Voting Machines - Diebold Equipment with no paper trail

In the eight years when Peter Jennings of ABC News and I had been rather close (until his death from cancer), there was only a single time when he did not trust my comments. In October 2004, I wanted him to try to get ABC News to obtain about six Diebold Voting Machines, after the November 2004 elections. I wanted ABC News to be able to insert test voting patterns in those machines, to make sure they got the correct totals for each test candidate. I had learned that the Chairman of the Board of the Diebold Corporation had made a public guarantee that he was going to ensure that Bush would win the Ohio election, and that the (new) voting machines did not follow the example of Diebold's bank ATM machines, which DO provide a paper receipt for every customer. The Diebold Voting machines intentionally did NOT provide a paper receipt or any proof of any sort to confirm that a person had voted for specific candidates or that the votes were properly registered. In fact, a number of Reporters had discovered that Diebold insisted that the software of their Voting Machines remain absolutely secret, but that Diebold Technicians could quickly alter the behavior of their individual voting machines. Reporters had seen that Democratic votes would sometimes get counted for Republican candidates, or that some Democratic votes got counted as negative numbers, reducing the Democratic totals. Since there were no paper ballots or receipts, no voter could ever question the totals, and since only Diebold knew how the software worked, there were also no other methods to confirm voting totals. Peter laughed and said that he did not think I was a Conspiracy Theorist! But there were many suspicious people who voted and felt that there was something wrong, and, of course, Bush won the election. The Diebold company no longer exists, but amazingly, immense numbers of those Diebold Voting Machines are still being used, especially in some States like Virginia. Reporters are again reminding everyone about how dangerous it is to have elections where no one has any way of knowing the results, except for the owner of the Voting Machine software (who HAD made that absolute guarantee in 2004 that Bush would win!) How could there be such incompetence that the SAME machines which were known to be manipulated in 2004 are still being used in an extremely important election in 2012? How could Obama possibly win Virginia, and possibly also Ohio and Florida where other Diebold voting machines are again going to be used? Whatever people vote, it seems like the final total is already known by Diebold, months before the Election!

(Uploaded September 2012. An earlier web-page of mine on Diebold was uploaded in April 2007, at 2004 Presidential Election, A Very Peculiar Subject)

Please see the extensive and factual web-page which is based on many Reporters' efforts in 2003 and 2004 and which I uploaded in April 2007, regarding Diebold and the Diebold Voting Machines.

Quoting a News Report of 2004,"Most memorably, [Diebold CEO and Chairman of the Board, Wally ] O'Dell last fall [2003] penned a letter pledging his commitment "to helping Ohio deliver its electoral votes to the President."

There was much more that the many Reporters had discovered.

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