Authority Figures - My Personal Experiences

It is sometimes hard to figure how one is supposed to behave in America! I am a white man, slightly tall at 6'2", average weight at around 195 pounds, fit, and most importantly, quiet and virtually always very easy-going. The fact that I have been a Pastor of a Christian Church since 1996 might also describe my personality as being pleasant and easy-going. I have NEVER been in any trouble with Police or any other authority figures at any time in my life, with my worse offenses having been around three parking tickets and roughly the same number of having driven around 12 mph over the speed limit. Yet, I have certainly been threatened and or harassed by a surprising number of authority figures in my life. It mystifies me why they had each chosen to pick me out for such behaviors on their part.

Here is a listing of all the interactions I remember ever having had with any authority figures. Of all of them, only two or three were actually positive experiences, even when I was the one who called them!

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