THEIR OWN of those devices!

But regarding devices or systems which seem like obvious targets of Corporate greed, such as this solar-to-electric, or the low-head (20 feet) river 8-MegaWatt hydroelectric system, my web-pages intentionally do NOT provide construction details. There are also some of my concepts which seem to fall somewhere in between, like the HeatGreen Version 3a home heating system, or the system of enabling overweight children to be able to see a game in monitoring their own bodyfat. I intend to wait to WATCH for a few years to see whether those systems become actually useful to homeowners or whether giant Corporations will find some way to take those systems over where they would then start manufacturing and selling zillions of them. From the above philosophical comments, you certainly already know what I expect to see happen!

I am also aware of other negative human aspects! In 2002, I invented a unique system where the city of Venice, Italy might be able to save itself from being washed away by rising sea levels. I contacted Officials in Venice and also several University Professors who were similarly trying to help Venice then. My concept could have been TESTED for less than $10,000 and fully implemented for probably around one million. I made clear that I asked nothing of Venice that that my system was offered as a Christian Good Deed! I did not expect to later learn that THOSE SAME PROFESSORS would steal my concept and then try to SELL IT to Venice for around $150 million three years later! Aren't Professors supposed to have some ethics?

Even in my purely scientific Papers, the same thing seems to be rampant! In early 2008, I decided to try to edit/improve one portion of my presentation on the Physics of Automotive Engines. The specific subject is very advanced and technical, and so I did a web-search in the hopes of finding the technical research data that I needed. I found MY presentation, true. But I also found that ALL of the TOP 200 LISTINGS all had the EXACT TEXT from MY page, but in 200 OTHER web-pages! I had always realized that such behavior OCCASIONALLY happens, but I had previously assumed that MOST people were ethical enough to at least ASK for permission to use my materials! NONE of those 200 web-sites had ever asked for my permission, and NONE of them even gave any indication of my presentation where they had gotten the information. Wikipedia seems to include hundreds of links to my various presentations (which is fine, since visitors then at least become aware of the actual SOURCE!), but even there, no one has ever requested permission for such links! In an amusing side-note, some years back there had been a mathematical error in one of my presentations, which I corrected when someone pointed it out to me. But there are HUNDREDS of web-pages that had taken information from the pre-corrected presentation, so they now contain that mathematical error in them! Sort of funny! I suspect that means that it is better to include LINKS to source materials rather than simply swiping text!

Now, am I so stupid to think that I could actually stand up to multi-National corporations? Yes, I saw the videotape of that individual man with the bag of groceries in Tieneman Square in 1989 in China "standing up" to that line of Chinese Tanks. No one could believe that he would not immediately have gotten squished paper-thin. I guess he has greater moral strength than I do, as I would be afraid of the certainty of what would be about to happen. If I were to decide to "present" this solar-electric concept (remembering that essentially no one would have the capability of actually building it!), and then think that I could somehow bully those mega-corporations into behaving ethically, well, all I see are tire-tracks! There is no conceivable way that they would even acknowledge me. Any more than the Wright Brothers were recognized as actually owning their Patent on the airplane by the many people who stole their concept. Or that the medium-sized company that invented the Army Jeep was even remotely respected or rewarded for their invention, or even the guy who invented intermittent windshield wipers. MONEY is all that is seen that counts in modern society, and things like ethics and principles and morals are simply discarded if they get in the way.

You may have seen a recent movie about that guy who invented the concept of intermittent windshield wipers for vehicles. As it happened, I did not personally know him, but at the time I was intimately aware of many of the events in his adventure. So I was aware, in real-time, of the tremendous disadvantages he was at! (That all happened concurrently with me starting up my manufacturing business for my unique woodstoves, so I was VERY interested in watching what was happening to him.) And I watched to see him get crushed in every conceivable way over a number of years in the 1960s and 1970s. At virtually the same time, a man I DID personally know had invented an improvement to a bicycle. He had long had a successful and profitable bike shop in a small town in Indiana. Someone in Sears apparently learned about his invention. Sears then decided to totally destroy him! Actively and intentionally, just to obtain the rights to make and sell bikes with that improvement! it was beyond belief! They did it in an extremely slick way! They first approached him and told him that they wanted to BUY extremely large numbers of his bikes, and THEIR lawyers created a Contract between he and Sears, which they both signed. In order to fill such huge orders, he had to buy a large factory and a LOT of equipment, for which he had to Mortgage his house and farm and everything else he owned. Just as he got the factory close to being operational, Sears told him that they no longer had interest in his bikes (which was a lie) and they referred to a Clause in that Contract that THEY had inserted! So now the guy had a giant factory and a lot of brand new equipment, where he now had no market to buy anything he would build! And, of course, he now had payments on that factory and all that equipment, along with his own house and farm and even his personal vehicles. The amounts were so large that he very soon was forced to declare Bankruptcy. Guess who the ONLY major attendee was to the Forced Auction of the factory and equipment? Sears, of course! So Sears got that factory and all that equipment far CHEAPER than if they had actually bought it themselves, and everything was already set up to manufacture those bicycles (which Sears quickly started doing!) Sears obviously considered that incident as a GOOD business transaction, where they had virtually no set-up costs to immediately start generating large profits for Sears. They clearly never even cared that they had destroyed the guy's bicycle shop business, caused his home to be Foreclosed and sold, caused his personal vehicles to be re-possessed, and which caused his wife to then leave him. Within a few years, I heard that he had died, a broken man. Just a few years earlier, he was successful, prosperous, happy and secure, all until Sears decided to destroy him.

