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Automotive Engine - Physics and Mechanics. The Physics and Math of Automotive Engines. Textbooks seem to generally only present the most basic ideas regarding what goes on inside a standard car engine. Here is a more comprehensive presentation of the Physics involved. (2003)

Earth Spinning Energy - Perfect Energy Source from the Earth's Spinning. The spinning of the Earth contains spectacular amounts of Rotational Kinetic Energy, and if we can discover how to extract a tiny fraction of it, we might obtain trillions of MegaWatts of energy on which to run all of human society for millions of years! Around 1990, I discovered one possible method, but my best small prototype has only been able to extract a tiny fraction of one Watt (.001 Watt) of power from the Earth. About twenty years before me, the Soviet Union started trying a slightly different approach, but after spending countless millions of Rubles and several decades, the best they have ever done is to extract about one-third of what my tabletop demo could do (.0004 Watt). I believe the Physics is such that their approach will never become practical, but it seems clear that my approach certainly could. (1990, Nov. 2002)

Solar Energy - Generating Electricity From solar, wind or other sources nearly 24 Hours a Day. (invented 2001, tested 2003)

Twins Paradox of Relativity Is Absolutely Wrong. The Twins Paradox was dreamed up after Albert Einstein died, so he was not around to point out the dreadful logical errors that were applied regarding it! Even relatively superficial examination shows that the Twins Paradox clearly is impossible. Incredibly, those people ONLY considered the perspective from the Earth regarding Relativistic issues, where Einstein had made very clear that ALL events in the Universe MUST be logically equivalent from ALL perspectives (in Unaccelerated Reference Planes). So they describe a Traveling Twin as appearing (to us) to live more slowly than us, while ignoring the unavoidable Relativity fact that the (non accelerating, cruising) traveling twin MUST see us on Earth as ALSO seeming to live more slowly than he does! BOTH are actually simultaneously true! (research 1997-2004, published Aug 2004)

Combating Childhood Obesity Through Motivation. It turns out that bodyfat has low density while muscle and bone have much higher density. A rather expensive and somewhat dangerous method called Hydrostatic Weighing can accurately determine bodyfat percentage. This new and simple and cheap method is as accurate as Hydrostatic Weighing but it is kid-friendly, fun, safe and even competitive to do. If two kids use empty Pepsi bottles filled with some pennies to measure their bodyfat each week (by the process of Neutral Buoyancy, floating in a pool), they might have new motivation to exercise or to eat better foods, in a competitive sense. (2003)

Simple and Accurate Bodyfat Measurement - PSA Storyline A video of the above method of determining precise bodyfat by Neutral Buoyancy. (Feb 2003)

Accurate and Easy Bodyfat Determination The Neutral Buoyancy method in a more technical presentation, meant for adults. (Feb 2003)

Bodyfat Analysis Weights - Pepsi Bottles and Pennies!. How to quickly make the Weights and Floats for the Neutral Buoyancy method. (2003)

Saving Venice - Venice is Sinking into the Sea. The city of Venice, Italy was built on the sedimentary layers of material that local rivers had brought down to the Adriatic Sea. When heavy buildings were built on top of such sediments, the result has been that Venice has been slowly sinking for centuries. I realized that varying river flow rates has caused the deposition of different layers of CLAY and SAND in the last millions of years. Water can seep THROUGH sand but clay is impermeable to water. I realized that there must be layers of sediment under Venice which were clay and therefore could hold water pressure in a sand layer between two such clay layers. So I recommended in 2002 to the leaders of Venice to pump some extra river water DOWN some existing wells, to create HYDROSTATIC PRESSURE down there, in order to LIFT the either region around Venice (but only at about one inch vertically per month).(Nov 2002)
Aerodynamic Lift - How Airplanes Fly. There are many texts which incorrectly describe how the process of aeronautical flight occurs. It is actually a COMBINATION of two very different processes, one of which is very effective but which is extremely unstable, and the other is less effective but which is extremely stable. Here is a presentation of the actual Physics of both of those processes, including some math examples, and assorted other interesting information associated with flight. (2003)

How Horses Sleep. Horses actually have two entirely different ways of sleeping, much like dolphins do. One is like we are familiar with, where the horse has to lay down because the ENTIRE brain is asleep. The other is the more interesting type of sleep, where only one half of the brain sleeps while the other half maintains a moderate level of activity such that the horse can remain standing and slightly alert while asleep. Our human brains are built very similarly to those of horses, so in theory, WE should also be able to do this, but we do not seem to have learned this ability of only using one side of our brain, except in people who have had a Medical operation done to cut the corpus callosum which connects the two halves of the brain. (2005)

Thermal Efficiency of a Human Being. Even though we humans are biological animals, we receive energy, process it and are able to do productive things as we use some of that energy. This presentation examines those Physics aspects of our bodies, to compare our performance with that of some of the machines which we have invented. One basic fact is immediately obvious, where we need to use about 4/5 of all the food energy we eat just to stay alive, for what is called Basal Metabolism. We can use the remaining 20% for mechanical processes like carrying things or running, or to power our brains to do creative thoughts. Many other interesting details are discussed about our human machines, even including how and why we gain or lose weight. (2006)

Hydrogen as a Fuel for Vehicles. Hydrogen as a Fuel for Automobiles and Other Vehicles. Hydrogen SEEMS like the ideal fuel for vehicles, especially since it only creates water vapor and no other exhaust gases. But free hydrogen does not occur naturally and it takes a LOT of external energy to extract hydrogen from other chemicals. Hydrogen also has extremely low density and is a gas, where it takes around 200 cubic feet of space to store a single pound of hydrogen, so storage is also a major issue. Extremely high pressure (3000 PSI or higher) tanks can store compressed hydrogen, but in a car accident where such a tank was damaged, ferocious damage can, and has occurred. There are other complications.

