Bodyfat - Modify your Breathing (Respiration) and Reduce Your Bodyfat

  • The body's metabolic activities are the ONLY way that bodyfat can be decreased or increased in the body, other than eating foods.

  • In the processes of that metabolism, the complex bodyfat (lipid) molecules are broken down into smaller molecules and eventually into atoms of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. The hydrogen and oxygen atoms are easy to then get rid of, primarily as water. But the carbon atoms are not as easy to get rid of! The body only has one significant method of getting rid of excess carbon atoms, by oxidizing the carbon into carbon dioxide and then exhaling them in outgoing breaths.

  • This results in an intimate relationship between the metabolic rate of a body and the respiration rate. If you do some heavy work or intense exercise, the body's metabolism increases and soon afterward, your respiration increases as well. If you rest or sleep, your metabolism slows and then so does your respiration rate. Your brain figures out the correct relationship in order to maintain equilibrium in all of its systems, in order to maintain good health.

  • This also works in reverse! If you go up to the top of Pikes Peak, where there is much less atmospheric pressure, there is far less oxygen in every inhaled breath, and your metabolism is adjusted by your brain to maintain good health. Similarly, if you go down into a deep (1500 foot) cave or mine, where the atmospheric pressure is around 1.5 times what we are normally used to, there is far more oxygen in each inhaled breath, and again your brain adjusts your metabolism accordingly.

  • I see this as a very promising approach to getting rid of excess bodyfat! It is possible to TEACH or condition or train nearly all bodily functions to adjust somewhat. I suggest the possibility of wearing a respiration sensor to teach a person to breathe just 10% deeper or faster than had been the case.

  • This additional source of oxygen will encourage the brain to increase the Metabolic Rate by around 10% (like it can do in that deep cave or mine). The brain makes such adjustments every day and every hour. This increased metabolism then can process additional carbon atoms produced by that Metabolism in using up some bodyfat, which converts the carbon into carbon dioxide which is then exhaled from the lungs. (For example, instead of processing the normal 2,200 Calories each day for an adult man, it might process 10% more, or 2,420 Calories per day. That is not a spectacular change, but after 15 days of consuming an additional 220 Calories each day, that is essentially one full pound of bodyfat which will have to disappear!)

  • Without any strenuous workouts or major changes in diet, the calculations below indicate that every ten or twenty days or so, one-half to one pound of additional bodyfat can be removed! That is around 15 to 35 pounds reduction in bodyfat in a year!

  • This method might also be used by sedentary or elderly people who have found that they have gained some weight due to lack of activity.
  • I am tempted to think that this might also be wonderfully valuable to people who are quitting smoking! WHILE they were smoking, some of the air that went into the lungs on inhalation had already had its oxygen used up by the burning of the tobacco. That might have caused the smoker to HAVE TO breathe slightly more often or more deeply, in order to also obtain the amount of oxygen necessary for the body's metabolic processes. But when the person quits smoking, that means that the person may not need to breathe quite as deeply or as often, to still suppprt the needed metabolic rates. However, by then respirating slightly less, the amount of EXHALED air is also reduced, meaning that less carbon dioxide and therefore less carbon from processed bodyfat (lipid) molecules might leave the body. This slowed respiration might cause the brain to slow down the metabolism, and therefore get rid of less bodyfat and other food energy sources. So the likely tendency of eating more food (to occupy the mouth!) may be compounded into having even greater effect is causing resultant weight gain. (This explanation regarding the respiration consequences of smoking is merely my theory, where I am not aware that any proof either way has ever been experimentally found.)

  • Dietary changes and/or exercise regimens may also be done as desired.

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