Several such incidents (like even the invention of the Army Jeep) have caused me to have a very skeptical and suspicious (and dark) opinions of truly large corporations, and even other truly large bureaucracies. These comments are included here to help try to explain (or justify?) my somewhat cynical attitudes toward such Corporations. And WHY I cannot imagine ANY circumstance where I would agree to ENABLING such Corporations to become even richer and more powerful than they already are!

Now, I have long had a personal opinion that those dozen huge multi-national conglomerates are WAY too rich and too powerful as it is! Pretty much any business that has seemed to be profitable has been bought by one of them, so the food companies, tobacco companies, oil companies, and most all other large businesses, are already owned (and therefore controlled) by that very small number of really giant corporations. If I had my way, they would each divest themselves of their corporate takeovers, so there was a greater diversity of people who actually had the control and power over the world. But that's obviously not going to happen, and they will continue to ONLY be focused on making more and more and more money. It's the American way!

Now, if I make this solar electric generation system available, whether in a web-page, or through publicity, or even with a Patent, I do not see ANY alternate scenario except that those few giant corporations would get even richer and more powerful, by manufacturing the tens of millions of systems wanted by customers. There is a specific reason for this, beyond the usual advantages of large scale. It turns out that if a rather large aluminum foundry operation could be used, it would only require a few man-minutes to make the difficult assemblies, and possibly a couple man-hours to manufacture the entire system. The process described here is very similar to the process by which millions of automotive engine blocks are manufactured, where aluminum and other metals are melted and then poured into sand molds, where extremely intricate structures such as an engine block can be created quickly and easily. (Do YOU have the necessary equipment to melt and correctly alloy sufficient aluminum, magnesium and other metals, and then make a sand mold for a V-8 engine block, and then successfully pour it where the casting did not have any major flaws, bubbles in it? If so, they you COULD make the necessary castings for this solar-electric system. At least you would then be able to make a smaller version, as the castings my system needs are actually much larger than engine blocks. I do not know anyone who has all that equipment and that knowledge and that capability!) Do you see that the giant corporations would then have an absolute corner on the market, as likely being the ONLY operations actually CAPABLE of manufacturing them? But on the good side, such large scale manufacturing would enable them to sell them at the $1,000 target that I want? If such a company had strong ethics and principles, I WOULD teach them how to make these things, such that people could be able to buy them for around $1,000. That would be awesome. Sadly, even better than my preferred idea of having 100,000 small fab shops building them so that a lot of employment could occur! Those little local fabrication shops MIGHT be able to produce a FEW assemblies each year. But if 100,000,000 people are each demanding to get their own, I rather doubt that they would be willing to wait a hundred years before receiving theirs! (100,000 fab shops each being able to make 10 per year is one million total produced each year, or 100 years.)

In the REAL world, giant corporations have Accountants, and Stockholders, and so they think of NOTHING other than maximizing their profits. I wish I could say that such giant companies actually care about our well being, but they really don't. That old joke about being willing to sell one's own grandmother is not to far off of the behavior of many of them. Things like Enron and a hundred other recent examples keep showing this mentality, that ONLY the bottom line matters, especially their personal bottom line!

So, here they would have a system that they could manufacture at a cost to them of say $300 to $800. They COULD sell it for $1,000 and still make a nice profit, right? I wish! Their Accountants realize that this is the American free market, and they feel they are EXPECTED to charge as high a price as the market will bear. Since they are aware that the only competing source has to charge $15,000, do you see that they then feel totally justified in charging, say $12,000, and then claiming and bragging about how conscientious they are?

Have you noticed the same giant corporations in their drug company businesses? They spend a fraction of a penny in making each pill, and then sell them at $10 apiece? Why? Because they can! Do people die because of that behavior by them? Sure! Do they care? It doesn't seem so. After years and years of enormous pressure (which started affecting their public image) they started making the same medicines available in Africa at 1/10 the price Americans pay. They are still making enormous profits. What does that tell you? Do they care about YOU? It's hard to see it.

So why would they behave any better for your benefit with something like my critter than they demonstrate every day? I would love to be proven wrong about that, but they all seem extremely single-minded about making maximum profits. Did you notice that they commonly lay off 30,000 employees, while simultaneously giving themselves extra hundred million dollar bonuses? And they never blink at sending thousands of jobs to India or China or Taiwan or Mexico. What is actually important in their universe? I do NOT see that anything that the Lord Taught us is even there in the tiniest amount! I feel that I am supposed to at least make an attempt at trying to change this.

By the way, I probably could contact Chinese or Pakistani foundries that could probably manufacture the assemblies even cheaper. A LOT of people think that it is OBVIOUS that I should do this, for the single goal of trying to enable the lowest possible final price to a homeowner/buyer. MAYBE, if I was a person who lusted for billions of dollars of personal wealth, I might have considered doing that! After all, how many people have a situation where they could become a multi-billionaire within a few months? But, again, I work for the Lord God, and He has tried to Teach me that there are things which are more important than money. Some are ethics, principles, morals. Yes, He also Taught me to try to help my neighbors (you!), and for some of my projects, I have provided you and everyone else with very useful information. Just NOT for certain systems, which happens to include this one!