Nuclear Physics - Statistical Analysis of Isotope Masses. Extensive Statistical Analysis of the respected NIST data on Nuclear masses has resulted in several unexpected findings. Nuclear Structure may be substantially different than has commonly been assumed. It also seems mathematically and logically likely that even though Neutrons certainly exist in open space, they probably do not and can not exist as neutrons within the nuclei of atoms. The math seems to indicate that what we have called Neutrons actually exist inside of atomic nuclei as SEPARATE Protons and Electrons. This is rather unsettling to a rather conservative Nuclear Physicist, but the facts of the NIST data seem to require such conclusions. (research 1996-2003, published Nov 2003)

The Mass Defect Chart. (calculation, formula) The Research on the Statistical Analysis of the respected NIST data on Atomic Ionization patterns seems to provide an explanation to an old puzzle (1913) that Moseley discovered regarding electrostatic effects within atomic electron orbital patterns. That same theme provides an entirely new and different description of well-accepted formulas regarding those Ionization patterns, but where an assumption about inverse-square relating to DISTANCE is not correct and instead the inverse-square is due to the electrostatic CHARGE anomaly that Mosely had found in 1913. (research 1996-2003, published Nov 2003)

Newton, the Apple, and Gravity, Gravitation. Everyone has heard in school some story about the famous Isaac Newton and an apple falling from a nearby tree. No one seems to get told the full story, which is extremely interesting! (2003)

Energy Supplies of the World - Petroleum, Coal, Gas, Uranium. Published Actual Energy Supplies, Coal, Oil, Natural Gas, Uranium (includes May 2010 Report from the OGJ, the Oil and Gas Journal). (2010)

Energy Inventions Related to Energy Crises.

Sauropod Dinosaur Neck Physics Analysis. An analysis of the structure of the long horizontal neck, which apparently must support a rather heavy (one-ton) head in a cantilevered structure. Analysis of the neck muscles, tendons, and vertebral disks regarding the structural ability to support the weight of the neck and head. (2005)

Sauropod Dinosaur Mouth Analysis Regarding Cold-/Warm-Blooded. An analysis of the size of the mouth of giant Sauropod Dinosaurs regarding the amount of food necessary to maintain the Basal Metabolism of the huge body. A warm-blooded Sauropod would need to be able to radiate warmth from the entire enormous area of skin, and the mouth would have to be large enough to provide adequate food. (2005)

Earth's Spinning - Perfect Energy Source. This is based on an enormous mass which is RAISED a few feet twice a day and then energy would be captured as the billions of tons of weight sinks back down over the following six hours. This is sort of a second cousin to the way that ocean tides naturally rise and fall due to the Earth rotating and the Moon passing overhead. (2009)

Solar Energy - Generating Electricity, Improved. (2010)

You Can Provide Safe Drinking Water for a Third World Village. (Dec 2005)

Olbers Paradox Regarding Neutrinos. (Oct 2004)

Accurate Mass of the Earth. An Important Gravitation Experiment, the Gravitational Constant (Feb 2004)

Where Did All the Neutrinos Come From?. (2004)

Neutrinos from Everywhere (Oct 2004)

Statistics of Genesis 1.

What Language Were the Ten Commandments Written In? (2006)

Energy Storage - Methods - Efficiencies. (2005)

Alaska Pipeline - Alyeska - Physics. (2005)

Physics of Automotive Vehicles. (2006)

Conserving Energy. (2005)

How Much Solar Energy. (2004)

Float Set for Bodyfat Analysis. (2003)

Genetic Modification of Foods. (2003)

Guidelines on Building an Igloo. (2005)

Modern Irrigation Techniques. (2002)

Practical Discussion Regarding Life Choices. (2003)

Productive Usage of Nuclear Power Plant Wastes. (1980, 2005)

Cepheid Variables. (2003)

Compton Effect. (2003)

What Is Christianity, Anyway?

Son of God, Jesus.

Observations Regarding Modern Churches.

A Physicist's Weight Loss System (Jul 2006)

Unanswerable Questions!

How Big is the Earth? The Moon? The Sun?. ()

Climate Effects of Electric Power Plants. (2005)

A Physicist's Weight Loss System (Jul 2006)

Quantum Nuclear Physics. (2001, 2004)

Quantum Physics. (2006)

Recent Public Service Projects. (2004)

American Public School Problems, Learn How to Learn. (2006)

Speed of Light and Speed of Sound. (2004)

Physics in Sports Situations. (2002)

Nuclear Fusion in Stars. (2004)

How the Sun Works. (2006)

Tacoma Narrows Bridge Collapse, the Physics. (2006)

Analysis of Same-Atomic-Weight Isotopes. (2003)

Analysis of Stability in Atomic Nuclei. (2003)

Is There a Strong Nuclear Force?. (2003)





Lawn Poster for the Lord. b0 (2003)

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Bodyfat Weights - Machine Bolts. (2003)

Bodyfat Analysis Weights - Filled PVC Plastic Batons. (2003)

Bodyfat Weights - Steel Rods 1. (2003)

Bodyfat Weights - Steel Rods 2. (2003)

A Simple and Obvious Game to Help Defeat Childhood Obesity!. ()

Simple and Accurate Bodyfat Measurement - PSA Storyline (Feb 2003)

Progress Chart for Bodyfat Percentage. (2003)

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