Boston Marathon Murders Logic

It seems amazing that none of the news experts seem to have any clue as to why the two Boston Marathon bombers might have had anything against America. Most of them do not seem familiar with the fact that the older brother was an excellent boxer, and when he competed at the New England Golden Gloves in 2009, he won authoritatively with a knockout. In principle, he would have then progressed to the overall Golden Gloves competition, but since the older brother was not an American citizen, he was not allowed to represent the region in the Golden Gloves, and the Runner Up was given the right to proceed.

Seems pretty obvious to me that when someone spent his life to train and prepare for something as lofty as the Golden Gloves, and then even after he WON (by a knockout), he was denied his dreams. I can see how the older brother could get a very bad taste for America from something like that. And everyone agrees that the older brother (26) provided the leadership for the younger one (19). Would that have been enough to generate anger to want to kill people at the Marathon? Normally, probably not.

But various reports seem to indicate that both of the brothers were fairly pleasant people, generally likable by most others. No one seems to see any obvious reason that either of them would have lost interest in the American Dream. The Golden Gloves matter seems to be nearly a spitting in the face of a winning boxer. By the way, all evidence is such that no further interest in boxing ever appeared again, during the following four years.

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The perpretrators certainly knew that tens of thousands of people had camera phones there, along with a large number of media crews watching the Finish line of the Race. So they clearly would have made sure to 'blend in' with the crowd in every possible way. That probably means wearing some popular tee-shirt and popular shorts and shoes. They would EXPECT that thousands of eyes would be examining every possible photo and video 'for anything unusual' and so they certainly would have made sure that they was 'not unusual in the slightest way'.

I wish my good friend Peter Jennings of ABC News was still alive. There had been a dozen situations where pure logic was needed regarding some story Peter was working on, and I would quickly get a message to him, along with my logic (which he came to realize was nearly always flawless). A number of times, Peter went on live TV to express the logic I had presented to him, and within MINUTES, a lot of eyes were looking in the right direction! An obvious case was when the Space Shuttle disintegrated just before landing. Peter announced that NASA and the FBI and others were headed to Louisiana and Texas to collect the debris that landed there. I told Peter that the actual PROBLEM clearly occurred while the Shuttle was still over the Pacific Ocean, just off California, where a professional Astronomer noticed a brief flash next to the Shuttle. So I suggested to Peter that far more important debris might have fallen along a narrow line across California and northern Arizona, where the first items to have come off the Shuttle would likely have landed there.

Less than two minutes later, Peter came on the news to make a comment that 'important debris might have landed in California or Arizona. About fifteen minutes later, Peter broke in with another news item that NASA and the FBI were sending teams out to California to search for debris!

I wish Peter Jennings was still available today, as he certainly would have alerted the Boston Police and the FBI about my logic and my suggestion about looking for someone carrying TWO bags. Our relationship was such that I am sure that Peter would have alerted the authorities by around yesterday (Tuesday) noon, as I would have gotten a message to him during that morning. Maybe the perpetrator might be closer to now being apprehended! I miss Peter A LOT!

This presentation was first placed on the Internet on April 16, 2013.

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