Assuming you are now angry at me (like hundreds of others have been) for taunting you with a wonderful technology and then denying you access to it, I STRONGLY encourage you to click on two links at the bottom of this page, one on Self-Sufficiency and the other on Wind power. Those two presentations include ALL you should really need regarding providing electricity to your house and family. The "ten car batteries in series for 120 volts DC" can cost only around $500 and it can provide impressive amounts of (DC) electricity. The enormous complication of that system is that the batteries have to be re-charged, as discussed there!

These comments started out fairly brief! But many people have RIPPED into me, in incredibly nasty and cruel ways, pretty much insisting that THEY deserve to be given this information! That I am somehow violating the Lord's desires by denying them their God-given right to access to it! I am more appalled at their reactions (nearly all of whom have made clear that they are Christians, pretty much implying that I may not be!) It sure gives the appearance of aspects of "personal greed" doesn't it? In any case, it seems that it has been necessary for me to expand these comments to more thoroughly describe what my concerns and my mindset is regarding this system. It is hard to believe that it has been necessary for me to defend my Christianity! And from Christians! Interesting!

OK. I actually see an entirely different reason for my decision! IF I thought that there truly would be long-term benefit from it, and especially for poorer people, sure, I would make it available. But you might look at the link down below that presents actual Government and Industry figures regarding remaining existing quantities of petroleum, natural gas, Uranium, and other possible energy sources. It is terrifying stuff! According to official figures, the US already ran out of all the Uranium in the 1990s (and therefore closed all 39 Uranium mines some years back) for supplying American nuclear electric power generation plants. You might have noted that NO ONE ever mentions that ALL the uranium that goes in our nuclear electric generation plants is IMPORTED! There is insanity in our Congress seriously discussing spending hundreds of billions of dollars more of our tax dollars to build a hundred new nuclear power plants! The earliest they could become operational is around ten years! Not only would the US still be entirely dependent on imported Uranium then, but the WORLD will have used up far more of the known remaining supplies! It is conceivable that once we would pay for and build all those shiny new nuclear power plants, there might not be any nuclear fuel to put into them to produce any electricity!

The situation regarding petroleum and natural gas are nearly as dark.

It really seems clear to me that the world, and especially the USA, will need to greatly re-evaluate the massive wastage of power that occurs now. Did you know that only around 13% of the actual chemical energy in the coal or Uranium or natural gas consumed at a distant electric power plat actually gets to your house as electricity? The other 87% of the energy simply gets wasted, in many different ways, all being lost as many forms of heat.

People have ripped into me for many years regarding this statement, that 60% of the electricity put INTO the power-grid at the power plants, is LOST, and that only 40% of the electricity makes it through the power-grid. So it is refreshing to see that IBM has started running TV commercials in Jan 2009 that start off announcing that "more than half" of electricity is lost in the power-grid! Maybe people will be willing to believe IBM about such statements!

SO! My decision has been that I should put the plans for this critter in a Time Capsule, to become available in 2025, at a point where society might (hopefully) have developed a healthier attitude regarding energy and wastage. I suppose that THIS concerns another responsibility to the Lord, regarding the fact that we humans are allegedly "custodians of the Earth" which we are now doing an astoundingly poor job of accomplishing!

Depending on whether I live that long, I would always have the choice available to me to make that info available before 2025 if conditions merited such a choice.

Yes, there are certainly ways that I could personally guarantee that I would get enormous profits. Ah ha! Is THIS what Jesus would have in mind? For me to selfishly be looking for enormous personal (financial) prosperity, with no other ethics, rules or considerations? I don't think so.

Interestingly, many Christian writers have insisted that I have a RESPONSIBILITY to vacuum in countless millions or billions of dollars, because of (alleged) Christian reasons! It seems to me that their logic has been polluted by our society's total focus on money and material things, but they insist that I have that responsibility because then, with all those bushel baskets of money, I would then be in a position to give it away to Charities!

I certain admire the concept of giving and charity, but they may not realize that of every dollar you give to the famous Charities, something like a third of it goes to pay for TV ads to try to get others to send in money, and that often another one-third goes to finance enormous bureaucracies. I used to regularly give to the Red Cross, until I learned that many of their Executives all get millions of dollars a year for a paycheck, plus bonuses! But I might have even swallowed that except for that incident where wonderful Americans quickly gave the Red Cross around $700 million dollars for the victims of 9/11. Those Red Cross Execs decided that they didn't need that much for the victims and they spent (do I remember $400 million of it) most of those generous donations to buy THEMSELVES a lot of new computers and office equipment. If I had any authority, I would have had every one of those Execs fired! And I probably would make many other changes, to try to make sure that more of donated dollars actually go to the purpose that the giver intended. (Actually, my outrage over that caused me to come up with the "Helping" web-site and concept, where exactly 99% of any given Donation is directly transferred to the specific desired destination, within seconds, so that the victims of a hurricane or Virginia Tech murders or a tsunami or an earthquake might immediately have some way of having food and shelter THAT NIGHT. Nothing has come of that, and there has been essentially zero interest in it! Sad!)

