Nuclear Physics - Analysis of Same-Atomic-Weight Isotopes

This reasoning suggests why all of the 186 known isotopes that have atomic weights less than twice the atomic number (except 3He) are unstable with very short half-lives. It also suggests a reason why isotopes that have an excessive atomic weight are also all unstable with very short half-lives, for having too many electrons within the nucleus pulling the protons around too aggressively. It also appears to explain why beta- particles (electrons) are generally emitted during the radioactive decay of such heavier nuclides.

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If only the EVEN numbered elements are included, and only isotopes which have identical numbers of protons and neutrons, a far simpler Mass Defect graph results (a semi-log format is used here):

The same is true if only the ODD numbered elements are included:


The irregularities that seem to remain will be discussed below, as they appear to not be irregularities at all.

This presentation was first placed on the Internet in November 2003.