Cardio-Vascular - Estimating your Condition - 2

To generate a reasonable estimate of the condition of your heart, lungs and related body components it is beneficial to indicate your gender. Male Female
Start by standing up. Get a yardstick or tape rule and measure how many stairs equals FOUR FEET vertical. Get a wristwatch or have a clock that shows seconds.

You are going to WALK up those stairs at a rate where you do NOT notice any increase in your breathing afterward. If you go up too fast, you will either feel out of breath or you will notice that you are breathing noticeably more heavily than normal. What you are looking to measure is the NUMBER OF SECONDS that you take in walking up those stairs.
(For younger and more athletic people, this same process can be done where TWO STORIES of stairs are involved [which is generally 16 vertical feet]). 4 vertical feet
16 vertical feet

Enter Your Body Weight: (lbs)
Enter the Number of Seconds you took to go up those stairs: (sec)

Your Work Done is Foot-Pounds in seconds or Horsepower

Estimated Ability to produce productive power: Horsepower

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If this number is above 2.0 horsepower, it is probably an indication of professional athlete condition.

If this number is above 1.2 horsepower, it is probably an indication of very good condition.

If this number is above 0.75 horsepower, it is probably an indication of good condition.

If this number is above 0.40 horsepower, it is probably an indication of moderate condition.

If this number is above 0.15 horsepower, it is probably an indication of poor condition.

Anything lower probably indicates terrible conditioning.

This presentation was first placed on the Internet in November 2008.

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