In any case, the idea that I have some sort of religious responsibility to become disgustingly rich, just so I could then give it to Charities, seems pretty bizarre to me! I smile when I think of what Jesus would Counsel such people regarding such thoughts! I also smile at imagining Jesus becoming a Banker so that He might have amassed huge amounts of money (He certainly could have!) in order to be able to give it away to the poor! It just seems to me that some people may have lost track of what Christianity is actually supposed to be about. I am not entirely sure that it is meant to be managed in multi-million dollar mega-Churches, either. But it seems like I am going off on a tangent from my previous tangent! So I will now shut up about these matters!

Yes, this is primarily philosophy! I am trying to deal with ethical dilemmas that are pretty enormous, way too big for my little brain to sleuth through! On the plus side, I think I might be in a position to enable a hundred million American families save their entire electric bills every month, forever. That is a powerful reason. IF I can just get smart enough to figure out some simple and easy way to build my system!

In principle, this might greatly reduce the amount of heat (and more importantly, carbon dioxide) sent into the atmosphere by electric power plants burning coal, gas and oil. That argument is actually not as compelling, for a sad reason. Even if ALL human beings stopped ALL burning of oil, gas, coal, gasoline, and other such non-renewable energy sources today (2005), the Earth would and will certainly keep increasing in temperatures for at least 140 years and probably much longer. It is a well-known phenomenon called hysteresis. (No one in the news seems to be aware of this, where they seem to assume that the moment we would stop adding carbon dioxide to the atmosphere, everything would immediately start to get better!) But the reality is that when such causing sources suddenly quit, a momentum of the effects always continues. Think of a 120,000 ton ocean liner getting near a dock! Does it screech to a stop when the engines are shut off? No, it continues onward, and requires ACTIVE effort at REVERSING the effects of its momentum. Unfortunately, regarding the atmosphere, we are not aware of ANY method of REVERSING the effects of global warming, and when we stop doing such stupid things, it may take centuries for the planet to naturally self-correct.

Actually, all the carbon dioxide that we have dumped into the atmosphere figures to stay there for thousands or millions of years! A scientist recently mentioned in a TV interview that the carbon dioxide released by the earliest Model T cars a hundred years ago, is still in the atmosphere! This is extremely sad, because the American government (and those dozen multi-national conglomerates) are so greedy to continue to produce profits that they have decided that they could always stop at some point in the future when they HAD to, which then supposedly allows them to continue to collect large profits as long as they possibly can. Unfortunately, the reality probably is that if mankind had stopped ALL fossil fuel burning around 1970 when the concept of global warming was first seriously discussed, we would still now be having the polar caps melting, glaciers melting, and ocean levels rising today, from the hysteresis effects of fossil fuel burning BEFORE 1970. A credible argument can be made that IF we had stopped all usage of fossil fuels around January 1997, the Earth will continue to heat up to a temperature that is believed to be right at the absolute limit of the temperature that plants can survive. Plants have limits regarding how much water they can raise up from the soil to their leaves, to keep them from drying out and dying. If all plants die, that eliminates ALL the food for all the animals and people. Those subjects are FAR more dire than people yet seem to comprehend. It is actually credibly possible that we have already ended any chance of future plants being able to live, around 100 to 140 years from now. Humanity may not have much of a future left! But no one will know about such things for sure until we get there! Until that day, everyone will DENY all possible blame! Which is very convenient!

In any case, the argument that I should release this technology because of global warming, would only start to have beneficial value for people beyond a hundred years from now. This is solidly scientifically true. So I am not swayed by that argument! But I agree that it is an absolutely valid point!

Another argument is that it could reduce the "raping of our planet" by reducing our amazing consumption of oil, natural gas and coal. Regarding coal, that might be true. But we consume amazing amounts of oil just to create the plastic packaging that all modern products are sold in, which are immediately thrown away. If I could help in reducing oil consumption, I don't see how or why anyone would slow down wasting it for countless other foolish reasons.

Regarding these matters, I assembled a web-page, linked below, that presents Government and Industry data regarding oil, gas, nuclear, etc, energy supplies, speculated unfound supplies, and consumption rates. That data is amazingly frightening! The National leaders seem to have neglected telling the American public how dire and desperate our situation is regarding centering our lives on oil and natural gas. The only up-side I see from that data is that, in only around ten or twenty more years, the Mid-East might not have very much more oil for us to ever worry about!

Now, a related issue MIGHT be valid! America is unbelievably dependent on foreign oil supplies, particularly from the Mid-East. And we have VERY large numbers of nuclear weapons! Add that up! Now, say that the Saudi Royal family is offered much higher prices (like double what we want to pay) for their oil by the Chinese, such that they no longer are interested in selling to the USA? (This seems to me to be an absolute certainty, within five years.) Or, similarly, say the Wahhabi extremists in Saudi Arabia simply kill the Saudi Royal family, and THEY would certainly not sell a drop of oil to the USA. The US economy would immediately be completely destroyed, and every American family would suddenly need to seriously wonder how they might heat their homes and families, or drive their vehicles, and even IF they might still have a job! This would represent every type of catastrophe simultaneously for America, most businesses having to close due to a lack of (fossil fuel) energy. I fear that our present (W.) Administration might easily decide to retaliate with nuclear weapons, because America would not have any economic muscle left to try to throw around! The really scary part to me is that it seems obvious that one or both of those scenarios (Chinese buying or Wahhabi terrorism) seems certain to happen before maybe 2015. And this President (W.) scares me regarding not using any logic in deciding many of his policies and decisions.

Yes, these comments have gotten FAR afield of solar and electricity! But I feel the need to try to explain why I (so far) cannot find any way to release this technology. Weird? Even I think so!

