What Is Christianity, Anyway?

Each Church and each Christian has a specific opinion of exactly what Christianity involves!

We do not intend to "push" our Church's opinions, but a lot of people ask, especially people who are either not currently Christians or those Christians who are confused by some aspects of what they are Taught in their Church. We believe the following description is completely logical and completely in agreement with what the Bible texts say. This is what our Church Teaches.

Keep in mind that this presentation is ONLY of the beliefs of our little Church, and that other Churches may or may not agree with various parts discussed here! However, we feel that these beliefs are extremely logical, where we feel that some Churches have some beliefs that might be open to challenge on a logical basis. It also turns out that many if not most Christian Theologians and scholars firmly believe each of the various aspects of these beliefs which might not seem familiar. In general, even though they believe those things, they tend to stay somewhat silent about promoting them, for fear of upsetting some Christians who might not be able to or want to follow a logical theme because they are totally Devout in their beliefs of whatever they have been told by their Church leaders. That's fine with us, and we would not want any such Christians to have any of their Faith shaken by learning of these aspects which we happen to believe and Teach. But we suspect that there are some people in the modern world who might wish to learn about an extremely logical approach to Christianity, so we have presented this web-page.

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The implications of this view are these: Creation in Genesis was Done by our One True God, Whom we might call YHWH or Jehovah or Father or Jesus. He oversaw ancient human history without ever emphasizing the "kind and gentle" aspects of Jesus. That was important at the time, as an All-Powerful God would have been seen as weak if He demonstrated Kindness or Gentleness or Love. After a number of times when His favorite people, the Jews, kept letting Him down, we believe that the Lord decided to join human society so He could Personally feel what human existence was like. Therefore, Jesus was Born, and Mary was used for that purpose. Jesus was perfectly Kind and Gentle and Fair and Loving, and yet He was Crucified due to the decision of Jews. His physical Death, as the "One Son of God", essentially "paid off" (Atoned for) the otherwise eternal punishment of all humans due to the Original Sin of Adam and Eve. This Atonement allowed the situation where an individual person might become exempt from that eternal punishment, Saved, by accepting Jesus as Personal Savior. The person's heart must really deeply feel this, but it is publicly announced by a simple statement of such commitment. This is the Christian concept of personal Salvation.

Our One True God fully realizes how weak we each are! Especially after living around 34 years with us! And so He Knows that we will fail to always meet that commitment. He expects each of us to admit (Confess) each of our failings, and to then make a more concerted effort (Sanctification) to avoid repeating such sins.

Once it is clear to others that a person is actually "changed" (spiritually Saved) by their noticeably improved actions and words, a public Baptism is to be performed to acknowledge that the person has been Saved. (A public (water) Baptism is not normally performed immediately after a person makes a request for Jesus to be Personal Savior, but after others notice that it has had effect.) (Our Church feels that a "private" Spirit Baptism actually occurs at the instant of Salvation, well prior to the public water Baptism.) Once a person has been publicly Baptized, they should participate in the Eucharist, where a small piece of bread (either represents or actually is) the Body of Christ and a small sip of wine (either represents or actually is) the Blood of Christ. By partaking of the bread and wine, a more complete personal bond is formed between the Lord and the person.

There is a separate but related thread that should probably be mentioned here.

The Lord made a Covenant (like a Contract) with Adam and Eve. When they broke their end of that Covenant, (what Protestant Christians call Original Sin) the Lord Judged them for their "crime" (regarding the apple). His Sentence was to end their endless lifetimes and their idyllic life in Eden, and that Sentence applied to all their descendants, including all of us today. Therefore, every person that would ever be born would carry that burden of that Sentence due to Original Sin.

It was clear that NO human could ever "earn redemption" or "pay off the Sentence of Original Sin" so all people were forever destined to lead sin-filled lives and never be Saved.

The Lord arranged that He would Walk the Earth as Jesus, and for Jesus to suffer "the ultimate Sacrifice", Death on the Cross, which was the ONLY way that the Sentence of Original Sin could have been "paid off". Jesus' Death on the Cross is said to Atone for the personal Sins of any person who chooses to accept Jesus as Personal Savior. In this way, the Sacrifice of Jesus Atones for Original Sin, for individual humans, and then enables them to be Saved and proceed to Heaven.

Human existence is FAR more complex than has been implied here, and so Christian Faith is similarly more complex, in order to be comprehensive for all people. These comments are meant to give an overview of what Christianity means to our Church.

Our Church, A Christ Walk Church, has its own web-site that further discusses our "strict, but core-related" Christian beliefs, attitudes and positions.

This presentation was first placed on the Internet in January, 2005.

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