I am also recognizing here that there are many problems in the world that I have no way to try to solve! My various inventions are each "tiny" and somewhat irrelevant! Ten years ago, I presented a far better approach to trying to save Beached Whales than the cloddish ways otherwise used. I think a FEW whales might still be living due to that presentation, but most still died. The world as a whole has little interest in such ideas, UNLESS the source happens to be a part of some multi-National conglomerate where they choose to promote the concept! I find that very interesting and very sad. NO idea has any perceived value UNLESS some multi-National Comglomerate Corporation decides to back and promote it! Does this suggest that humanity has much of a future??? Wow!

In any case, regarding me, yes, if I thought there was a valid chance that we might minimize our STARTING global warfare in the near future, or even that we might be somehow able to avoid severe devaluation of the dollar (another effect China can cause any time they wish) and the other financial catastrophes that seem unavoidable in the near future, I might actually be willing to let those giant multi-national conglomerates to get even richer and more powerful. But I have studied all these issues in great depth, for several years now, and I believe my facts and logic are accurate, and I do not see truly compelling reasons to do that, EXCEPT for my tremendous desire for eliminating everyone's electric bills! And, unless persuaded by REALLY compelling and fact-based reasoning, I do not see that as being a sufficient reason. Sorry!

If someone can explain to me, in terms that my little brain could understand, that if by enabling the few multi-National mega-corporations to gain extra hundreds of billions in profits, that that would somehow result in a lot of good resulting somehow, I would certainly listen!

OK! In case you are one of those people who are in the mood after reading this to rip into me, before you start typing your nasty comments to me, I want to remind you that, aside from allowing the mega-corps to run rough-shod over everything, even if I provided these complete directions for free tomorrow, you would almost certainly either have to devote at least 3 months full time in making it or pay a local fab shop maybe $15,000 for it, NEITHER of which seems like a helpful option as I see it. Now, IF I could either force some multi-National corporation to have wonderful ethics, where they would actually sell them for the $1,000 that I believe realistic, OR if I can somehow figure out some much simpler and easier construction, I guarantee that I am on board at IMMEDIATELY benefiting as much of the world's population as possible.

I am inserting these two new paragraph here in late 2007! I believe I have capsulized my attitudes regarding this device. Consider that I chose to GIVE AWAY the Free A/C technology for free in late 2000. Over a period of EIGHT YEARS of many millions of people having easy access to it, only around 10,500 seem to have yet installed it, world-wide. Yes, that is a sort of big number, but it is irrelevant regarding actually doing anything worthwhile for the planet or the environment. So I am looking at a situation where around 100 million homeowners in each of the USA and Europe have had access to a freely available system, which can cost as low as maybe $500, and which would then eliminate $1000 or $2000 summer electric bills EVERY SUMMER FOREVER! What am I to conclude from that? That no one cares about personally saving thousands of dollars? That people are too lazy to do something that is beneficial for them? Keep in mind that in 2008, our Domain had over 30 million hits, a LOT of visitors! Yet, only around a thousand people each year seem to be deciding to use that "free gift" I provided for them. I find that pretty amazing. Yet, people expect me to now provide ANOTHER technology for people, and get ferociously angry at me for not immediately doing so! Even if it were simple to build, I am tempted to wonder how many people would actually go to the trouble to build it? (The free A/C was more logical for me to give away, as I believe that is not really very suitable for any giant company to try to monopolize, because the labor and the materials are very "local" in nature.) It seems to me that "people" have demonstrated to me their reception of a rather valuable free gift regarding the free A/C. If that is actually so, then why should I think that all those people would now suddenly change their thinking and jump to building something that is very complex and very hard to build? Why should I now think that ANYONE other than giant corporations which are pursuing giant profits would ever build more than a handful of them?

Therefore, I have concluded that IF AND WHEN even just a million people finally decide to install the free A/C OR IF AND WHEN just a million people choose to eliminate their $2000 per year winter heating bills with the "HeatGreen" (again, provided free, and very low cost to build) "organic-decomposition" system, at THAT POINT I could see that people might actually be serious ABOUT TAKING SOME SIMPLE ACTION TO BENEFIT THEMSELVES! And then I would likely agree to upload all the necessary info, construction instructions, and all the rest for THIS solar-to-electric system. Seems like a fair expectation on my part. I intend and desire to make ZERO money from the free A/C or the HeatGreen concepts, so I am clearly not trying to amass a fortune. I just want to see at least a SMALL indication that people might actually be willing to take some effort to help themselves! I am not even expecting most of them to realize that they will actually be helping the environment and the planet in the process!

In a personally sad aspect to the theme of these ramblings, I have long realized that even I cannot be benefitting from this system. Even if I would overlook the threats of the local government bureaucrat. Imagine if I had this system operating. Duh! As soon as giant Corporations realized they might be able to make billions in profits, I would guess that there would be a LOT of break-ins to my home, to steal it or at least open it up to see how it works! I really do not want to invite such criminal visitors! Ditto, noted far above, I had made sure to destroy all notes, papers, computer diskettes and computer files that had contained any information regarding the Engineering or Design of this system. Can you imagine the frustration of NOT being able to even use this critter for myself, just because human nature is what it is? One very strong reason I had intended to move to a remote location in New Zealand was that there, I MIGHT be able to use it! I find that all very odd!

In case this doesn't seem Twilight-Zoney enough, I chose to destroy all my notes and remove all references from web-pages on three other inventions as well. In May 1999, I tested a small "aircraft" (the term is used very loosely) I had built that had a standard Briggs & Stratton 3.5 HP lawnmower engine as its power source. I did not put any guidance controls on my test unit, so I carefully determined how much gasoline to provide so the engine could run for 15 seconds. After I started the engine, and let the engine get up to full speed, I let it go from my hands and it went straight up for slightly over 10 seconds before running out of gas. It went from zero to approximately 510 feet high in those ten seconds! Pretty cool! Even the hottest American military aircraft cannot go from standing still to 500 feet altitude in 10 seconds! (For pilots, that is a rate of climb of 3,000 feet per minute.) And it just used a standard lawnmower engine!

I must admit that I was pretty full of myself for a while after that test! I did this test way out in the woods, and without any guidance, it landed up in some trees, and it took me a while to figure out how to get it down! I never did a second test, and a few weeks afterward, I took the device apart and burned all my sketches and notes about it. It had taken a little while to dawn on me that, even though there really were the "civilian uses" that I had already realized, there were so many potential military applications (and terrorist uses) that it was really frightening. My nightmares then envisioned a very tiny, computer-controlled version that could fly in a house window at 200 mph, carrying some sort of gun, zipping around and shooting so fast that no one could catch it. And even worse nightmares! The Christian part of me would NOT aid our military or anyone else's to develop even more effective weapons, i.e., killing machines. The Lord would definitely NOT condone that! My hope is that it will never get invented again! I realize it probably will some day, and that scares me. I sense the distress those researchers had in the 1930s and 1940s as they designed the atomic bomb. Many of them were pretty screwed up afterward, with a sense of guilt. I don't want that!

And my web-page that explains the Physics of an automobile engine (all solidly based), used to include several paragraphs regarding an advanced engine concept that I had come up with. I had those paragraphs in there UNTIL I actually tested it (in May 2004). A (different) 3.5 HP lawnmower engine, SEVERELY modified, momentarily produced 43 HP (at around 6300 rpm) just before it exploded! The parts of the lawn-mower engine just could not withstand that much power (and speed) and nearly everything in the engine was destroyed. It took a while to remove all the pieces of shrapnel from the walls and ceiling near where it blew up! Regarding this invention, it really is one that I would like to divulge, but many of the issues regarding it are the same as for the solar electric generation system, that ONLY the giant corporations would wind up prospering from it, and I do not intend to help them do that. Again, I have extensively studied the various issues and possible solutions, and I am not convinced that there is compelling enough reason to let them benefit from something of mine.

Say that someone told you that they could provide you all the plans for a Medical MRI machine! So they give you the plans! Certainly a very valuable piece of equipment! But I am guessing that you may have trouble actually building one??? My stuff is not quite THAT complex, but unfortunately more complex than most people are capable of working on. I wish I was smart enough to think of simpler variations. Maybe some day I will. I hope!

It just occurred to me that maybe I can turn this argument around on you! Imagine that YOU were Alfred Nobel, the guy who invented dynamite. Would you promote it and yourself? Nobel did. At the time, it seemed like a wonderful invention, one that really advanced the technology of the time. As a result, he soon became one of the richest people in the world. His dynamite certainly made construction and mining a lot quicker and easier, no doubt. However, ALL the millions of bombs used in World War I, and all but two of the bombs used in World War II, were directly based on his invention. I might ask "How many millions of human beings died directly as a result of Nobel's invention?" I am fully aware that someone else would have invented it eventually, but it still seems like a fair question to ask. It turns out that Nobel asked himself that question for much of the rest of his life! He regretted ever inventing dynamite, because of the consequences it later had. He created the Nobel Peace Prize pretty much out of a feeling of guilt for what he had done and for what he received his millions of dollars.

Those other two bombs used in World War II also represent an interesting invention. Nuclear energy might easily be producing the electricity your computer is now using to read this! Nuclear Medicine has added wonderful things to human existence. Yet, I noted above that most of the scientists who were involved in developing the atomic bomb wound up spending the rest of their lives pretty screwed up regarding their responsibility to all those innocent Japanese who died in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

I realize that my inventions are nowhere near as important as those inventions, and don't deserve to be discussed in the same conversation. And most of my inventions do not seem to have any obvious horrible usage. But Nobel thought that, when he saw his dynamite as a great thing! And it IS. It just happens to have some really terrible usages too. I am not smart enough to know the implications in the future of whether any of my inventions might do anything useful or not. They may all simply be worthless! Or perceived to be of such little value as to not ever be widely used. With my limited brain and narrow perspective, all I generally see is how giant companies seem to really consistently behave, and I just don't want to aid them in that sort of behavior, or encourage them, or motivate them in that direction.

Again, I feel an intense responsibility to the Lord, Who I work for, to not feed that sort of behaviors or thinking.

Boy, if I could just come up with some way where the giant Corps would have to "behave properly" in order to participate in getting their profits, that would be great. One might think that a Patent might do it. It should. But in recent decades, there have been at least a couple hundred wonderful inventions that came to the attention of giant Corps, where private meetings then occurred between Corp Execs and Members of Congress. Presto, a law would get passed that identified the invention as having to do with the National Security, and that the Patent holder was said to be too small to produce the numbers of units the government wanted manufactured, and that specific giant corp was given total rights to manufacture it! Check out the history of the Army Jeep! A decent sized company actually invented it in the early 1930s and worked hard and spent millions of dollars of their own money, during the Depression, at getting government attention. And then they were trampled and ignored when actual contracts were placed! It was one of the most obvious example of this, but it really happens far too often. Things like that are not supposed to be able to happen in America, are they? So, a Patent, or most other attempts at protecting an invention, really do not have much value with the big boys! Those companies each have hundreds of Lawyers, looking for things to do!

Now, if you are a thoughtful and intelligent person, you might easily read this and conclude that I am delusional, that one person couldn't possibly have come up with these assorted things! I would almost agree, except that I really did manufacture and sell $11 million of my woodstove invention and I have (privately) tested most of the other devices mentioned above to my (scientific) satisfaction. But you are certainly free to consider this all to be "impossible but amusing!"

Even I see my "reservations" as being very odd and even rather stupid, from a business sense. But actually, if I really felt the need for a few million dollars, there are immense numbers of people who keep begging for my woodstove and so I have a really obvious way of getting there, IF that were important to me. But the Lord is FAR more important to me, and I am convinced that He Provides for me! So I actually have zero personal incentive to release or promote these (or even some other) concepts. I am happy, fulfilled, and very busy with the Lord's Work. And that's enough for me.

However, I fully realize the many complications of the modern world, especially Global Warming and the depleting of fossil fuel resources. So I felt the need to explain these things, just in case someone has a better insight for me to learn, such that I might change my opinion regarding releasing such a technology. Given that I have spent several years studying and thinking about the issues, I can say that probably an insight developed after a few minutes of thought might not bring anything new to the table! So, if you're going to suggest any line of reasoning, please consider all the many months I have already thought about all this! Also, being educated as a Physicist, it is fairly hard to slip "sloppy thinking or logic" past me! AND, any argument would have to be compatible with what the Lord might want of us humans!

However, I would LOVE to be persuaded by a Perry-Mason-airtight-argument which would present some "better logic" to me! Or, if you just find amusement from these comments, I suppose you are free to joke about the "funny farm" being where I belong! This is America, and we each are free to think and believe and do what we feel strongly about. (Now I step down from the soapbox!)

Some people have read these ramblings on philosophy and ripped into me for a different reason. They tell me that I am failing being a Christian by denying sharing these assorted things! Some even tell me that I am looking for fame for later "saving the world" or such silliness! Or that I am actually money-driven and am somehow expecting that the value of my critters would increase if I delay disclosing them! And some even more nasty and vicious opinions.

I don't really see why I should need to defend my integrity, but I guess I could note that I have provided FREE complete instructions for a FREE air conditioning, which I am pretty sure that at least 10,500 people have installed so far (in nine years that it has been provided in some web-pages). I like another aspect of that even better than the fact that I have intentionally received exactly zero dollars for that invention. Some people have unusual applications, where they need to have a Technical Packet of advanced information. The web-site instructs people to GIVE $250(US) to ANY Charity, Church or deserving cause (like Soup Kitchens, Homeless Shelters and Food Banks, which are my personal favorites), upon which I have mailed (or otherwise provided) the Technical Packet to them. Around 5,500 people have so far requested that Packet. I never ask for any proof that they gave the described donation, but then send them their Packet. Assuming that they each actually made that $250 donation, between them they have given around $1,400,000 dollars to assorted causes! I LIKE that!

Beginning in 2004, I have provided complete instructions for a method of precise bodyfat measurement, with the intention of aiding in reducing Childhood Obesity. I suspect that some day, around 77,000 public facilities will each spend $50 to make the items described, such that all Americans could regularly know their precise bodyfat. I have never asked for nor received a dime regarding that, which I see as a potentially valuable concept.

Beginning in early 2005, I began asking for American families to consider spending $50 on materials to make an unusual water pump and then another $50 to ship it to some remote third world village that desperately needs safe drinking water. I regularly get notes from Missionaries asking how to get such pumps, but no one seemed very motivated to make any of the pumps for any of those villages. Instead, over 90% of the incoming e-mails about it were from people who freely admitted that they DEMANDED that I give them the information so they can start up their own business building AND SELLING that pump in the USA! Many got very irate at me when I would not give them that information! Some would then even explain to me that they FIRST wanted to make a few million in profits from the pump and THEN they would be in a position to give SOME of that money away by THEN making some pumps for such villages!

In this, I had tried my best, as I never requested a dime regarding that whole effort, and simply wanted individual American families to be willing to spend a grand total of $100 to do a really good deed! A HANDFUL of Church groups seemed to show valid interest, and so I provided the info and complete construction plans to them. As far as I know, NO pumps have yet ever gotten to any of the villages. Who is letting who down here?

In early 2008, I came up with an even better (in my opinion) method of providing safe drinking water to such Third World people. It captures humidity in the air and condenses it into tiny droplets and then collects them to result in absolutely pure (distilled) water. That system is not only simpler and better than the earlier pump, but I choose to believe that greedy people will have a far harder time in trying to make any fortune from it! Therefore, a set of four web-pages present COMPLETE information and construction details for it!

In the 1980s, I invented a unique system where young women should never again have to be in danger of being raped. Rape Prevention Personal Security System PSST However, my personal expertise does not extend to microwave electronic circuitry, and I have begged and pleaded with countless people to help get that PSST system into operation. One man in 2005 was typical, in telling me that my hurdles were fairly simple and he could design the needed circuitry in just a few days. However, he is apparently a very busy man, and he told me that. IF I wanted him to actually work on it, it would be necessary for me to pay for an assortment of expenses that totaled around $40,000 per day! Even if I could have afforded that, I found it extremely offensive that he apparently gave zero value to the well-being of millions of young girls! Sure, he would design the circuitry, but NOT for the girls, but for money! Amazing!

When someone has already decided that you don't have any integrity, it is not really possible for anyone to defend that they do! So these words are obviously wasted effort, and I am obviously totally guilty of all the horrible things that e-mailers describe of me! But I really do not know of anyone else who has GIVEN AWAY an air conditioning design that could have brought in many millions. Or given away the water pump concept (EXCEPT NOT to people who want to build them to sell for their own profit!) Or tried to provide the PSST rape prevention system. Or assorted other efforts. Instead, I am adjudged evil for feeling that there is not sufficient logic (yet) to disclose a solar device, which virtually no one could build anyway!

I truly appreciate the NICE notes that come in, and there are plenty of them, but the nasty and the vicious notes merely make me feel really sad for those writers. They apparently have an entirely different concept of life than mine, one that seems to intimately be related to financial issues. Interesting!

FINALLY! Check out the third and second links below! They are more recent FREE GIFTS where a RATHER SIMPLE TO BUILD system is fully described where you can forever heat your house and your hot water, with NO utility bills whatever! Better, NO fossil-fuel is used so there is NO contribution to the atmosphere regarding Global Warming! It is YOUR chance to do your share, while also saving yourself maybe $2,000 every winter!

And YOU thought this presentation was going to be about SOLAR!

This presentation was first placed on the Internet in Feb. 2005.

A NEWER device, regarding the prototypes I built late in 2010, Generating Electricity from Solar Energy, Improved

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Driverless Vehicles - High-Speed Transportation - A 200 mile per hour TRANS Super-Efficient Transportation System (invented in 1989)
Electric Cars, Hybrid Cars, the Physics Battery-Powered, Hybrid Cars and Hydrogen-Powered Vehicles (April 2006)
Wind Power, Wind Energy, Practical Windmills Practical Wind-Generated Electricity (Residential, some Watts) (1975 and April 1998)
Tower Windmills and Electricity, Modest Efficiency Practical Large-Scale Wind-Generated Electricity, 1200 KiloWatts (Community, a thousand homes) (a million construction jobs and 12,000 MegaWatts of electricity Nationally) (June 2007)
Earth Energy Flow Rates due to Precessional Effects (63,000 MegaWatts of Energy) (Sept 2006)
Power Plant Wastes - Productive Usage of Nuclear Waste. Productive Disposal of Nuclear Power Plant Wastes (1980s, Sept 2005)
Conserving Energy - Methods and Processes
Energy Storage - Methods - Efficiencies Various Methods
Solar Energy - How Much Energy Comes From the Sun
Sun and Stars - How the Sun Works - Nuclear Fusion. Creating Light and Heat
Energy Inventions - Many Forms of Energy Supplies. Related to Energy Crises
Solar Energy - Generating Electricity From solar, wind or other sources nearly 24 Hours a Day (2001, tested 2003)
Solar Energy - Generating Electricity, Improved A Unique Method of Using Solar Energy to Generate Electricity (late 2010)
Alaska Pipeline - Alyeska - Physics. Pipeline Local Climate Effects (August 2005)
Home Air Conditioning Natural, GREEN and FREE! (1978, December 2000)
Hybrid Vehicle - An Improvement. An Entirely Different Approach to a Hybrid Vehicle (1992, May 2008)
Woodburning Furnace - JUCA Fireplace, Woodstove - JUCA Super-Fireplaces (designed 1972, manufactured 1973 on, still not matched)
Burning Wood for Heating - The Physics. Wood as a Heating Fuel (published 1978)
North Pole is Heating Very Fast. Faster than anywhere else on Earth.
Global Warming and Climate - Possible Solutions
Aerodynamic Lift - How Airplanes Fly. Bernoulli Effect, Reaction Lift (April 2003)
Efficient Airfoil Flight - Active Surface - TURCAN. Greatly Reducing Turbulence and Drag for Aircraft and Airfoils, TURCAN (summer 1998)
Construction School for GREEN Technologies. My Concept of a GREEN Campus (1990, Dec 2008)
Conservation of Angular Momentum - An Exception or Violation. A Violation of the Conservation of Angular Momentum (Sept 2006)
Hurricanes, the Physics and Analysis A Credible Approach to Hurricane Reduction (Feb 2001)
Automotive Engine - A More Efficient Approach. Significant Improvement (2001)
Global Warming - The Politics and Business Why No Leaders Seem to See Urgency in Global Warming
Energy from the Moon - A Version of Tidal Energy Collection. (Artificial Tides) (1998, 2010)
Energy from the Moon - Version of Tidal Energy Collection 2. (Energy Harvesting) (1975, 2010)
Electricity from Solar, Wind, Water, More. Make All Your Own GREEN Electricity (2001, 2003, 2010)
Woodstove Energy Production and Efficiency, from a Radiant Woodstove (published 1979)
Firewood Ratings. Firewood Info Chart.

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